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When we move on, people do not remember us for what we do for ourselves. They remember us for what we do for them. One of the great joys and grave responsibilities of leaders is making sure that those in their care live lives not only of success, but also of significance. Leaders who see their role as serving others leave the most lasting legacies. Teaching is one way of serving. It’s a way of passing along the lessons learned from experience, particularly to those who look immediately to us for leadership. By asking ourselves how we want to be remembered, we plant the seeds for living our lives as if we matter.

Leaders Serve and Sacrifice

Are you on this planet to do something, or are you just here for something to do? If you’re on this planet to do something, what is it? What difference will you make? What will be your legacy? Viewing leadership as service is not a new concept. Robert Greenleaf, himself a retired corporate executive, observed that the “great leader is seen as servant first, and that simple fact is the key to [the leader’s] greatness.”

The Best Leaders Are Teachers

The best way to learn something is to teach it to somebody else. As the late Peter Drucker observed early in his career: “My third employer was the youngest of three senior partners of a bank … Once a week or so he would sit down with me and talk about the way he saw the world … In the end, I think he learned more than I did from our little talks.”

You Are the Most Important Leader in Your Organization

The CEO is not the most important leader in an organization. Despite the fact that CEOs get most of the press, they get far too much credit for success, and far too much blame for failures. The attributions are way out of proportion to their actual influence. If the CEO is not the most important leader, who is it? If you’re a manager in an organization, to your direct reports, you are the most important leader in your organization. In other words, you are the CEO of your group.

Conclusion: The Legacy You Leave

The Leader must continuously engage and keep the passion forever burning in their followers As John Maxwell, author of numerous books on leadership, said, “It’s been said that there are two kinds of people in life: those who make things happen and those who wonder what happened. Leaders have the ability to make things happen. People who don’t know how to make things happen for themselves won’t know how to make things happen for others.” He went on, “What you do with the future means the difference between leaving a track record and leaving a legacy.” Legacies aren’t just wishful thinking. They’re the result of determined doing. The legacy you leave is the life you lead. You just never know whose life you might touch. What you do know is that you can make a difference. You can leave this world better than you found it.

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CEE Toastmasters Medan Indonesia Key Note on "Leaving Your Leadership Legacy" - 16 Nov 2013

