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IBM Solutions for Egovernment
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IBM Solutions for Egovernment


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. Technological Breakthroughs in 2011 and Beyond:Cloud computing for Public, IBM point of viewVirginie HaasWW Vice President, Cloud Sales & StrategyIBM Global Technology Services © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • 2. Is cloud computing really new? Yes, and no. Cloud Pay per use or price max flexibility Marketing Sales Ubiquitous access Quality Finance Operations Rapid/Immediate Elasticity Cloud Portal On demand Self service Standardization Cloud infrastructure Automation Virtualization Shared resources While the technology is not new, the end user focus of self-service, self-management leveraging these2 technologies is new. © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • 3. Benefits Low cost and high Business Process Transformation Rethink IT speed business Reinvent Simplicity & Dramatic improvements ease of use in productivity Flexibility & Create new business agility value Value Delivered: From traditional To cloud Setting up a development environment Days 30 minutes Test provisioning Weeks Minutes Release management Weeks Minutes Change management Months Days or hours Application delivery management 1 operator for 10 apps 1 operator for 100 apps3 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • 4. IBM positioning Cloud is a key growth play: 7B by 20151 Entreprise focus (Security, Migration, Integration,2 Service Mgt support) Focused at client benefit, by Industry (architecture,3 workloads, use cases) Delivery agnostic, Cloud optimized components or4 “as a service”5 Our first Cloud client is IBM © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • 5. Our Government Agenda Increase citizen centricity “The fundamental word to describe my mandate as a Prime Minister is responsibility, and my key priority is care for the people. We are in need of a new relationship between state and citizen. The role of the state is to serve the citizen, and not vice versa. We must start from this idea in order for citizens to trust public institutions. We speak often about the European future of the Republic of Moldova, but we cannot build Vladimir FILAT, this future without insuring optimal development Moldova for our youth. We will encourage the hiring of well Prime-Minister prepared young people into central and local public administration, will improve the educational Build student process through technology upgrades and promote success & skills electronic education services.”5 e-Government Center © 2010 IBM Corporation 19.05.2011
  • 6. Government e-Transformation ObjectivesIncrease time to market Promotion of ICT for a better governance, research and education, public healthcare, e-commerce, social protection and national security. Acceleration of e-transformation process in order to sustain the EU integration agenda. Extending the communication infrastructure, thus increasing national economy competitiveness and facilitating access to information society services for all citizens. Development of high quality sectorial and cross sectorial e-services. Implementation o public private partnerships for e-transformation and stimulating investments in ICT Encouraging of partnerships between research and educational institutions and private ICT sector. Development and promotion of effective and efficient ICT regulatory framework – one of the key success factors for development of e- businesses, e-commerce, delivery services and integration with similar European and global networks. Etc. Collaboration6 e-Government Center © 2010 IBM Corporation 19.05.2011
  • 7. Government cloud use cases Wuxi: how to increase gvt efficiency together with attracting new business citizens ? Nato: how to improve « time to market » ? Pike School: how to increase students success and skills ? University of North Carolina: how to optimize collaboration between Education and Research ? X and Swiss Institute of Molecular Systems Biology (IMSB): how to support reseach ? How University of Bari is changing the fishing industry ? © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • 8. 8 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • 9. NATO Allied Command Transformation Community Development and Test CloudBusiness Description Solution ApproachThe North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an NATO ACT established a common cloud managementalliance of 28 countries from North America and Europe platform using IBM Service Delivery Manager thatwhose fundamental role is to safeguard the freedom and provides governed on-demand access to virtualizedsecurity of its member countries by political and military NATO mission applications and SOA services.means.Client ObjectivesProvide on-demand access to multi-tenant integrationenvironments, consolidate various NATO dev/test datacenters, unify virtualization management of VMware andXen investments, and provide a service-managedlifecycle approach to virtualized assetsBusiness ProblemVirtual machine sprawl, system administration labor costs,HW/SW costs, in-ability to respond to demand for time-critical environments supporting operational needs © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • 10. a Website to call for Innovation Portal for and proposal collaboration of government stimulus funds Program supported by the Department of Education Currently live and running in the IBM Public Cloud environment © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • 11. IBM Smart Business Desktop on the IBM Cloud is helping a schooldistrict control IT costs “We no longer worry about what hardware is in the school as much. We also no longer worry about the applications or processes that the schools are using because they are the same for everyone.” Maritta Horne, chief information officer and director of technology, Pike County Schools Business Need Benefits – Serving more than 10,000 – Cost savings of more than 60 % over a students full equipment refresh – Had a 80% cut in its budget for IT – Providing extremely high levels of – Mandated by the State to provide security and reliability new applications that – Reduced maintenance and software workstations could not run. licensing costs Solution: IBM Desktop Cloud – No longer worry about hardware – Avoided the cost of replacing keeping up with application 1,400 workstations requirements11 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • 12. Making a breakthrough in improving access to academic computingresources “Our goal was to rethink the way we met the academic computing needs…By collaborating with IBM, we are now better able to deliver on that mission.” Mladen Vouk, Department Head, Computer Science NC State University Solution Benefits – Projected savings in software – IBM adapted high-performance computing licensing costs of up to 75 into a virtualization model enabling NC State to deliver more resource support percent across the university at lower cost. – 150 percent increase in students served per application – The new “cloud computing” model for license provisioning technology offers the school a – Increased flexibility to shift quantum improvement in access, efficiency computing capacity between and convenience over the traditional instructional, research and computer labs it had relied on. administrative needs © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • 13. Multumesc For more information, please visit: © 2010 IBM Corporation