Unit 9 vocab.
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Unit 9 vocab.






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Unit 9 vocab. Unit 9 vocab. Presentation Transcript

  • The Cold War Cedar Robertson1985 - 1991 4/16/12 Mr. Ching Period 5
  • Cold War DefinedCold War: was a continuing state of political andmilitary tension.This was a war between the United States and theSoviet Union.
  • Yalta and PotsdamYalta Conference: This meeting was between the United States,United Kingdom, and Soviet Union. February 4th - 11th. Thiswas meant to re-establish the nations of Europe.Potsdam Conference: July 16 - August 2, 1945. This meeting wasbetween Soviet Union, USA, and the UK. This was meant topunish Nazi Germany.The Yalta Pact was the
  • The Big Three At Potsdam
  • Truman DoctrineThis is the policy that the US was to support and aid Greeceand Turkey with their economic and military help.Containment: The action or policy of preventingthe expansion of a hostile country or influence.Marshall Plan: this was a plan where the US gavesupport to help rebuild European economies afterthe end of WWII to prevent the spread of SovietCommunism.
  • Truman
  • The Berlin WallThe Berlin wa% was a barrier that wascreated to separate parts of Germany. Thisseparated the US side &om the SovietSide. This wa% was established in Augustof 1961.The Berlin Airli( was a way for theWestern A%ies to give the Soviets supplies.The iron curtain symbolized the boundarydividing Europe.
  • Mao ZedongMao Zedong was a Chinese Communist and theleader of the Chinese Revolution. He was in powerstarting in 1945.The Great Leap forward was a Five-Year-Plan thatwas intended as an alternate model for economicgrowth to the Soviet Model. Focusing on heavyindustry.The Cultural Revolution was the idea to keep Chinain a perpetual state ad keep the economy growing.
  • Soviet Map
  • Space Race/Arms RaceThe Arms Race was a competition innuclear warfare between the US and theSoviet Union. The Soviets were runninglow on supplies while the US weresuccessfu%y completing nuclear bombs.The Space Race was a competitionbetween the US and the USSR for moreknowledge on space exploration. Theywanted to be the first ones into space.
  • Korean WarThis war was between the Democratic People’s Republic ofKorea (supported by People’s Republic of China & SovietUnion) and the Republic of Korea (supported by US).This war was fought because of political views.The 38th para%el was first su+ested as the dividing linebetween North Korea and South Korea.This resulted in the political division of Korea.
  • VietnamThis was fought between North Vietnam (supported bycommunists) and South Korea (supported by US).This war had to do with containment because the USthought that this war was a way to prevent acommunist takeover of South Vietnam.The Vietcong were a lightly armed South Vietnamesecommunist-contro%ed common &ont, largely fought aguerri%a war against anti-communist forces in the region.
  • Vietnam (Continued)Result: the communist governments take over in SouthVietnam and the withdrawal of american forces inIndochina.This war ended on April 30th, 1975.58,220 American men were ki%ed during this war.