Life of Rizal


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Presentation of the life our national hero had lived with.

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Life of Rizal

  1. 1. Buhay RizalNagawa ni Rizal noon . . .Magagawa mo ba ngayon?
  2. 2. Jose Rizal
  3. 3. ORDINARY THINGS he did EXTRAORDINARILY WELL -the traits that made him great, the traits of the modern Filipino
  4. 4. A Life of Honor and Integrity “The best legacy that parents can leave their children is an upright judgment, generosity in the exercise of our rights, and perseverance in adversity. And a son pays the greatest honor to his parents with his honesty and good name; let the son never make his father tremble with indignation or shame, and God will provide the rest . . .” Excerpt from Rizal’s letter to his mother, early 1885, Madrid Spain. courtesy of the Schiller Institute
  5. 5. Passion to Excel “Some suppose that he won the affection and admiration of his countrymen by his kindness, others by his talent or by his courtesy, valor, etc. No, he did not win it by any other single quality nor by several united; he won it because he cultivated all his good qualities in order to perfect them and he practiced them in order to bring about the material and moral betterment of men of his race . . .” Excerpt from Rizal:Man and Martyr by Frank by Frank Laubach
  6. 6. Achievement of Dreams “Rizal performed the second operation on the cataracts which had grown in his mother’s eyes, and she could now see with both eyes. ” Excerpt from Rizal:Man and Martyr by Frank by Frank Laubach
  7. 7. Respect and Love for ParentsRespect and Love for Parents “I enjoin you to consider the gray hair of our parents; they are already very old and we should sow with glory their old days. There is a certain egoism in the love of parents. It is true, but it is an egoism which is the offspring of their excessive love. Parents would not wish to see their children unhappy. ” Rizal’s letter to his sister Soledad; An excerpt from Rizal: Man &Martyr by Frank Laubach
  8. 8. Love and Pride for the Filipino RaceLove and Pride for the Filipino Race “… men of his race, which had heretofore been considered of producing individuals of the mental caliber of the white man. Rizal, therefore demonstrated that the Filipino race was ale to give birth to individuals endowed with the highest attributes, which could be considered an honor to the human race.” Excerpt from Rizal:Man & Martyr by Frank Laubach