Share of Slovenian practices for building competitiveness


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Share of Slovenian practices for building competitiveness

  1. 1. Competence center for e-Government of Slovenia Matej Švarc Association for IT and Telecommunications CCIS
  2. 2. Export Association of Slovenian ICT - ZITex ZITex is a group of export oriented ICT companies Established in march 2008 on the initiative of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and industry 70 members Encourages and accelerates business on domestic and foreign markets Increasing export of it’s members for 100 % in the next 5 years Unify companies which are competitors on domestic market and position them as the driving force of the export growth Become the key instrument for competitiveness and internationalization of Slovenian ICT industry and economy In cooperation with the government create better business environment for the export of Slovenian ICT products and services Special attention on foreign markets, especially to South-Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Middle East More information on
  3. 3. eGovernment Competence center priorities  Established within the ZITex export group  Responsible for international promotion of the solutions which have been proven successfully in the Slovene Public Administration and also developed in Slovenia  Providing support and resources for the promotion of Slovenian solutions in the foreign markets, connect business with Public Administration and research- development institutions
  4. 4. eGovernment Competence center priorities Cooperation improvement with the state institutions (Ministry for Public Administration, CeGD, Ministry of Justice, Internal Affairs and Foreign Affairs…) Establishment of Demo center for implemented solutions within the facilities of CCIS Participation in international eGovernment exhibitions, business delegations and conferences, meetings with state administration’s representatives (Participation at GITEX exhibition in Dubai and Smart eGovernment exhibition in Belgrade 2010, IFSEC, Intersec)
  5. 5. eGovernment competence center model  Public Finances  Taxes and Customs  Social Affairs  Internal Affairs  Foreign Affairs  Environment and Spatial Planning  Education  Healthcare  Justice  Statistics  Consulting  Infrastructure
  6. 6. SRC d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia www.src.sieVEM – eGovernment portal for businesses(One Stop Shop)• Developed and implemented to provide future self employed persons the information support when establishing a business• Service can be accessed online either from home or at numerous access points across Slovenia• Won The United Nations Public Service Award – UNPSA 2009 – the most prestigious international award for excellence in the field of public administration services.• Won 2nd place in the EU
  7. 7. e-VEM benefits for users Advisors can work with any citizen, access to data from the spatial planning register, access to data from the central register of the population, easy searching through category codes, general business activity-related information, automatic data transfer between applications, temporary storage of applications, application status monitoring, option for electronic delivery of decisions regarding applications, automatic distribution of applications to appropriate
  8. 8. eGovernment - Solutions Public Registers (Central population register, Permanent population register, register of civil status, citizenship, foreigners) Travel Documents (Biometric Passports, ID Cards) Modern Workplace (enables data collection from identification documents which are accessible on the web) Interoperability eElections (portal solution that manages entire process of elections
  9. 9. CRP - Critical resource for eGovernment One of the support pillars for  Users of CPR data are: e-business in government  Slovenian Office for Statistics administration  Government Administrative The Slovenian CPR connects units data from multiple sources  Health care institutions such as: Maternity hospitals and  Tax Administration Register of Civil Status for  Ministries management of data  Geodesy Administration of concerning births, marriages Slovenia and deaths  Central Register data concerning permanent  Employment Service and temporary residents  Pension and Disability Register of Territorial Units Insurance Institute of RS from Geodesy Administration  Central Securities Clearing of Slovenia Corporation Register of tax liabilities in  Public Guarantee and Slovenia Maintenance Fund Tax Administration for data  e-Government services concerning taxes
  10. 10. eTax Solutions The eTaxes online portal for Benefits of eTaxes portal: communicating with  Enables Connection with the taxpayers was implemented Tax Authority and perform a by the Tax Administration number of Activities (tax of the Republic of Slovenia returns, charges, reports) to optimize its operations  Secure, comfortable, simple Its ultimate goal is to ensure and more efficient way of that tax-related activities are doing business with the Tax simpler, faster, more Administration accessible and cheaper.  24/7 availability enables Designed to support online users to file documents VAT filing for business online at anytime Extended with additional  Reduces number of errors features to enable physical  Encourage business persons to file their personal development income tax returns online
  11. 11. e-Customs solutionsCompany focused to the foreign trade development and development ofelectronic commerce in Slovenia Customs administrations systems since 1991 Only from 2007 several new applications for Slovenian customsadministration were developed and put into action, Enable Electronic document exchange and e-reportingReferences in SloveniaStatistical biro of Republic of Slovenia (from 2002)Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Slovenia (from 2009)B2G electronic data exchange for more than 700 companies (from 1999)International references:Customs Administration of Montenegro (from 2002)Customs Administration of Serbia (from 2008)
  12. 12. SETCCESETCCE proXSign® - electronic signature components SETCCE – vendor and provider of solutions and services for legally valid paperless business 25 million documents per year are signed by using proXsign Simple signing of e-documents in any web browser, desktop application or back-end servers Convenient for business, governmental and financial institutions and provides a complete set of functions for: Digital signing and verification of digital signatures Time stamping Legally valid signatures Fully compliant with EU directives on e-signing
  13. 13. Future priorities and activities Continue the work on priorities from the Strategy and Action plan for e-Government Development of Electronic Commerce and Exchange of Data in Public Administration, such as eDemocracy, eHealth, eJustice, national interoperability framework, etcProjects:  eHealth  eJustice  eSocial affairs  Service directive  ePayment
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention Q&A