SEB Graduation - June 2012


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SEB Graduation - June 2012

  1. 1. Meet our clients and read aboutsome of the valuable lessons they have learned!
  2. 2. SEB Graduates June 2012Khaled Al-Dhayaei Gia Greer Shawna PhillipsAdam Barry Renee Gruszecki Gregory PitkanenAndrea Bonsey Kiersten Holden Wendy RenLen Boyd Charles Kennington Caitlin RooneyGeoffrey Chevalier Jeanie Kimber Crystal SaulnierBlythe Church Jessy LaCourciere Denise SmithGraham Colwell Rebecca Little Jennifer StewartJodie Crowell Kevin MacAskill Elizabeth SutcliffeStephanie Douglas Jason MacDonald Roy TheriaultAnthony Edwards Terrence MacDonald Mark WillettLamont Fader Shirley MacNeish Rocio WilliamsPeter Feige Julia MacPherson Jocelyn WilsonTim Fillmore Lucy McCollGillian Forward Rhonda MeyerRachael Grant Shawn PeckDarlene Graves Kim PerraultDenise Gray Cox Michael Phillips
  3. 3. SunME Swimsuit Spa Crystal SlaunierCrystal Saulnier’s SunMe SwimsuitSpa is the only store in HRM whereyou can get that perfect suit for thedream holiday and enjoy spaservices such as spray tanning andmanicure/pedicure. SunME’smantra is ‘to help women feel goodabout themselves’, and the expertstaff at the Bedford spa helpswomen of all shapes and sizes dojust that.
  4. 4. A Pear of Tarts Shirley
  5. 5. Live Art Tattoo Adam Barry
  6. 6. Le French Fix Patisserie Geoffrey Chevalier
  7. 7. Cheesecake Wizard Shawn PeckThe Cheesecake Wizard –Shawn Peck – invites you to‘taste the magic’ of hisincredible variety of flavors inselect restaurants in HRM andThe Valley, and through theSeaport Farmers’ Market. Hisskill at designing unique flavorsis in demand. That and theWizard quality have meant asuccessful launch year forShawn. White ChocolatePistachio or Curried Mangoand Bailey’s cheesecakeanyone?
  8. 8. Ultra Videography Terrance MacDonaldUltra Videography is a creative videoproduction company specializing inweddings, music videos, and commercials.After one year, the owner Joey MacDonaldhas been recognized from several bridalshow directors and bridal magazines as oneof the top wedding videographers in AtlanticCanada. Joey MacDonald launched thiscompany through CEED with the intent ofcreating the most advanced style of videoshooting with the motivation from some ofthe top videographers in the industry worldwide. Joey is described as having a creativeand artistic eye to capture and deliver the www.ultravideography.comemotion of real life on video with a creativeand positive experience.
  9. 9. Dramatic Change Renovations Kevin MacAskill
  10. 10. Capture It On Canvas Art Kim Perrault
  11. 11. Tamper Sustainable Fashions Gia Greer
  12. 12. Sewn by Blythe Blythe Church“The SEB program was exactly what Ineeded to get my business started. Asa crafts person I knew I had the skills that Ineeded to create a successful product but Ilacked business knowledge and confidence.The information I learned throughworkshops and one on one help withmy advisor has been invaluable.” -Blythe Church, 2012
  13. 13. Style Me! Jeanie Kimber"The SEB program taught me allthe basics on how to set up andoperate a business.“ -Jeanie Kimber, 2012
  14. 14. Coin Coin Renee GruszeckiThe idea for Renee Gruszecki’s luckpenny coin jewelry business came toher ‘in a moment of distraction’ 8years ago when she picked up apenny from the street and found it wasissued in the year of her birth. As thecoins are not altered in any way, sheliterally supplies one-of-a-kind piecesfor each and every customer."CEED has been and continues to be aninvaluable resource for the development ofmy business. They are my greatestsupporter, colleague and investor.“ - Renee Gruszecki, 2012
  15. 15. Navigation Counseling Andrea Bonsey
  16. 16. KeyStrokes Transcription Services Jodi Crowell"CEED SEB provided information and resources which I never would have found on myown." -jlc, 2012
  17. 17. Monty the Handyman Lamont Fader
  18. 18. Efficiency Properties Peter Feige“The SEB program was simply fantastic and I would gothrough it any time again. Even if it would be just for fun.” -Peter Feige, 2012
