Mobile GeoAdmin Mockup, 2011


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Mobile GeoAdmin Mockup, 2011

  1. 1. Mockup David Oesch & Cédric Moullet Swisstopo
  2. 2. Main Page Function bar - Feedback action: popup a modal panel - Option action: popup a modal panel - Search action: popup a modalLogo /favicon + text panelHome action: reloads page - Data action: popup a modal panel F O S D Navigation - Geolocation API: recenter the map, visible only if supported - Zoom Plus action - Zoom Minus action - Full extent actionMapSwisstopo CopyrightsAction: opens an URL © Scale
  3. 3. Main Page Landscape Function bar alignedLogo /favicon + text rightHome action: reloads page F O S D ©
  4. 4. Feedback Action F O S DThanks for providing your feedback: content, can be empty/not mandatoryYour email: Email validationThe following URL is transmitted: Permalink Cancel Send Cancel: go back to map Send: send the report and popup a thanks window
  5. 5. Option Action F O S D If left, the function bar and theLanguage: French navigation bar goes on the leftHandedness: Right Cancel: go back to map Cancel Save Send: save the option and go back to mapResponsibilities and contacts Icon for HyperlinkCoordination:Coordinating agency for Federalgeographical information (GCG)Operation:, c/oFederal Office of Topography swisstopoOverall data controller: The Confederation,represented by the relevant Federal OfficeData management: Coordination, Geoinformationand Services (COGIS)Terms and is covered by the general conditionsin accordance with
  6. 6. Search Action 1 2 1A) Present the last used searches F O S D F O S DSearch for a location, PLZ or coordinate… PayZuerich last used City: PayernePayerne last used 2A)User searches and results PLZ: 1530 Payerne appear with autocompletion600000 200000 last used 1B) Present the 10 largest swissZurich Zurich citiesGeneva GenevaBasel BaselLausanne LausanneSt.Gallen 2B)User can select city St.GallenLugano LuganoWintherthur WintherthurThun Thun Go back to the map by selecting an item in worklfow A) or B) or clicking on cancel. Cancel Cancel
  7. 7. Data Action 1 2 1A) Present the last used layers F O S D 2A) User searches and results F O S DSearch for a layer appear with autocompletion. VectorDufour map last used i If an item is selected, the layer is Vector 200 i added at the bottomRiver network last used i Vector 25 iStreet network last used i 1B)Present scrollable predefined Base dataBase data list aggregagted in groups with all available data Agnes iAgnes i Lagefixpunkte iLagefixpunkte i 2B) User scrolls and selects. If an Dufour Map iDufour Map i item is selected, the layer is added Siegfried Map iSiegfried Map i at the bottom Agglomeration and isolated cities iAgglomeration and isolated cities i National border iNational border i Layer’s opacity can be changed Canton borders iCanton borders i Layers can be removed Visible Layers: By clicking on i, a modal windowVisible Layers: Vector 200 Opacity: 25% i X appears with the layer infoHistorical map Opacity: 25% i X Historical map Opacity: 25% i XLakes Opacity: 75% i X Lakes Opacity: 75% i XBackground: Orthophoto Background: Orthophoto Go back to the map by clicking on Cancel Apply apply or clicking on cancel. Cancel Apply
  8. 8. Components• Logo control• Attribution control• Scale control• Navigation control (GeoLocation API / Zoom / Full Extent)• Permalink control• Feedack Widget• Option widget• Search Widget• Layer Search Widget• Layer Tree Widget• Layer List Widget