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TASMAC Full Time Brouchure, Admissions started for FEB 2012. Call 09742580455 for details.
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TASMAC Full Time Brouchure, Admissions started for FEB 2012. Call 09742580455 for details.


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TASMAC is a new generation B-School that understands the needs of the integrated global economy and is …

TASMAC is a new generation B-School that understands the needs of the integrated global economy and is
geared up to deliver quality management education to fulfill these needs.
Anticipating these global trends way back in the early nineties, TASMAC pioneered a new model of
education, based on saying 'NO' to boundaries, where students are free to acquire the best education in their
chosen area, from anywhere in the world. In the process, they laid the foundation of high quality British
Management Education in India.
Today, TASMAC has a large educational network with state-of-the-art campuses in Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata,
Mumbai and London.
TASMAC is the first institution from India to have set up a campus in London. The University of Wales quality
assured programmes are now also offered at the TASMAC London campus.

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  • 1. Quality assured by University of Wales Prifysgol Cymru INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY CENTRE FOR CORPORATE EDUCATION, TRAINING AND CONSULTANCY For a career that grows FASTER. HIGHER. STRONGER. Presenting An intensive programme that leads to Post Graduate Diploma in leading to MBA Global Business Leadership from University of Wales, UK ® TRAINING & ADVANCED STUDIESIN MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATIONS LTD.Pune Bangalore Kolkata Mumbai London
  • 2. TASMAC... A Unique Educational ParadigmTASMAC is a new generation B-School that understands the needs of the integrated global economy and isgeared up to deliver quality management education to fulfill these needs.Anticipating these global trends way back in the early nineties, TASMAC pioneered a new model ofeducation, based on saying NO to boundaries, where students are free to acquire the best education in theirchosen area, from anywhere in the world. In the process, they laid the foundation of high quality BritishManagement Education in India.Today, TASMAC has a large educational network with state-of-the-art campuses in Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata,Mumbai and London.TASMAC is the first institution from India to have set up a campus in London. The University of Wales qualityassured programmes are now also offered at the TASMAC London campus.PREPARING STUDENTS FOR A COMPETITIVE WORLDTo prepare students for this fiercely competitive world, and thereby, the emerging opportunities, TASMACoffers a well structured Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Leadership (PGDGBL) from IGNOUprogressing to the University of Wales MBA degree for students interested in an internationally recognisedqualification.This is great news for TASMAC students - they can now get dual awards :• Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Leadership (PGDGBL) from IGNOU; and• MBA from University of Wales, UK.This programme is quality assured by the University of Wales, the second largest University in the UK. TheUniversity has quality assured all the TASMAC systems and procedures and is actively involved in ensuringthe quality of the programme.UNIVERSITY OF WALESFounded by Royal Charter in 1893, the University of Wales is the degree-awarding body for the majority ofhigher education students in Wales, as well as for many at other higher education institutions in the UnitedKingdom and overseas.The University is the degree-awarding authority not only for the Accredited and Affiliated Institutions, but alsofor over 100 other higher education institutions both within the United Kingdom and overseas, with which italso enjoys close links.
  • 3. INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY (IGNOU)Founded on 19th November, 1985, IGNOU is now the world`s largest University with over 2.8 millionstudents on the rolls. IGNOU serves the educational aspirations of 1.8 million students in India and 35countries abroad through 21 schools of study and an elaborate network of 62 regional centers, 1900 studycenters and 46 overseas centers.IGNOU is a CENTRAL UNIVERSITY established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 (Act No. 50 of 1985). IGNOUDegrees / Diplomas / Certificates are recognized by all the members of the Association of IndianUniversities (AIU) and are at par with Degrees / Diplomas / Certificates of all Indian Universities / DeemedUniversities / Institutions vide UGC Circular No. F1-52/2000 (CPP-II) dated 5 May, 2004 & AIU Circular No.EV/B(449)/94/176915-177115 dated January 14, 1994.IGNOUs Centre for Corporate Education Training and Consultancy (CCETC)In this age of life-long learning, a paradigm shift is taking place in the Indian education system. There is agrowing demand for recognized, quality educational programmes which would allow young aspirants toacquire newer abilities. To address this need IGNOU has recently set up a new Centre for CorporateEducation, Training and