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Hamburger paragraph

  1. 1. How to Write a
  2. 2. Top Bun Introductory Sentence The introductory sentence introduces the reader to the topic of your paragraph. Try to make it exciting! On warm summer days, I love trying tocatch butterflies. I have so much funrunning around in my backyard chasingafter the pretty butterflies that gozooming by! If I am lucky enough to catchone, I never keep it for very long. Afterall, butterflies belong in their naturalhabitat. I sure can’t wait until nextsummer so that I can grab my net and
  3. 3. M A IN P O IN T S , R E A S O N S , O RE XA M P L E S Be sure to add at least three reasons, examples, or main points that support the introductory/topic sentence. tomato, are th e lettuce, , or points , examplesThes e reasons p aragraph. e at of thechees e, and m
  4. 4. Be sure to… n) ( Elaboratio A good paragraph includes details that DESCRIBE or TELL ABOUT the main points or reasons.Details should be “delicious” or interesting.When you write a hamburger paragraph,compare your details to all of the yummy partsof a hamburger such as: *Lettuce *Tomato *Cheese
  5. 5. Again, your elaboration should describe or tell about your main points. They should stick to the topic.Which detail doesn’t quite belong? I really love my brother! His name is Jeffand he is super funny. One of my favoritethings to do with my brother is play videogames. He always beats me! Sometimes mysister cries at night. Maybe my brother willplay a video game with me tonight!
  6. 6. How would a hamburger taste if it had ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, barbecue sauce, Swiss cheese, spicy cheese, and olives on top? Too much, right? A writer can add too much detail to aparagraph as well. Paragraphs should be about 5-8 sentences long. If yourparagraph is pages and pages long, you willeventually lose the interest of your reader.
  7. 7. I have a kitten named Simon. I bought him ata pet store over the summer. He is really cute andfun to play with. Simon is gray and white. His noseis black instead of pink! Simon’s favorite thing todo is bug me. All day long, he follows me aroundand chases after my feet. Sometimes I wish thatSimon would just take a nap. It seems like he wasborn to stay awake forever and ever! I feed SimonFriskies Kitten Chow. He really likes it. Wheneverit is time to eat, Simon rushes into the kitchen andslides across the floor. He is so silly. I sure do
  8. 8. Remember: A good seventh grade paragraph should be about five to eight sentences long. My favorite school lunch is chickennuggets with mashed potatoes. One reasonwhy I love this lunch so much is that ittastes so great! I also love being able tosmell the yummy nuggets hours before it’seven lunch time. The creamy mashedpotatoes and gravy just slide down mythroat. I can’t WAIT until the next chicken
  9. 9. So far we have learned that a hamburger paragraph needs a top bun or INTRODUCTORY sentence. The introduction should introduce the reader to your topic.We also learned that good paragraphs contain three to six supporting sentences that tellmore about the introductory sentence. These main points, examples, or details can becompared to the ingredients of a hamburger, such as the lettuce, tomato, cheese, and hamburger patty.But what’s missing? Hmm…
  10. 10. Bottom Bun Concluding Sentence The bottom bun of a hamburger helps hold all of the ingredients together. It works with the top bun to keepthe meat, cheese, tomato, and lettuce from falling on the floor!The concluding sentence of a paragraph helps hold all ofthe sentences together! It works with the introductory sentence to keep the details from falling apart. The concluding sentence should be interesting and letyour reader know that you are finished writing. It wraps everything up!
  11. 11. Now you know exactlywhat it takes to cook up a delicioushamburger paragraph!
  12. 12. Now it’s your turn!• Using the informative text “Fish Cheeks,” create your own hamburger graphic organizer for an important paragraph in the text.• Make sure to fill in all necessary hamburger parts of the paragraph – don’t leave out any of the important details!