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Use of entertainment solutions for small and medium enterprises marketing
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Use of entertainment solutions for small and medium enterprises marketing


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Published in: Business

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  • 3. Clients
  • 4. SME (Small & Medium Enterprises)+ Micro-enterprises• Few employees• Important role of the owners• Direct relationships owners-clients-employees• Limited market share• (Usually) lack of a marketing department
  • 5. SME Requirements 1 2 3Owner Web presence Web presence Web presence + ?requirementsDevelopment “Home made” Professional Professional Low quality Higher quality Higher quality HTML Dynamic website Dynamic website e-Commerce ?ADV Offline Offline Online Online (low)Audience Low expectations Medium High expectations expectations
  • 6. Some entrepreneurs try to define the best, the most innovative and costeffective solution to communicate with their clients and potential clients. HOW?
  • 7. Solutions?1. Web 2.0 & Social applications2. SaaS3. Mobile Applications4. Advergames
  • 8. The role of the DEVELOPER?1. To analyze2. To keep an eye on the market3. To invest in R&D4. To adapt and to be dynamic
  • 9. Case studies1. // social app2. MMS Event // saas3. Castello Malvezzi // mobile app4. Zuuvu and advergames // gaming app
  • 10. Couchlove.comCytavision is a semi-governmentorganization. It was established withthe aim of providing, maintaining and • TVdeveloping a comprehensive • Voicetelecommunications service, bothnationally and internationally. • Data • MobileCytavision is considered to be theLeading provider of integratedElectronic communications servicesin Cyprus.
  • 11. Objectives• to create a social application to engage their audience;• to collect personal information for marketing purposes (profiling, emailing, etc);• to analyze the tastes for their users;• to define a simple but effective campaign using internet;• to test Facebook as a tool for future campaigns
  • 12. How to achieve the objectives?• simple questions and simple answers• simple dynamics, to be suitable for any type of user• simple sharing• rewarding
  • 13. The idea• to allow users to configure their own couch;• to analyze, according to the selected patterns, the personality of each user;• to advise in accordance with their personality some relevant tv channels;• to allow users to share their couches by email, twitter, facebook ;• to vote and to be voted ...couch;• to take part to a competition to win a TV and a decoder.
  • 14. Technologies• LAMP• Flash• Facebook API• Twitter API
  • 15. Technical overview
  • 16. Technical overview
  • 17. Results (after 7 days)• 2200 registered users• 1200 weekly active users in Facebook• 6500 share on Facebook
  • 18. MMS EventMMS event is a one-person company basedin Sweden. The idea was to conceive a SAAS The service isapplication allowing event organizers with a addressed to:simple and fully customizable applicationenabling attendees to broadcast pictures •exhibitionstaken by their handsets on flat screens, web •partiessites and mobile devices. •weddings •conferencesBusiness model* rent the software per day* revenue sharing on short-code MMS
  • 20. Features SAAS admin client user•Add clients • Backgrounds • Backgrounds• Subscription period • Embed the slideshow in his website • Embed the slideshow in his website* Change client settings • Choose MMS and SMS templates • Choose MMS and SMS templates* Set the price for incoming MMS • Choose transition effects, timings, etc • Choose transition effects, timings, etc•Set the templates the customer can use • Set texts • Set texts• Set if clients can use SMS or MMS • Add adv screens • Add adv screens • Approve MMS/SMS on/off • Approve MMS/SMS on/off • Download SMS/MMS
  • 21. Graphic user interface / website
  • 22. Graphic user interface / SAAS
  • 23. Graphic user interface / SAAS
  • 24. Graphic user interface
  • 25. TechnologiesWEB• LAMP• Flash• XML• MMS gateway integrationiPhone• Objective C• XML
  • 26. Castello MalvezziCastello Malvezzi is a high-level Italianrestaurant hosted in a 14 century castleand surrounded by 30.000 meters ofpark.Besides the suggestive and ancientenvironment, its hold by a innovativemanagement which focus very muchon new technologies and social mediamarketing.The requirement was the developmentof an interactive menu with socialfeatures for their elite clients.
  • 27. Requirements• interactive menu on iPad• social media interactions• offline functioning of the application• synchronization• not public application
  • 28. Solutions• Design compliant with the style of the restaurant style and their corporate identity• Simple UI to allow even non skilled people to use it• Not publishing on App store but ad-hòc build• Sync via plist (xml) to allow the application to update the app and to allow the offline functioning
  • 29. GUI
  • 30. GUI
  • 31. GUI
  • 32. Technologies• Objective C• LAMP• Facebook API for iOS• XML
  • 33. Why?• To offer to the guests of the restaurant a new experience• To communicate they are innovative• To be one of the first restaurants with such a type of application  PR
  • 34. Gaming platformWe have conceived a flexible gaming platform featuring:• SP&MP games • Casual• Accounting system • Skill• Incentive tools • Incentive• 1vs1 matches • Social• Tournaments• Social tools
  • 35. Objectives• Modular solution to build gaming solutions (portals, applications, etc)• “All in one”: platform + games + business model• Catalog of advergames• Marketing tool
  • 36. Technologies• LAMP• Flash• Payment gateway integration• Multiplayer socket (JAVA)
  • 37. Zuuvu
  • 38. Games
  • 39. Games
  • 40. Why using advergames?• Higher interactivity with the brand, including competitions• Uniqueness: every brand is different, so the advertising• Virality• Higher exposure compared to banners
  • 41. Markets are Conversations (the cluetrain manifesto)
  • 42. Thanks