  1. 1. Toastmasters District 87 4th Semi Annual Convention “LEAVING A LEADERSHIP LEGACY” Prof Sattar Bawany CEO, Centre for Executive Education (CEE Global) C-Suite Executive Coach, Executive Development Associates (EDA) 16 November 2013, Grand Aston City Hall Hotel, Medan, Indonesia Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 1
  2. 2. Are You a Tiger or a Deer? Every morning in Asia, a deer wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest tiger or it will be killed. Every morning in Asia, a tiger wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest deer or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a tiger or a deer: when the sun comes up, you’d better be running….. Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 2
  3. 3. About Your Masterclass Facilitator • • • • • C‐Suite Master Executive Coach, EDA CEO of Centre for Executive Education (CEE) Strategic Advisor & Member of Board of Trustees, IPMA Adjunct Professor of Paris Graduate School of Management Over 25 years’ in executive coaching, facilitation, leadership  development and training. • Adjunct Professor teaching international business and human  resource courses with Paris Graduate School of Management • Assumed senior global and regional leadership roles with DBM  (Drake Beam & Morin), Mercer Human Resource Consulting,             Hay Management Consultants and Forum Corporation. Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 3
  4. 4. 4 About Centre for Executive  Education  (CEE)   Executive Education  Leadership & High  Potential Development  Executive Coaching  Succession Planning  Executive Assessment CEE is the Affiliate Partner of Executive Development Associates (EDA),  a global leader in executive development & coaching since 1982. Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 4
  5. 5. Quote on Legacy Leadership “Legacies are not the result of wishful  thinking. They are the results of determined  doing. The legacy you leave is the life you  lead. We live our lives daily. We leave our  legacy daily. The people you see, the  decisions you make, and the actions you  take ‐‐ they are what tell your story.” Source: Kouzes, James & Posner, Barry (2006). A Leader’s Legacy. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 5
  6. 6. The Leader as a Master Chef • • • This metaphor refers to how leaders should use frameworks, tools and strategies — the equivalent of recipes, utensils, and cooking methods — to progress from “amateur cook” to “master chef”. Research suggests that it is the artful application of these elements that allows leaders to transform. This means adapting the elements of a leadership framework, including managerial styles, communication and commitments, to suit the leader’s own environment, just as a chef changes his recipe depending on the season. It means using tools, such as leadership 360 degree leadership diagnostics, but perhaps more importantly, a good dose of humility and flair. It means becoming more intuitive in the use of leadership strategies, such as role modelling, just like a chef cooks with greater creativity and spontaneity as their methods become second nature. Outcome: Leaving a Definitive Leadership Legacy. Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 6
  7. 7. Definition of Legacy Leadership • If you influence change in the lives of those around you, you  are engaged in leadership. • Your leadership legacy is the sum total of the difference you  make in people’s lives, directly and indirectly, formally and  informally. • As a leader, you will have an impact on your staff and they  will take what they learn forward into the future of your  organization.   • The challenge is how to live in a way that creates a legacy  that will make a positive difference in the lives of those  around you. Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 7
  8. 8. Is this what Leadership is all about? Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 8
  9. 9. Leader’s Purpose And Values Are you a Boss or Leader? Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 9
  10. 10. What is Powerful Leadership?  Why are some people more successful than others?  Why are some people happier than others?  What is powerful leadership made up of? Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 10 10
  11. 11. What is Common Between…  Michael Jackson  Elvis Presley  Kenneth Lay  Whitney Houston  Bernie Madoff  Adolf Hitler  Indira Gandhi Wealth, Position, Power, Fame, Fortune They were either murdered, jailed for life, or killed themselves Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 11
  12. 12. Successful Leaders To most people…. Wealth, Position, Power, Fame, Fortune is the definition of leadership,  happiness and success Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co Fame 12
  13. 13. So, what is Leadership all about? Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03o1JZ7c7gI Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 13
  14. 14. Of all the bosses you’ve worked for in your career so far, ?     Someone who brings out the best in you Someone you can learn from Someone you can respect for who they are Someone who genuinely cares about your success and growth Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 14
  15. 15.  Someone who brings out the best in you  Someone you can learn from  Someone you can respect for who they  are  Someone who genuinely cares about  your success and growth  Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 15
  16. 16. On a 1‐10 scale where 1 is “well below potential” and 10 is “at peak potential” how would you rate your organization’s current performance in the marketplace? Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 16
  17. 17. The Big Void The answer is 0, 1, or 2.  What is the question? Of all the bosses in your career, how any would you rate  as truly great leaders? Individual  Leadership Void The answer is 6.5/10.  What is the question? On a 1-10 scale where 1 is ‘extremely below potential’ and 10 is ‘at peak potential,’ how would you rate your organization’s current performance in the marketplace? Organizational  Performance Void The answer is approximately US$60 billion.  What is the question? How much is spent globally on leadership development each year? Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 17
