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8Menus.com is a web-based service that lists restaurant menus and provides e-commerce shopping cart for online ordering.

It features easy navigation, mobile-friendly display, secure ordering, international languages, local tax calculations, and more.

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8 menus

  1. 1. 8 Menus A Tap-n-Order Web App for Food Lovers 8menus.com
  2. 2. Business Opportunity • Restaurant is among the most searched items on the web. • Some restaurants put their menus online. But very few have shopping cart capabilities for e-commerce. • This opens a business opportunity – do the shopping cart for them as a service. 8menus.com
  3. 3. 8Menus Service Our Service Does Just That • Turn printed menus into e-commerce menus with shopping cart. • Put many local restaurants’ menus in one place to attract consumers. • Send shopping cart orders to restaurants to generate more business for them. 8menus.com
  4. 4. What Do Consumers Get? • A virtual food court - a website with wide selection of food menus - Chinese food, Thai, Mexican, Sandwiches, Pizza… • Easy to browse and to order. • Available on Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktop PCs. • Free to use - wherever and whenever. 8menus.com
  5. 5. How Does It Work? For Vendors • Clients provide us their printed menus. • We use our specialized software to rapidly convert the menus into web pages. • We publish these menu web pages on our website, and we take online orders securely for vendors. For Consumers • Consumers browse our menus, order online, and make payments. • Orders are transmitted to Client Restaurants. • Consumers either pick up orders at the restaurant or receive delivery. 8menus.com
  6. 6. Unique Selling Points Our service provides:  Bilingual menu capabilities  Clean user interface, optimized for both mobile devices and desktop PCs  Takeout or delivery order  Secure shopping cart  Online payment  User ratings and reviews  Email / Fax / SMS order notification to vendor  Build e-commerce menus for vendors for free 8menus.com
  7. 7. Bilingual Menu • Our site is compatible with all languages, currency formats, local tax rates and time zones. • International food items can be displayed in one or more languages for easy browsing. 8menus.com
  8. 8. Takeout or Delivery Order • Users can select whether to pick up the food, or to receive delivery for their order. • Restaurant listing is filtered by this selection. • When checking out, user again can choose the takeout or delivery option, if available. 8menus.com
  9. 9. Secure Shopping Cart • Unsecured shopping cart can be manipulated on the browsers – changing prices to pay less. • We validate shopping cart order on the SERVER and reject price alteration. All orders are secure. 8menus.com
  10. 10. Accept Online Payment • 8Menus orders can be paid at the restaurant, or pre-pay with PayPal. • PayPal is a secure online payment gateway. It accepts major credit cards, and is available in many countries. 8menus.com
  11. 11. Users Add Reviews • 8Menus has an integrated, multi- lingual, commenting system that lets signed-up users leave short comments or long reviews on the listed restaurants. • Food reviews is a social media activity that generates buzz and attracts viewers. • The commenting system is full- featured: star-rating, reply-to- comment, vote up/down on comment, spam prevention. 8menus.com
  12. 12. Order Notification by Email / Fax / SMS • Orders are sent to vendors by email. • Optionally it can be sent by Fax, plus SMS (text messaging) notification. • Order detail will be shown in English and other language. 8menus.com
  13. 13. Build e-Commerce for Vendors for Free • It costs nothing for a restaurant to join us. Getting started is easy. • Vendor provides us some company information and the menu content, that’s it. • Within days, the restaurant will have a dedicated webpage with secure e- commerce online. • Future editing of menu items can be done by vendor himself or by our support staff. • Restaurant does not pay us until orders start to come to them from our website. 8menus.com
  14. 14. Revenue Source • Our revenue can come from a percentage fee on each food order transaction. • Advertisement placement fee. 8menus.com
  15. 15. Market Size • 70 – 90% of the restaurants in the U.S. do not have e-commerce for their business. • 90 – 99 % of the restaurants internationally do not have e- commerce capabilities.70 – 90% of the U.S. • Very few businesses service thisrestaurants don’t have market.e-commerce websites 8menus.com
  16. 16. Growth Potential • Any restaurant that wants e- commerce is our target for growth. • Can partner with food vendors in the U.S. and in other Nations. • Not limited to restaurants only. Can be for business like coffee bar / juice bar / bakery, or other local businesses that have a menu and a storefront to receive customers. 8menus.com
  17. 17. Competition Assessment1. Foodler.com – Has established a mobile web application already.2. Grubhub.com – Need to download app to use their mobile service.o These two established companies show that this is a money-making business.o There’s plenty of room for business growth. Not only because of the sheer number of restaurants that still do not have e-commerce, but also that each restaurant can sign up with more than one e-commerce provider, allowing the new provider to come into this market and offer its service. 8menus.com
  18. 18. Timeline • Jan. 2013: 8menus prototype is ready for demo: http://8menus.com • After Jan. 2013: Seek funding and partnership with experienced business developer. • Beta testing and service launch will be contingent upon business partnership. 8menus.com
  19. 19. Contacts • Lina Wang – business contact – Email: lwang @ 8menus.com – 206 . 683 . 1668 • Herman Hsu – tech developer – Email: hhsu @ 8menus.com – 510 . 846 . 1853 8menus.com