Consultancy. The objective of the centre is to develop programmes in corporateeducation consistent with the requirements of the corporate sector/industry. The programmes taken up bythe centre will focus on capacity building of human resources for the corporate sector. It intends to producehighly employable graduates of the highest possible quality by forging linkages with business and industry.MBA FROM UNIVERSITY OF WALES, UKIn recognition of the high standards of the Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Leadership offered atTASMAC, the University of Wales accepts credits of this programme. After successful completion of thisprogramme, the students can enrol with any validated institution of University of Wales to complete thedissertation component (60 credits) and to gain an MBA directly from University of Wales, UK.TASMAC CAMPUSESBeing a truly global institution of learning, TASMAC has set up its full-fledged campuses in Pune, Mumbai,Bangalore, Kolkata in India and in London, UK.Pune: Pune, the education capital of India, represents a blend of inspiring history and rich literary, culturaland social traditions. Pune today is a modern metro with global leaders in IT, Automobile and otherindustries present in all their strength. The city offers a unique blend of lifestyle and opportunity.Bangalore: Bangalore, with its lush green environs, is the I.T. hub of the nation, a global think tank andcentre for technology and innovation for multinationals and corporates. This supremely cosmopolitan yetdelightfully traditional city is an unending source of joy.Kolkata: Kolkata, with its commitment to ideologies, love of arts and passion for sports truly does justice tothe epithet City of Joy. This truly modern yet sublimely spiritual city is the original culture capital of India.Learning is worshipped in this city that is the home of highly respected thinkers and maestros.Mumbai: Today, more than ever before, Mumbai is poised for a quantum thrust towards being a globalfinancial capital. And TASMAC has chosen one of the most coveted and prime areas for its campus -Bandra, a suburb which is a stones throw away from the prestigious Bandra-Kurla Complex, the emerging,modern day business address today. The campus, located in the premises of Bhausaheb Hiray College,has been inspected by the University of Wales and duly validated for conducting the prestigious MBA (parttime) courses.London: London is unarguably the worlds greatest city. Glorious history, rich traditions... Londonrepresents a fine blend of history and traditions. A global business and finance hub, a melting pot ofcultures, a bustling modern metro... London is the place to be in, as a platform for a high flying global career.All TASMAC campuses are fully equipped with world-class classrooms, conference rooms, seminar rooms,computer labs and an impressive library facility. The vibrant, informal atmosphere is conducive to learning,with facilities for de-stressing and relaxation.
  • 4. POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN GLOBAL BUSINESS LEADERSHIPFULL TIME PROGRAMME STRUCTURE IGNOU PGDBL Trimester Structure Trimester I Financial Framework for Business Decisions Semester I Marketing Analysis for Business Decision Organisation Dynamics and HRM Organisation Values and Business Ethics Personal Development and Effective Leadership Trimester II Economic Framework for Business Decisions Strategic Management Information Analysis for Strategic Decision Making Any one Module out of • Strategic Finance: Formulation, Appraisal and Control Semester II • Strategic Marketing for Business Growth • Organisation Dynamics and HRM II Trimester III Specialisation Module I Specialisation Module II Specialisation Module III Specialisation Module IV Research MethodsIn addition, there will be the following compulsory non – credit modules:• Core Accounting Concepts • Core Statistical Concepts • Principles & Practices of Management SPECIALISATION MODULES Finance Corporate Restructuring and Business Valuation (CRBV) Strategic Cost Management (SCM) International Financial Management (IFM) Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (SAPM) Marketing Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (SMCRM) International Marketing (IM) Distribution Channels — Strategic Design & Management(DCSDM) Brand Management and Promotion Strategies (BMPS) Human Resource Management Designing and Developing Organisational Structures (DDOS) Organisation Development (OD) Managing Human Resource Development (MHRD) Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) Information Management Information Systems Development (ISD) Information Systems Strategy (ISS) Enterprise Applications (EA) Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS) International Business International Business Environment (IBE) International Marketing (IM) Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) International Financial Management (IFM)To gain the MBA from University of Wales, the students are required to complete a dissertationcomponent. The dissertation gives the student an opportunity to display research andanalytical skills to apply theories, models and concepts developed and taught during theprogramme. Many students write dissertations of value to current or future employers or onsubjects related to their own businesses.
