Cloud computing project CIVITAS


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Cloud computing project CIVITAS

  1. 1. Project CIVITASeGovernment Services in the CloudMartin GalikManager, IT 902 905
  2. 2. Agenda1. Our company2. Building Open Information Society in Slovakia3. eGovernment Services in the Cloud4. Key Benefits5. eDemocracy powered by Scytl
  3. 3. Our Company
  4. 4. Our Company Funds Consulting eGovernment Consulting Processes and Quality in Municipalities
  5. 5. eGovernment in Numbers In eGovernment since 2005 Authors of strategic documents CIVITAS – breakthrough platform for providing eGov Services
  6. 6. Building Open Information Society in Slovakia
  7. 7. How it began...2005 Roadmap for the Introduction of Electronic Public Administration Services2008 The eGovernment Strategy of the Slovak Republic2008 The National Concept of eGovernment2009 Feasibility Studies (local and central level)2009 Calls for Projects
  8. 8. eGovernment Services in Cloud –
  9. 9. History „Every long journey begins with a single step“
  10. 10. Vision of CIVITAS Project «To build unified platform for citizens and enterprise to enable electronic communication between them and other organizations from public sector»
  11. 11. Portal
  12. 12. eGov Services coverage 10% of all eGov Services of Municipalities + eConsultation tool (Direct eDemocracy powered by Scytl )
  13. 13. eGov Services1. Announcement of small building construction2. Announcement of building modification3. Request form for dog registration4. Request form for information provisioning based on legislative act 211/20005. Request form for historical or pedestrian area allowance6. Request form for dog unregistration7. Announcement of non-legal landfill8. Announcement of tax for providing accomodation9. Announcement of public undertaking10. Request form for donation for culture11. Announcement of start of business12. Announcement of public session of Citizens13. Request Form for public place occupation14. General purpose request form15. eConsultation/eReferendum events (Scytl)
  14. 14. CIVITAS Technological Background• Cloud oriented• Technologies and Approaches: • JAVA (J2EE) • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) • WebServices (WS-BPEL) • Business Process Management • Work Flow Management • Business Rules Engine • Pnyx.Government (Scytl´s internet voting solution)• Portable eForms (PC, Mobile Devices, Tablets...)• Web-oriented Digital Signing
  15. 15. How works Client needs to communicate with Municipality
  16. 16. How works Sign-in to portal
  17. 17. How works Client choose Municipality
  18. 18. How works Choose eGov Service and fill the eForm
  19. 19. How works Execution of Client’s request
  20. 20. How works Delivery of documentation
  21. 21. CIVITAS in numbers In Production for 8 months
  22. 22. CIVITAS in numbers 15 Involved Municipalities
  23. 23. CIVITAS in numbers Raková Rajec Martin Prešov Snina Dubnica Turčianske nad Váhom Teplice Čierny Balog Stará Turá Nové Mesto nad Váhom Lučenec Krupina Šahy Dunajská Nové Streda Zámky
  24. 24. CIVITAS in numbers > 370 000 citizens
  25. 25. CIVITAS in numbers we saved 510 hours* *City of Turcianske Teplice, Population 7000 citizens, after one year production
  26. 26. CIVITAS in numbers that is 21 days
  27. 27. CIVITAS in numbers Public Office „24/7/365“
  28. 28. Key Benefits
  29. 29. Added value of CIVITAS (City) Transparency Faster Clients requests execution time Increased quality of services Lower costs Multilingual 21st Century: citizen participation in decision-making processes online (Scytl)
  30. 30. Conclusion Cloud oriented Unified communication platform eGovernment Services Extension to existing Information Systems Open for integration Sustainable solution Better services of Municipalities for their Clients Open public administration to citizens
  31. 31. eDemocracy powered by Scytl