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  1. 1. ABEX FRICTION PRODUCTS (FEDERAL-MOGUL CORP.) October 31, 1998 62PZ INTERNET: COMPETITIVE TYPE: Manufacturer MAJOR PRODUCT CLASSES: Drive Train (Friction Material LOCATIONS: Headquarters - Hampton, NH (Pneumo Abex Corp.) Branches Abex Friction Products: Hayward, CA; Salisbury, NC; Winchester, VA; and Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. (9/93 - D&B) ---Sales Office Pneumo Abex Corp., Abex Friction Products Div., Troy, MI; employs one. (10/93 - D&B) ---Believe Abex had some sort of operation in Marietta, GA that is no longer in existence. (9/93) EMPLOYMENT: 1993 = 3,200 Pneumo Abex Corp./Abex Inc. (9/93 - D&B) SALES: 1991 1992 1993 (1st qtr.) = = = $704.0M Pneumo Abex Corp./Abex Inc. (9/93 - D&B) 728.4M Pneumo Abex Corp./Abex Inc. (9/93 - D&B) 159.0M Pneumo Abex Corp./Abex Inc. (9/93 - D&B) The increase in sales for 1992 was attributed to a $41.1 million increase in sales in the company's Industrial Products segment. The increase in sales in the company's Industrial Products segment reflects a 9.3% increase in net sales at Friction Products Division (FPD). Sales increased in both original equipment markets and aftermarkets at FPD. (9/93 - D&B) ---The decrease in sales for the first quarter of 1993 was partially offset by increased sales of brake materials for cars and trucks (9/93 - D&B) HISTORY: 1959 1984-88 1994 - 1998 - Business started. Owned by IC Industries Inc. Cooper Industries acquired Abex Friction Products Div. of Abex Inc., Winchester, VA, in late 1994. Abex manufactures asbestos-free brake material for a variety of markets, including heavy-duty on-highway and off-road. Federal-Mogul completes acquisition of Cooper Automotive including Abex Friction
  2. 2. Products. On October 9, 1998, Federal-Mogul Corporation reported they had completed the acquisition of Cooper Automotive, a business unit of Cooper Industries, Inc., for $1.9 billion. Cooper Automotive had 1997 revenues of $1,873 million and operating income of approximately $190 million before nonrecurring items. Their principal products include: brakes and friction, lighting, chassis parts, ignition and wiper blades. Abex Friction Products, is included in this group. Cooper Industries, a manufacturer of electrical products, tools and hardware, is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and had 1997 revenues of $5.3 billion. Additional information about Cooper is available on the company's World Wide Web site: (10/8 & 9/98 - PRNewswire) PRODUCTS: PRODUCT FEATURES: QUALITY: Abex Corp., Friction Products Group, Winchester, VA, is a supplier to Cat for shoe brakes, but not certified. (9/93 - A.L. Affolter, Cat Quality) MARKETING: PRODUCT SUPPORT: WARRANTY: PRICING: No information in either Parts Pricing's CIS system or the Competitive Parts Report (CPR) system. (9/93) DISTRIBUTION & GEOGRAPHIC AREAS SERVED: Territory is international. (9/93 - D&B) GENERAL: Caterpillar supplier Raymark Friction Co. believes the biggest manufacturers that sell dry brake components to the aftermarket are Champion Friction Co., Motion Control/Carlisle, Abex, Thermoset Inc., Ferracto, Stamco, and Scanpac. (6/93 - G.K. Springborn, P&SM, DT) ---Minor supplier to Caterpillar (9/93 - G.L. Miller, Central Purchasing) APPARENT MARKETING STRATEGY: ASSESSMENT OF STRENGTHS: ASSESSMENT OF WEAKNESSES: FUTURE OUTLOOK: LAST D&B: September 10, 1993 (Parent) DUNS (D&B NUMBER): 19-417-3787 Parent, Pneumo Abex Corp. SIC (CODES): 3812, 3535, 3499, 3594 LAST PROFILE REVIEW/UPDATE: October 6, 1993 (Added News, dated 10/31/98)
