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    CEDUK - MKT Plane CEDUK - MKT Plane Presentation Transcript

      Nymburk brewery
    • 1. Basic information
      Name: Postřížiny Brewery in Nymburk
      Limited Liability Company
      Address: Pražská 581
      288 25 Nymburk
      Czech Republic
      Company owner: PavelBenák (100%)
      Articles: - goods purchase in order to its sale and goods sale
      - beer and malt production
      - molasses, non-alcoholic and special beverages production
      - pasturage and pasturage mixture production
      Postřižiny Brewery, Limited Liability Company, is amiddlesize local brewery size with a long history. It was found in 1785. Czechpeople became aware of the brewery thanks to the close connection with the famous writer BohumilHrabal, who lived here from 1919 to 1947 and who wrote a book “Postriziny” based on the stay here. The book was cinematized by the famous director JiriMenzl.
    • 1.1 Mission
      „Our Postřižinské beer, a drink for everyone“
      Mainobjective: Increaseexport to Germany to 30 thousandhl by theendoftheyear 2012.
      ExportswillincludeGold Bohemia Beer - 330 ml, Nymburk Can - 0.5 liter, Gold Bohemia Beer - 330 ml (6 pack).
      Customers are median incomes and low incomes.
      Thereisownbeershop in thebrewerybuilding
      Thebreweryregularlyorganizesvariousevents(open day, Postřižiny Express,...)
    • 2. Situation at our markters
      The brewery successfully increased sale into Norma chain.
      The main exportable country: Germany, Sweden, France, Denmark, Romania, Finland and Russia.
      In 2009 the companysuppliedsupermarkets such as Penny Market, COOP Centrum, Ahold, Plus Discount, Norma, Billa and Kaufland.
    • 2.1 Our customers
      • Localpeople
      • Chainsupermarkets
      • Foreigncustomers
    • 2.2 SWOT analysis
      • Long tradition (116 years) and literally famous brewery (Bohumil Hrabal)
      • Export experience
      • Long partnership with Czech multiple chain stores
      • Broad beer portfolio (8 sort)
      • longlastingvolume production, strongknow-how
      • Innovated production technology
      • Non foreign capital, 100% domestic capital
      • Well-content and motivated staff
      • 37 beerawardsandevaluations in the last 10 years
      • Open and friendly to customers, partners and very good Public Relation
      • Possibilityof buying base materials for beer production (malt) from the neighbouring supplier
    • 2.2 SWOT analysis
      • Small percentage interest on the Czech market
      • Net profit in theyear 2009 only 401 thousand. CZK (500% decreasecompared to 2007)
      • 1 revolvingloanand 1 medium-term loan
      • Weak promotional activities and missing marketing strategy
      • The lack of capital for marketing and promotion
      • Lowreactions towards the market needs considering amount, assortment and tastes of the brewery products
      • Absence of non-alcoholic beer
    • 2.2 SWOT analysis
      • Slowdown of competitive business
      • Price decline of primary commodities
      • Consumerincrease of beer per year
      • Modernproduction technology
      • EU support to traditional manufacturing industries
    • 2.2 SWOT analysis
      • Price cuts by competitors
      • Changein legislation
      • Reduce the consumption of beer
      • Newcompetitors on market
      • Increasingenergy prices
      • Increasingbase materials prices
      • Inaccessibilityof capital (loans)
      • Decreasingconsumers purchasing power
      • Entryof supra-national competition with cheap products in the local market
    • 2.3 Competition
      Supra-national breweries
      BigCzech breweries (Pilsnerand Budweiser) and international firms producing beer of good quality.
    • 2.4 Marketing research
      106 liters per personannual beerconsumption in Germany, total 93 mio hl.
      Drink beer almost 70% of the population. 54% of Germans drink beer at least several times a week
      75 %preferonlyonebrandandbetterdomesticbrands
    • 3. German beer market
      There are about 60 domesticbeersbrandsin Germany. Directcompetitorsare Budvar, BreznakandPilsnerUrquellfromCzechrepublic, fromforeigncountriesthereare especiallyGuinnessandCarlsberg. Indirectcompetitors are domesticbeerproduction in thelow/medium pricerange.
    • 4. Marketing mix
      The company brews 6 kinds of lager, 2 kinds of dark beer and special kinds of beer.