  19. 19. Jas Potential Jennifer Stewart"The SEB Program at CEED was a great lead in tostarting my own business and was a valuable tool toensure start-up was done correctly from the get-go. The workshops and presentations were verytimely and relevant. I enjoyed the program and thenetworking opportunities immensely. The staff wasvery helpful as well! Thanks CEED!" -Jennifer Stewart, JAS Potential Life Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Reiki Master, 2012
  20. 20. Cornerstone Support Services Denise Gray CoxComing from a non-profit background, I had experience incommunity programs but I lacked business know how. Thecomprehensive workshops provided the practical informationneeded to develop my business day by day. It was a bonus tohave an open format within the workshops where I could askquestions and draw on the expertise of the facilitators and alsolearn from other SEB participants. The networking opportunitiesgave me increased confidence in interacting with potential clientsto secure contracts. My business advisor, Elizabeth Collis had theexpertise to council me when I needed direction or support inmaking decisions. She highlighted my skills and strengths butalso gave me the information required to deal with my weak spots.Although I have finished the SEB program, I am really justbeginning my business. Now, with a foundation firmly in place, Iwill continue to grow my business to suite my values, goals andlifestyle.Thank you CEEDDenise Gray CoxCornerstone Support Services
  21. 21. Living Language International Jason MacDonald
  22. 22. Skyze the Limit Len Boyd
  23. 23. MEG Consulting &Project Management Julia MacPherson
  24. 24. Ingramport Trailer and Fabrication Shop Tim Fillmore
  25. 25. J & R GrimsmoRachael Grant & Jessy Lacourciere
  26. 26. Dragonfly Forge Rebecca Little
  27. 27. Beanstalk Money Solutions Rhonda Meyer
  28. 28. Kenzi’s Boutique Denise Smith
  29. 29. Life Savour Gourmet Meal Delivery Service Elizabeth Sutcliffe
  30. 30. The Sparrow Tree Caitlin Rooney
  31. 31. One Block Barbershop Michael Phillips
  32. 32. Fervour’s Own Jewellery Design Kiersten Holden
  33. 33. Big Bang Promotional Products Gillian Forward
  34. 34. Red Renovations Roy Theriault
  35. 35. Rebel Space Indoor Playground and Cafe Shawna Phillips“CEED was invaluable in assistingme in getting my business off theground. My business advisor wasexcellent, the courses offered werevery informative, the networkingopportunities were wonderful andoverall the program was fantastic. Iwould highly recommend CEED toany aspiring entrepreneur.” -Shawna Phillips, 2012
  36. 36. Edwards Custom Carving Anthony Edwards
  37. 37. Sprocket Bookkeeping Income Tax Services Darlene Graves
  38. 38. Culture and Diversity Consulting for our Colourful World Stephanie Douglas
  39. 39. Gradient Graphic Design Mark WilletI have wanted to become an entrepreneur for a very long time. The idea of being my own boss has alwaysintrigued me. The potential to manage and work with a team of talented individuals furtured thatinterest. Despite every vision I had for a business concept I did not know the proper path to take in orderto make this dream a possibility. CEED gave me the education and support I needed in order to preparemyself for the journey of entrepreneurship. The staff, presenters and especially my advisor Elizabeth Colliswere an incredible resource and supported me through the process and still continue to as my businessgrows. I truly feel like the professional I was meant to be and CEED provided me with the tools I needed tobring my dream to fruition.Thank you everyone at CEED. -Mark Willett, 2012
  40. 40. Professional Audio Services Graham Colwell“My experience in the SEB program was excellent from thestart! Nancy was very supportive and the workshops were andcontinue to be a great resource.Several of the workshop presenters were truly outstanding and thegroups were fun to be part of.Thank you so very much for all your help!”-Graham Colwell, 2012
  41. 41. Enviro Chic Gregory Pitkanen
  42. 42. Huayi Mortgage Services Wendy Ren
  43. 43. You Deserve it Cleaning Rocio Williams“Thanks to Nancy, CEED, and self-employment Nova Scotia today my dreamis coming true slowly but surely.” -Rocio Williams, 2012
  44. 44. CGNK Elevator Consulting Charles Kennington
  45. 45. United Venture Partners Inc. Khaled Al-Dhayaei