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  1. 1. • email: issue: 2, 3/18/2010 LegisLative update CONtiNued: State ISSueS: support HB 683, sponsored by On the natIOnal Scene DefenD MarylanD’s sovereignty delegates Rudolph, district 34B and Debt anD taxes support Maryland House Joint Resolution smigiel, district 36 this bill would the federal debt ceiling has been raised 2 (HJ2) “Maryland sovereignty under eliminate the requirement that the to $13.029 trillion dollars. Both senators the 10th amendment” introduced by Secretary of State Police find that a Mikulski and Cardin and Congressman delegate Mike smigiel, district 36. person has a good and substantial reason Frank Kratovil voted in favor of this this bill, currently in the House Rules to wear, carry, or transport a handgun measure. along with the increase in and executive Nominations Committee, before issuing a handgun permit to the opportunity for debt, president Obama reaffirms Maryland’s Sovereignty person. there will be a hearing in the suggests that he is now “agnostic” guaranteed by the tenth amendment of Judiciary Committee on this bill on towards middle class tax hikes. the u.s. Constitution over all powers March 11. not explicitly assigned to the federal Oppose HB 820 & sB 645 More stiMulus Money goes to government in the Constitution. the “Firearm safety act of 2010”. also in the china text of this bill is found at http://mlis. Judiciary committee, this bill infringes according to aBC News, 80% of the upon the 2nd amendment rights of law- 2 billion in stimulus money designated support HB 603/sB 397, the abiding Marylanders by giving state for the production of wind turbines Health Care Freedom act of 2010, police inspectors access to the sales went to manufacturers in China (http:// sponsored by delegate smigiel in the records of gun dealers, increasing costs House and in the Maryland senate of both dealing and purchasing guns, equal-job-power/story?id=9759949). by senator pipkin, district 36, and and requiring those who are licensed Congressman Frank Kratovil, who senator Jacobs, district 34. this bill to purchase guns in Maryland to have a represents Maryland’s first district, voted would protect Marylanders from any designation on their driver’s licenses orfor the Federal stimulus Bill as well as penalties and mandates opposed by other photo i.d. this bill is scheduled the american Clean energy security federal healthcare legislation. Full text for a hearing in the Judiciary Committee act (Cap and trade), which he claimed of the bill can be viewed at: http://mlis. on March 11. would create american jobs. in his Oppose the sB 516 Maryland words, “a single wind turbine contains pdf. there will be a hearing on this assault Weapons Ban of 2010. up to 400 tons of steel, along with 8,000 bill on February 17 at 1 p.m. in the introduced in the senate Judiciary parts, from copper wire, gearboxes, and senate Finance Committee. Contact Committee, this bill labels certain ball bearings to electronic controls. the information for members of the senate firearms as assault weapons and bans american Clean energy & security act Finance Committee is available at: http:// them in the state of Maryland. the text will greatly expand the market for wind of this bill is available at: http://mlis. turbines, solar panels, bio-refineries, and 05sen/html/com/04fin.html. any number of other green technologies pdf. that can be built right here in the united Protect 2nD aMenDMent rights to contact the members of states by american manufacturers.” an in MarylanD Maryland House Judiciary Committee, obvious counterargument to Kratovil’s support House Bill 52 “Regulated visit . many myths about Cap and trade is that Firearms – License issued by delaware, Contact Joseph F. vallario, Jr.,due to cheap labor and less regulation pennsylvania, or virginia – Reciprocity” Chair of the Judiciary Committee to in China and india, most of the wind introduced by delegate Mike smigiel. request a house vote on HB 52 and HB turbines would be built in those countries, this bill is currently in the Judiciary 683 by calling (410) 841-3488 or (301) and americans would not receive the Committee and would make firearm 858-3488. benefits of increased demand for wind carry licenses issued by delaware, energy. this latest report supports that pennsylvania, or virginia valid in to contact the members of Maryland fact and reveals Congressman Kratovil’s Maryland. there was a committee senate Judicial proceedings Committee poor judgment and reasoning in his hearing on January 26. the current text about these bills, visit http://www.msa. support of both the stimulus Bill and of this bill is available at: http://mlis. Cap and trade. com/05judp.html pdf