      Types of beer:
      Doktorova 8°
      Postřižinské výčepní
      Pepinova desítka
      Tmavý ležák
      Postřižinské pivo 11%
      Francinův ležák
      Něžný Barbar
      Gold Bohemia Beer
      Nymburk LagerBeer
    • 4.1 Product
      • It is sold under the name “Postrizinske pivo” in the domestic market and under the registered marks “Gold Bohemia Beer” and “Nymburk Lager Beer” for export. Beeristappedinto 30 and 50 l barrels, 0.33 and 0.5 l bottlesandintotanks.
      • The beer has got durability from 30 days up to 1 year according to the way of manufacturing and final preparation. 
      • Delicious, sweet-bitter balanced beer, harmonious, gently sparkling, honey-gold colour with rich and creamy foam
      • The biggest volume on business takes Bohemia Goldbeer
    • Wrappingbeerproduction 2009 in hl (bottle, barrel, tin)
    • Sort variety production (draughtbeer, lager, light, special)
    • 4.2 Distribution
      Directdistributionchannels (dealers, ownbeershop, restaurants)
      Penny Market, COOP, Ahold, Norma, Aldi, Metro, Lidl, Rewe, Edeka
      Thebreweryisveryflexibleandoperative, ownsseveraltrucksthatwithin a short period oftimemay drive beer to terminalsordirectly to thefinalcustomer, depending on theagreement.
      Attheplacewheretheproductwillbe sold (in a particulartradechain) willbelocatedsales support items (leaflets, POS and POP materials).
    • 4.2 Distribution
      Beforesellingwewillprovidetraining to chainstoremanagers, promotionalmaterials, tasting, samples, support andservice.
      Beerwhichisgoing to beexportedistreated by specialtechnologies to longeritsshelflife. So thefinalpriceisincreased.
    • 4.3 Economic indicators and price
    • 4.3.1 Price
      Estimated price of 0,33 l Bohemia Gold Beer is about 0,45 – 0,50 €
      Estimatedpriceof 6 pack 0,33 l Bohemia GoldBeerisabout 2,5 – 3 €
    • 4.3.2 Financial status
      The brewery is financed from its own sources and bank credits. The brewery carries out financial analyses with the help of ratio index and in the bases of it the board decides how to handle the sources
    • 4.3.3 Analysis of profitability
      Returnofsales - blue
      b) Returnofcosts - red
      c) ROA – Return on Assets - green
      d) ROE - Return on Eqity - violet
      e) ROI – Return on Investment – lightblue
    • 4.3.4 Profit analysis
    • 4.3.5 Sales targets by segments
      Sales plan in thousands of euros
    • 4.4 Promotion and communication
      How is the selling of the product arranged?
      Personalselling (dealers)
      Customercontacts (marketing data, email, mobile phone)
    • 4.4.1 Advertising
      Advertising in regional media
      Internet (homepage, banners)
      Use of well-known writer‘s name (BohumilHrabal) and his masterpiece (Postriziny) which was cinematized for promoting beer on the labels and promotion materials
    • 4.4.2 Promotion and sales
      • Fairsandexhibitionshomeandabroad
      • Taking part in qualityfoodproductcompetition
      • Beerdays (tastingbeer, contests, samples)
      • Mats, tablecloths, umbrellas, mugswith logo
      • Free of charge tastings
    • 4.4.3 How to promote – summary
      • Homepage link on retail web pages (lidl.de, norma.de, rewe.deetc.)
      • Leaflets
      • Radio in store – trailer
      • Trailers at the place, where the products are sold – drinks and beer department (POS, POP materials)
      • Boot actions and repetitive actions for example: Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, 2+1, 3+1
      • Competition for a weekend in the Czech republic once a year
      • PR articlewiththeintroductionof a productandcompany in theGermangourmetmagazine (Apetit, Gourmet, etc)
      • Press conference (invite the target group of professional journalists and ifluential people
    • 5. Results
      During the evaluation how is our beer successfull in the German market, we can measure: - the sales effect  - communication effect
      Selling is more easily measurable effect, we take control and monitor an increase on our bank account. The communication effect is usually evaluated through research. We hard tried to create a good marketing plan outline , our marketing plan is a living document.