  3. 3. AMERICAN CRANE & TRACTOR PARTS INC. October 31, 1999 21YA INTERNET: COMPETITIVE TYPE: Distributor Rebuilder MAJOR PRODUCT CLASSES: Undercarriage Engine GET Drive Train Hydraulics LOCATIONS: Headquarters - Kansas City, KS ---According to AC&T claims a 70,000 sq. ft. facility with an additional 15 acres of outside storage. (2/97) ---AC&T claims to have a warehouse in St. Louis. (AC&T Brochure received 9/96, effective date unknown) ---Related Concerns: - Tri-State Tank Helm-Paul Development Co. Garsite/TSR Tri-State Refueler Co. TSI Holding Inc. Kansas City, KS Kansas City, KS Kansas City, KS Kansas City, KS Kansas City, KS Intercompany relations for the above are confined to sharing Melvyn Paul as a principal. (2/98 - D&B) EMPLOYMENT: Jul Aug Aug Jun Sep Feb 1986 1988 1991 1993 1994 1995 1996 1998 = = = = = = = = 21 27 40-45 40-45 40-45 40-45 40-45 40-45 (6/86-D&B) (3/89-D&B) (8/92-D&B) (11/93-D&B) (12/94-D&B) (1/96-D&B) (2/97-D&B) (2/98-D&B) Employees vary with workload. (2/98 - D&B)
  4. 4. ---Chief Executive is Jeffrey A. Weiner (President, Treasurer). Melvyn Paul is Vice President. (2/98 - D&B) ---AC&T reportedly has one PSSR on the road. (5/88 - KC District) AC&T also utilizes telemarketing reps, but field reports on the number is contradictory; 6 (1/88), 4 (5/88), and 10 (3/89). SALES: Fiscal year ends 12/31. 1986 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 = = = = = = = $4,000,000 projected 9,067,961 9,849,965 9,355,291 8,813,092 10,564,163 11,900,178 ---(6/86 - D&B) (8/92 - D&B) (11/93 - D&B) (1/95 - D&B) (1/96 - D&B) (2/97 - D&B) (2/98 - D&B) WORTH: 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 = = = = = = = = = $<577,493> <416,797> 13,563 512,379 <425,653> 131,345 106,161 597,841 839,286 (8/92 - D&B) (8/92 - D&B) (8/92 - D&B) (8/92 - D&B) (11/93 - D&B) (1/95 - D&B) (1/96 - D&B) (2/97 - D&B) (2/98 - D&B) HISTORY: 1982 1985 - 1987 1994 - July, Business started as a used-equipment broker. June, Relocated from 3500 Manchester Trafficway to 4601 Van Brunt Extension--began to more aggressively pursue the will-fit and used-parts businesses. Ownership change, purchased by Jeffrey A. Weiner and Melvyn Paul. June, relocated from 4601 Ban Brunt Extension, Kansas City, MO to 2200 State Line, Kansas City, KS. (1/95 - D&B) PRODUCTS: Specializing in Caterpillar parts and components. Offers new replacement, used and rebuilt parts. AC&T rebuilds most major components. (5/98 - Internet) ----
  5. 5. Invertory value as of December 31, 1996 is $2,403,562. (2/98 D&B) ---Call or fax for instant quotes and same day shipments on new replacement, rebuilt and used Caterpillar and BucyrusErie parts. Hundreds of rebuilt components on the shelf including transmissions, torque convertors, pumps, final drives, differentials, and much more all tested before shipping. (2/97 - Machinery Trader, Internet) ---Wholesales new and used crane and tractor components and parts for general construction equipment (100%). (2/98 D&B) ---AC&T offers new, reconditioned, used, and attachments. Below is an overview of each: New Replacement Parts - AC&T stocks a variety of new parts, including transmission, final drive, and engine components, oil cooler and radiator cores, hard bars, hydraulic cylinder seal kits, trunnion balls and other dozer blade parts, oil pumps, reversible fans, bucket control levers, bearings, and gaskets. AC&T supplies new undercarriage parts for Caterpillar, John Deere, International, Fiatallis, Clark-Michigan, and many other makes. AC&T also supplies new parts, from the turntable down, on a variety of cranes, draglines and shovels for Bucyrus-Erie, Northwest, American, Linkbelt, Manitowoc, and others. In addition to the thousands of new parts AC&T stocks, they will try to locate parts for all other makes and models. (1/89 - AC&T Customer Letter) Reconditioned