  • 5. ELIGIBILITYCandidates having a graduate degree or a post graduate qualification from a recognised University. A minimum of 50%aggregate marks are required for admission to the IGNOU PGDGBL programme.Interested students who do not meet the above criteria or students with a minimum of two years of relevant workexperience are requested to contact us.COURSE FEE• Tuition fee of Rs. 1,00,000 for the entire programme; In addition, each student has to pay Rs. 2,15,000 towards the quality assurance of University of Wales, UK;• The fee has to be paid on the first day of the programme at the time of registration. Students can avail of the instalment facility and in such a case, students have to pay three instalments on the following dates: 1st instalment (Rs. 145000/-): payable on the first day of the programme (at the time of registration); 2nd instalment (Rs. 100000/-): 2 months from the start of the programme; 3rd instalment (Rs. 100000/): 4 months from the start of the programme.• The fee to transfer to University of Wales for entry into the MBA programme is £ 155/-.• A library deposit of Rs. 5000/- which is refundable at the end of the programme.A fee once paid is not refundable.STARTING DATES• February / June / October every yearSEMESTER SCHEDULE
  • 6. LEARNING METHODOLOGY• Teaching Ethos The TASMAC approach to teaching is simple but effective. Our aim is to help students maximise their potential by ensuring that they are taught clearly and effectively so as to facilitate success in the course assessments and examinations - which lead to success in their careers.• Modes of Delivery A variety of modes of delivery are adopted by the lecturers at TASMAC, and include seminars, workshops and case studies. Lectures Lectures at TASMAC are used primarily to identify and explain key aspects of the subject so that students can utilise their private study time more effectively. Our lecture ethos is to guide, explain and teach, rather than to merely transmit factual material which can be readily obtained from the recommended texts through private study. Seminars Seminars complement the lectures very well. They are interactive sessions conducted by students. They give students an excellent opportunity to clarify any points of difficulty with the tutor and simultaneously develop their verbal communication skills. Workshops Workshops are an innovative form of student-centered learning. They involve students working in small groups, but with a difference. The students lead and the tutor acts as a facilitator. The sessions consider problems, essay questions and case studies, and tackle the conceptually challenging aspects of the subject. Case Studies Case studies enable the students to apply the concepts that they learn in their subjects. The students have to study the case, analyse the facts presented, and arrive at conclusions and recommendations. The case study tests the students ability to apply to the real world the tools and techniques of analysis which they have learnt. The case study serves as a supplement to the theoretical knowledge imparted through the course work.• Ongoing Practice and Assessment of Communication Skills Communication skills evolve through repeated practice. Each module that a student takes has been evaluated for the transferable skills that a student will gain in that particular module. These general / transferable skills are: • Report writing • Verbal communication • Written communication • Presentation skills • Information gathering • Group work • Self management • Time management • Change management • Problem solving • Numeracy • IT skills • Creativity• Assessments Since the programmes at TASMAC are quality assured by a British University, they conform to the high academic and evaluation standards expected out of British programmes. Each piece of assessment is marked twice, once by the tutor of the module and then by an external examiner to ensure that marking has been done keeping in view the high demands on quality. The programmes are challenging and students tend to enjoy the high pressures of these programmes.
  • 7. Get a !free laptop application is received If completed ramme t of the prog 4 weeks pr ior to the star ter receipt of fees ed af at is confirm the program me and your se re the start of a week befoWHY CHOOSE TASMAC DUAL SPECIALISATION Post Graduate Diploma award from a recognised Central Indian Dual specialisation options, for P University (IGNOU) leading to an MBA from an internationally example, get a PGD in Finance from recognised British University (University of Wales, UK); IGNOU and an MBA in HR from University of Wales. TASMAC is the IGNOU is the largest University in the world and the University of P Wales is second largest University in the UK; only institution in India offering dual qualifications from two universities. P Opportunities in Indian public sector undertakings and simultaneously global career options with an international qualification; P One year programme; P Dual award for the same programme, and hence common classes; P If a student does not pursue the MBA, s/he could exit after the taught programme and earn a Post Graduate Diploma; P Programme quality assured by the University of Wales, UK; P Transfer options between TASMAC campuses in India and London; P Excellent infrastructural facilities including a well stocked library and computer labs with free internet and Wi-Fi access across all TASMAC campuses; P Programmes are accelerated in nature thus saving time; P Stay 1 year ahead of your peer group; P Students get access to the University of Wales online library; P