Enhance the learning activity with the 3D AeL educational content


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Enhance the learning activity with the 3D AeL educational content

  1. 1. Learn. Create. InnovateEnhance the learning activity withthe 3D AeL educational contentImagine a world where all children would have access to quality education.Imagine the school of the future where pedagogy would blend with educationaltechnology to offer an adaptive, collaborative and motivating teaching andlearning experience.Imagine modern laboratories where students can virtually explore anddiscover all the natural phenomena, can conduct their own experiments, caninteract with virtual objects and where they can really understand theory andput it in practice. The school of the future is closer than we can imagine.
  2. 2. To keep up with today’s knowledge-based To realize the 3D effect, the technologies use society, we have to improve and develop multiple views (5 to 8) of the same image skills and abilities throughout our entire life scenery. While looking at the 3D display, each and technology seems the mandatory tool eye catches basically a different view out of for an effective knowledge and competence these multiple views and the human brain transfer. SIVECO Romania is focusing its puts these two different views together into efforts to bring excellence in education. We a 3D image. are a constant adopter of state-of-the-artLearn. Create. Innovate. technology for improving education. Our The school of the future will definitely offer educational solutions are based on a solid students an enhanced learning experience experience that combines the most advanced by introducing 3D educational objects in the didactical and pedagogical methods with classroom. We strongly believe that a quality cutting-edge technology for an enhanced education should blend traditional pedagogy learning experience. with cutting-edge technology, in order to prepare children for a better future. AeL 3D educational content SIVECO Romania is the first company in the world to create 3D educational content The latest innovation brought by SIVECO displayed on a screen that is not using any Romania is the AeL 3D educational content. kind of glasses. The learning objects are almost brought to life in order to engage students in the learning process and to offer any type of learners a Multi-touch systems in the personal learning experience. The content is classroom, an important step displayed on a glasses-less 3D screen. The towards future school auto-stereoscopic screen allows students to visualize the 3D objects as if they were Studies around the world reveal a clear real. Multiple persons are able to see spatial predilection for people to adopt in their every- images, animation and videos from different day activities tools that they consider a part or perspectives and distances on these auto- extension of their bodies, thus helping them stereoscopic displays. to interact more easily with the environment and to collaborate more effectively. Such tool seems to be the computer, created as a digital reproduction of the human brain. This invention changed the perception of how we conduct all the activities, the speed of execution, our communication channels and even of the world itself, creating a complete digital universe, separated from the organic. But the most likely future trend is driven by the need to unite these worlds, and the tools that seem able to make this integration are the multi-touch systems. Positive results are registered by the multi- Studies are already confirming that by using touch systems used in the classroom 2 3D objects for education, the information is under the trans-disciplinary curriculum assimilated more easily, the learning process and methodology project context. These becomes more attractive and interactive results are justified in several ways: not and students become more active during only that motivates the children to create classes. their self-exploratory stock of knowledge,
  3. 3. but stimulates them to share their workwith colleagues, promoting team spirit andcompetitiveness, and helps them developanalytical and practical skills. Furthermore,using a combination of rich multimediastimuli, the system creates students a multi-sensorial channel (multi-touch) to receiveinformation that leads to a rapid assimilation Learn. Create. Innovate.and internalisation of new information.An innovation brought by SIVECO Romaniain education is the AeL educational contentdeveloped for multi-touch technology. Themultimedia content allows full hand control,multiple fingers control or even multipleusers simultaneously. Instead of using akeyboard and mouse or a single point input(as for the touch screen technology) the multi-point systems enables users to have a morenatural interaction with the application. and mediating" shifting from "operationalThe multi-point systems represent our goal" - as a measurement unit for a singleinterface with the virtual world and can be subject, to "skills acquirement" as the sumpractically used in any field and especially of attributes acquired both in cognitive andin education. The benefits of using multi- affective terms.point technology in education consists inimproving the collaboration between teacher Augmented Reality for cutting-edgeand students, engaging students in groupactivities, motivating them to explore, shifting educationeducation from learning by memorizing to Augmented reality (AR) is a term used forlearning by doing. a live direct or indirect view of a physicalAlong with the introduction of multi-touch real-world environment whose elements aresystems in the classroom, the teachers augmented by virtual computer-generatedrole changes, enabling him/her to be more sensory input.efficient, and changing the emphasis from "a SIVECO Romania brings Augmented Realitydiscipline that teaches" in "a cross-curricular for improving education, in order to engageteaching project that the teacher is conceiving students in the most advanced and powerful learning experience. They can practically interact with 3D objects and change parameters in real-time. 3D educational objects for Geography, Physics and Biology, all can be experienced in an innovative manner. Using just a webcam, students will be able to play with the forces attached to a body in different movement 3 situations, to manipulate the solar system with their own hands or to analyze the internal organs, in natural size, overlapped on their own body.
  4. 4. During time, the AeL eLearning solution wasacknowledged with multiple internationalawards and prizes:¡ 2010 – SIVECO Romania receives the Gold ¡ 2009 - SEI receives the label of Best Award for Best e-learning project securing Practice within the European eGovernment widespread adoption, within e-learning Awards,"eGovernment empowering citizens" Awards 2010, UK; category, a competition organised and supported by the European Commission;¡ 2010 - The NATO delegation on Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) appreciates the ¡ 2007 - nomination of AeL for the Euro- first achievements of eLearning department CASE ICT (Information and Communication within SIVECO Romania regarding multi- Technology) Prize; touch technologies applied in education; ¡ 2007 - the International Project Excellence¡ 2009 - AeL eContent was awarded with the Awards, organized by IPMA (International Special Prize within Diskobolos ICT Awards Project Management Association); 2009. The competition recognizes the most ¡ 2006 - "The Excellence Award in Project qualitative solutions in the application of Management" for SEI, by the International information and communication technologies Project Management Association (IPMA) in almost all spheres of economy and non- and the Romanian Project Management economy; Association (APMR);¡ 2009 - SEI Program (The Romanian IT- ¡ 2005 - AeL eContent won the World Summit Based Education System), which included Award 2005, as the best eContent in the implementation of over 15.000 AeL systems in world, competition organized within WSIS Romanian schools, was awarded as “the best (World Summit for Information Society), eLearning Solution” within the international Tunis; competition "eLearning in Praxis", part of ¡ 2005 - Honourable Mention at the eEurope the International Conference on Emerging Awards for eGovernment for the AeL eLearning Technologies Applications, eLearning platform; Slovakia; ¡ 2004 - European Commission nominated the AeL platform for the Euro-CASE IST Prize; More information about the company and its products is available at www.siveco.ro and www.advancedelearning.com SIVECO Romania Victoria Park, 73-81 Bucuresti-Ploiesti Drive, C4 Building, District 1, 013685 - Bucharest, ROMANIA Phone: +40 (021) 302 3300; Fax: +40 (021) 302 3391 marketing@siveco.ro www.siveco.ro © 2011 SIVECO Romania. All rights reserved. Content of this material cannot be reproduced without written permission from SIVECO Romania S.A.