The top three reasons people buy online


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Studies show that there are 184 million Americans who are considered online consumers. This means that you can sell iPhone units online and be sure that you’ll never run out of prospects. But why do people prefer shopping online? Here are the three main reasons according to Invesp.

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The top three reasons people buy online

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  2. 2. Have you ever heard of the term: Universe WideWeb (UWW)? The term UWW was popularized back in 2010 when NASA’s TJ Creamer first Tweeted from the International Space Station. The term not only shows just how wide the Internet’s reach is, it also shows just how influential and essential it is to human lives in the modern era. If there’s one way we can measure the Internet’s influence over people today, it’s by simply looking into the world of e-commerce.
  3. 3. Numerous studies show that the physicaleconomy is increasingly being driven bythe Internet. In fact, 80 percent of theonline population has experienced theease of online purchasing while 50percent of the people who go online havebought things online more than once. E-commerce has been steadily growingthroughout the years with 19 percent ofincrease per year. In 2015, it is believedthat the world of e-commerce will netabout $1.4 trillion in sales.
  4. 4. In the United States alone, e-commerce sales reaches a 10percent growth every year andexperts believe that the salescould pile up to $279 billion by2015. Studies also show thatthere are 184 million Americanswho are considered onlineconsumers. This means that youcan sell iPhone units online andbe sure that you’ll never run outof prospects.
  5. 5. But why do people prefer shopping online? Here are the three main reasons according to Invesp.
  6. 6. The number one reason why peopleprefer to buy online than in a physicalstore is because it saves time.Actually, 73 percent of online shopperssay that the fact that they can shopwithout having to stand up from theirchairs and do all the dirty work is themajor reason they choose to use theirlaptops or smartphones for shopping.Imagine the amount of work and timeyou save when all the things you needare in front of you, just one click or tapaway! You’d never want to sell aniPhone or laptop anymore!
  7. 7. Compared to going into a physical store orbuying in a real world market, onlineshopping is way more convenient especiallyfor people on the go. Surveys show that 59percent of online shoppers like the fact thatthey can easily compare prices through theiriPhones or laptops. In the real world, you’llhave to jump from one shop to another justto compare prices. Also, 58 percent ofonline shoppers say it feels like they’redoing personal shopping because they get toavoid the long lines and the crowds ofpeople. About 40 percent of them also saythey save big-time in gas because they don’thave to drive around just to find a store thatsell iPhone units or other goods at lowprices.
  8. 8. Online consumers prefer doing theirshopping through the Internet because theyare exposed to a wider variety of productsand services in one sitting. Almost 67 percentof people who buy goods online say theyenjoy a great variety of products that areusually sold at a lower price (55 percent)because of reduced taxes on goods (55percent). Now that’s what you call wiseshopping!
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