Technology in jackson high school


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  • Font size- for students with learning disabilities. Can highlight whatever they need, unlike with textbooks Write notes in it Can look up a word on the spot Textbooks for eReadrs cost less than for textbooks. Won’t need to replace ripped books
  • White slates. Smart board for students basically. The teachers computer is hooked up to these, just like the smartboard. So whatever is on the computer and/or smartboard will show up on the white slates. Would stay IN the classroom.
  • Educational apps
  • Mac OS X is a hardware that is stable secure and free from Pc viruses For some projects, teachers will let students do “movies” to present to the class. iMovie could help students with that. GarageBand could be used for the band students. They could listen to the song before learning to play it. iPhoto could be used to help create class websites and keep parents updated on what is going on in the class room iMovie, GarageBand, iPhoto, iWork are different things that iLife has. (iWork helps make spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. iChat could be helpful for students to plan a presentation (like this one!) it’s hard to get together to plan a presentation unless you are in class, iChat could help. iChat could help with tutoring. MacBooks are one inch and only 4.7 pounds, making it easy to carry around. They also have 7 hours of battery life. MacBooks, iPads and eReaders could be charged in any class, if needed. Should be charged an ready before they school day starts, however.
  • Grants- ask the staff to help and make the commitment to write the grants Local Sponsors- Different local companies or people interested in seeing the high school integrate the technology a website that will help teachers with projects. Teachers can post a project on the website and the website and/or different people who think the project is a good idea will pay for the items and send them to the class room (will NOT buy a full set of ipads or anything) School fundraisers- Auctions, students could raise money by doing……
  • Able to bring their own in if they agree to the random search procedure. The school will download the school’s firewall to the personal laptop.
  • 3 strike policy. 1. taken away for the nine weeks 2. taken away for semester 3. taken away for good ( 3 strike policy is good for all four years of high school)
  • Technology in jackson high school

    1. 1.  Increase the font size Highlighting feature Write notes and mark the text Dictionary feature Book replacement budgets would be less.
    2. 2.  Students are more involved in learning Students are able to participate in what is being taught White Slates allow students to be able to keep up with teacher
    3. 3.  Small size Education Apps Save Money
    4. 4.  MacBooks come with Mac OS X built in iMovie, GarageBand, iPhoto and much more for classes MacBooks come with iLife, iChat. Small and long battery life
    5. 5.  Grants Local Sponsors School fundraisers
    6. 6.  Replacement policy Random search procedure
    7. 7.  Loss of privileges 3 strike policy