  18. 18. Leadership Redefined SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS   GROWTH  ‘Leadership is the art of harnessing human energy towards the creation of a better future’ ENERGIZE THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION Rajeev Peshawaria, Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders, 2011 ENLIST & ENERGIZE CO‐LEADERS ENERGIZE SELF Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 18
  19. 19. Role of Leader in Achieving Results Organisational Results • Profitability • ROI • Cost Optimisation Customer Engagement/Loyalty • Customer Satisfaction • Service Value/ Relationship Employee/Stakeholder Engagement • Employee Satisfaction • Employee Loyalty Organisational Climate • Company Policies • Rewards and Flexibility • Culture, Espirit De Corps • Leadership Styles) • EQ/EI Competencies) • Level 5 / Ontological Humility Sattar Bawany, “Making Results‐based Leadership Work in Singapore” Singapore Business Review,  http://sbr.com.sg/hr‐education/commentary/making‐results‐based‐leadership‐work‐in‐singapore, 12 February 2013 Leadership Effectiveness Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 19
  20. 20. Why is Legacy Important? • Leaders grow and nurture emerging leaders and  create a living legacy • The largest generation in history will soon begin  leaving the workplace and are beginning to think  about the legacy they wish to leave • Very little planning for this change has been done Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 20 20
  21. 21. Legacy Leadership Behaviors Key competencies and behaviors associated  with legacy best practices • • • • • Holder of Vision and Values Creator of Collaboration and Innovation  Influencer of Inspiration and Leadership Advocator of Differences and Greater Good Calibrator of Responsibility and Accountability  Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 21 21
  22. 22. Video on a Leader’s Purpose & Values Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNmJqRV7LOA Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 22
  23. 23. Strategies for Legacy Leadership • Adopt Servant Leadership  • Humility & Will – be a Level 5 Leader • Identifying the Next Generation of Leaders • Be a Teacher ‐ Lead and Teach from your Strengths • Be a Leader – Coach and Mentor Your Team • Commitment to Develop Human Capital/Talent • Pass on Experience, Values and Passion Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 23 23
  24. 24. Authentic Leaders • • • • • Pursue Purpose with Passion Practice / Demonstrate Organizational Values Lead with Heart Establish Enduring Relationship Demonstrate Self‐Discipline Source: George, Bill & Sims, Peter ( 2007). True North, John Wiley & Sons, NY http://truenorthleaders.com/exercises.htm Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 24
  25. 25. MOJO – More Joy • Identity: Who do you think you are? • Achievement: What have you done lately? • Reputation Management: Who do people think  you are? • Acceptance: When can you let go? Source: Goldsmith, Marshall with Reiter, Mark (2009) Mojo: How to get it, how to keep it, how to get it back if you lose it, Hyperion, NY http://www.mojothebook.com/about-mojo-book/ Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 25 25
  26. 26. Personal Leadership Legacy Reflection & Assessment - 1 • Have you put into place a system that enables people to  feel connected and how to respond to their work  accordingly? • Have you left an operating system that is not dependent  on you to give your employees what they need to be   successful? Source: Yount, Shane. (2007). Leaving your leadership legacy: Creating a timeless and enduring culture of clarity, connectivity, and consistency. OakleePress, Richmond, VA. Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 26 26
  27. 27. Personal Leadership Legacy Reflection & Assessment - 2 • What is more important to you the results you  achieve or how you achieve them? • Have you made the impact you wanted to in your  work? • Will employees remember you as someone who  made a difference in their lives? Source: Yount, Shane. (2007). Leaving your leadership legacy: Creating a timeless and enduring culture of clarity, connectivity, and consistency. OakleePress, Richmond, VA. Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 27 27
  28. 28. Personal Leadership Legacy Reflection & Assessment - 3 • When you are gone will you leave your “mark” on the  organization? How? • Will the values you instilled and live by endure long  after you have left? • Have you put into place a system that enables others  to have a sense of clarity,  knowledge and information   that each needs to be effective? Source: Yount, Shane. (2007). Leaving your leadership legacy: Creating a timeless and enduring culture of clarity, connectivity, and consistency. OakleePress, Richmond, VA. Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 28 28
  29. 29. Conclusion: Leaving Your Legacy • What lessons am I teaching in each interaction  I  have? • What stories will others tell about me in the  future? • What will others learn from those stories? Source: Kouzes, James & Posner, Barry (2006). A leader’s legacy. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 29 29
  30. 30. Final Thoughts…….. If you do tomorrow what you did yesterday  Your Future is History…………… If you do tomorrow what we’ve covered today Your Future is Historic!!! Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 30 30
  31. 31. Video: Leaving Your Leadership Legacy Visit : Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03o1JZ7c7gI Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 31 31
  32. 32. Appendix Recommended Articles of Interest Visit: www.ipma.com.sg/publications.php Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 32
  33. 33. Further Dialogue on Social Media Prof Sattar Bawany CEO, Centre for Executive Education & Managing Director & Master Executive Coach, EDA Asia Pacific Email: sattar.bawany@cee-global.co Website: www.cee-global.co LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bawany Facebook: www.facebook.com/ceeglobal Twitter: www.twitter.com/sattarbawany Skype: sattar.bawany Copyright @2013 Centre for Executive Education Pte Ltd www.cee‐global.co 33