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How to Not Let Your iPhone Distract You
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How to Not Let Your iPhone Distract You


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Here are five things you should try to prevent your iPhone from interrupting your life.

Here are five things you should try to prevent your iPhone from interrupting your life.

Published in: Self Improvement
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  • 1. Put some silence into your iPhone. Crank theringer volume down to zero and turn off variousalerts for SMS, MMS, Mails and Notifications. It’llprevent you from disturbing the people you’rewith.
  • 2. Set a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. One of the iPhone 5’sgreat perks is that you can actually set a specifictime where you will not be disturbed except byimportant people like your boss, your clients, yourwife and your kids. This is perfect for when you’refinishing something or sleeping.
  • 3. Block all interruptions especially during critical times.This can best be done using the Airplane mode whereyou cut yourself off from everyone else without havingto turn off your iPhone completely. This feature isimportant for meetings with critical clients or forbeating deadlines at work. But you don’t have to sellyour iPhone for this because it’s often present on allsmartphones.
  • 4. Let unwanted calls go to voicemail or answer it with anSMS. You know you could have allowed Barry to go tovoicemail several times. You also could have tapped on‘Reply with Message’ on your iPhone 5 to tell Barry youwere with your wife or you were busy. You could havealso tapped on ‘Remind Me Later’ so you couldremember to call Barry back after your wonderfuldinner.
  • 5. Prioritize the present. As they say, you have to live inthe now. Don’t mess up amazing moments byanswering the call. Remember that the people in frontof you are more important than the person on theother line. So be polite and be present.
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