Teaching staff are drawn from industry and business backgrounds; P The focus of the programme is to enable students to operate in global environments; P Programme includes core training in transferable skills; P Bank loans available; P Excellent placement opportunities. QUALITY CREDENTIALS I4 ED st 31 NK th 45 RA IN THE COUNTRY British Accreditation Council AMONG B-SCHOOLS OFFERING MBA PROGRAMMES for Independent Further & Higher Education, UK RANKED A+ FOR 6 CONSECUTIVE YEARS BY BUSINESS INDIA INITIATIVE Ideate, Innovate, Initiate, Implement G H RD C / C o m p e t i t i o n S u c c e s s Review Sur vey 2009 AMONG INDIA’S BEST 50 B-SCHOOLS C AREER S 360 /C N N -IBN SU RVEY 2 009 TASMAC is the first institution TASMAC is ranked A+ TASMAC is Indias first This Initiative is Ranked 31st among the Ranked 45th B-school outside Europe and the only by Business India for ISO 9001:2008 dedicated to helping our top B-schools offering in Careers 360/CNN-institute in India to be accredited six consecutive years Certified Organisation students and alumni in MBA in India, by IBN Survey of India’s- and recognised by the in their report on & Worlds first Training their entrepreneurial GHRDC/Competition Best 50 B-SchoolsBritish Accreditation Council, UK. Indias B-Schools, / Education Institute ventures. Success Review Survey placing it in the top Certified with an ISO Of India’s Best B- bracket. 9001:2008 Certificate Schools
  • 8. HERES WHAT OUR STUDENTS HAVE TO SAY...‘TASMAC has offered me an excellent opportunity to develop my The environment, the camaraderie, the spirit of healthy competition, theintellectual skills, those pertaining to my management abilities. Its been willingness to battle it out are features I associate proudly with mya pleasure studying here and spending productive time with faculty at institute. TASMAC has reinforced my belief that learning never stops.’TASMAC.’ Amalan BattacharyaRohit Chadha ‘TASMAC is all about twelve months of professional & educational‘CEO of the Month series is amongst the most exciting events. It gives us learning, self-development and of course a respectable & recognisedextremely useful and the needed corporate exposure. The speakers qualification.’experiences and thoughts are very useful.’ Amitavo BasuSutapaj Sirkar ‘The time spent at TASMAC has made me more aware of my own skills‘The uniqueness of TASMAC is its facultys analytical approach to sets and has helped me develop into an improved professional ready toteaching. Doing small things in a big way is the unique selling point of it. take on the challenges in management today.’After being a part of TASMAC, I am confident enough to challenge the Shrutorsi Mukherjeecorporate world. I am proud to be associated with TASMAC.’ ‘My one year life at TASMAC was very exciting. It has helped me to learnRavjot Chumber new skills in management, to enhance my personality. I very much‘The faculty is outstanding and very well qualified; their guidance has appreciate the efforts of the academic staff of TASMAC for their immense help. I have learnt a lot of creative skills which I had not learnthelped me to master my subject and I am grateful to them for their before.’valuable contribution in my career.’ Anirban BanerjeeAbhishek Gupta ‘Has been an utterly fulfilling experience particularly after working in the‘TASMAC provides one of the best infrastructure for management industry for some time and during this programme. It has given me thestudies with a beautiful library equipped with the best of the proper perspective in my career. I find myself no less equipped thanmanagement books, a 24 hours connected computer lab. All this makes others in terms of gaining knowledge and putting to practice within myTASMAC an ideal place.’ day to day ways in the corporate life.’Mary Ann Samik Joddar‘The programme at TASMAC is a well equipped professional ‘My one year life at TASMAC was an enriching experience. Not only didprogramme quality assured by the University of Wales (UK). The it open up new vistas of knowledge, it has also helped me gain a betterprogramme is so designed that it has provided all my colleagues and me insight into the complexities of the corporate world.’the best of learning and a launching pad for our careers.’ Moutusi SinhaSiddarth Dalal ‘The personal attention I received from the experienced faculty at‘Returning to academics after several years was not an easy decision TASMAC has helped me gain substantial clarity about the differentfor me. The programme conducted at TASMAC has justified the faith I areas and functions of management.’had reposed in it. Mailini Jain For detailed prospectus/appllication form, please send a demand draft of Rs. 800/-. For further details please contact : ® TRAINING & ADVANCED STUDIES IN MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATIONS LTD. Pune Bangalore Kolkata Mumbai London PUNE CAMPUS TASMAC House, TASMAC Road, Viman Nagar, Pune - 411 014.Tel. : +91 (020) 65003871/ 65003872/ 26632456/26632893/65263534/65001431 Fax : +91 (020) 26632362 Email: BANGALORE CAMPUS TASMAC House, 7th Milestone, Kudalu Gate, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore - 560 068 Tel. : +91 (080) 32509800/01/02/03 Fax : +91 (080) 25733302 E-mail: KOLKATA CAMPUS TASMAC House, 27, GN Block, Near Godrej Factory, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700 091 Tel. : +91 (033) 23572551/52/53 Fax : +91 (033) 23572554 Email: MUMBAI CAMPUS Premises of Hiray Institute of Computer Applications, S No 341, Opposite Kherwadi Police Station,Government Colony, Bandra (E), Mumbai - 400051 Tel: +91 (0)22 26570388/26570393 Email: