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pop music

  1. 1. We talk about pop music
  2. 2. The pop music is listened to all of the world. Pop music was born with music rock in 1955
  3. 3. The first group that dedicated itself to this type of music was the Beatles
  4. 4. The following groups that appeared inspired to the previous one The majority of the groups uses this modality, since it is easiest to be called on i to compose. And the one that is success almost surely
  5. 5. A few examples: Beyoncé, Shakira, Madonna, Juanes, El canto del loco..etc
  6. 6. We are going to speak on Rihanna a great singer.
  7. 7. Its real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. It was born 20 from February of 1988. In Saint Michael (Barbados).
  8. 8. It went to the primary school of Charles F. After years it went to a school, where it formed a musical trio with two companions.
  9. 9. When it was only 15 years old (2003) its music was presented/displayed the producer Evan Rogers, that was of vacations in Barbados with his wife.
  10. 10. They helped Rihanna to record its first demo in the USA and was sent to several discográficas. Jay-Z contract for its company Def Jam Record.
  11. 11. A curiosity, was once I throw single of Umbrella. It initiated a business that was the umbrella sale. To some they took them followers to the discotheques to dance that song.
  12. 12. The 9 of September of 2007, appeared to the MTV prizes. It was name to 3 categories and it gained 2 prizes. Better videos and Simple of the Year.
  13. 13. Their legs they are assured in a million dollars.
  14. 14. It is model and singing, when it sings is dedicated especially to R&B, Dances, Reggae i pop
  15. 15. . To collaborated with: Jay-Z,
  16. 16. Chris Brown
  17. 17. Maroon 5
  18. 18. Timbaland
  19. 19. and David Bisbal
  20. 20. Its first album debut was Music Of The Sun (2005). Its simple second was If It' s Lovin' That You Want .
  21. 21. Its second album went To Girl Like Me was sent to Me in April-May (2006).
  22. 22. Its first simple one of the previous album was SOS was put in I number 1 for more than a month.
  23. 23. In May of 2006 it sent the Unfaithfu l ballad.
  24. 24. . In 2007 another titled album Good Girl Gone Bad .
  25. 25. The first simple Umbrella with collaboration with raper Jay-Z sent at the end of 2007.
  26. 26. One stayed 2 months in number 1 of the world-wide lists.
  27. 27. This anticipated that Rihanna removes a new disc titled D ark Angels during this year.
  28. 28. We hope that it causes another great world-wide boom.
  29. 29. Now we will see the video Take A Bow