Replacement Parts - American Crane & Tractor Parts supplies a variety of replacement parts as reconditioned. When used equipment is disassembled, some parts are worn too badly to be sold. If possible, the part is reconditioned. If a customer needs a final drive off a D9 dozer and doesn't have the time or manpower to recondition a good take-off, American Crane will replace all the bearings and seals and put a 90-day warranty on the complete final drive. Most of American Crane's rebuild parts offer the 90-day warranty (from date of installation), but there are exceptions, like crankshafts-- most carry six-month warranties. American Crane requires each core be shipped to them prepaid and assembled regardless of the condition of the core, there are NO CHARGEBACKS! (1/89 - AC&T Customer Letter) Used Replacement Parts - Field mechanics constantly disassemble used equipment and the used parts are thoroughly cleaned prior to inspection for quality. The parts are then graded based on the level of serviceability remaining. For example, a complete front idler is measured and may then be supplied as having 60% wear left. An idler with only 30% wear left may still be available for sale and it is priced accordingly. A final drive may be supplied as a good takeoff in which case it's opened and inspected and AC&T guarantees the major internal components to be serviceable, but do not guarantee bearings and seals. AC&T usually supplies engines as good running take-outs that are tested on a dynometer prior to shipping. AC&T provides a 30-day warranty on dyno'd engines (from date of installation) against major failure. (1/89 - AC&T Customer Letter) Attachments/Options - Availability of attachments, including buckets, rippers, blades, drawbars, winches and fairleads varies and pricing is based primarily on condition. Often in order to supply a good blade, AC&T will reface it with 3/8" T-1 steel. Other parts like hitches or hitch brackets are available as well. AC&T has a variety of OROPS and EROPS and many different types of cabs. AC&T will try to locate what the customer needs if they don't have it. (1/89 - AC&T Customer Letter) ---In reviewing information from P.I.E.R.S. (Port Import Export Reporting Service) there is no evidence to indicate that AC&T is a direct importer from any manufacturers. AC&T is importing components from two end users in the
  6. 6. Bahamas, presumably for rebuild and return. (8/92 - P&SM, Mkt. Res.) ---Brands AC&T has reportedly carried and effective date of information: Brand Date (Source*) Description Genuine Caterpillar American Alloy Simmel Berco Intertractor IPD Italtractor Esco Valk Mfg. Co. Ford Steel Co. American Crane Equipment** AE Clevite Ghinassi NAPA SIRT Federal-Mogul "Bulldog" (Heavy Eq. Pts. Co.) NTN-Bower Corp. Vickers Inc. Reco Italia Superior Regal Equipment** Ajax OFM (Mosca) Schwitzer Timken Vickers FP Phillips Gasket 1995 (CPRs) 1/88 1/92 (CPRs) 1996 (CPRs) 1/94 (AC&T Video) 1/88 1996 (CPRs) 1994 (CPRs) 1995 (CPRs) 1995 (CPRs) 7/91 (CPRs) 1/94 (AC&T Video) 7/91 (CPRs) 1995 (CPRs) 1/91 (CPRs) 1/87 5/86 10/91 (CPRs) 10/90 (CPRs) 1/92 (CPRs) 1996 (CPRs 1996 (CPRs) 1/94 (AC&T Video) 1/94 (AC&T Video) 1/94 (AC&T Video) 1/94 (AC&T Video) 1/94 (AC&T Video) 1996 (CPRs) DT, HYD U/C U/C U/C U/C Segments -U/C GET GET GET Eng. Eng. Eng., Hyd, DT Eng. DT Bearings Seals & Gaskets A.F. Bearings Hyd. Hyd. Cylinders Hyd. Gen., Hyd., DT, Oth. Hardware Turbos AF Bearings Hyd. Pump/Motor Gaskets *Source is P&MR's Competitive Information Library unless noted. **Not a manufacturer. QUALITY: "Each part we sell is backed by our 100% complete satisfaction guarantee." (5/98 - Internet) Parts Competitive Bulletins (PCBs) and/or Competitive Test Reports (CTRs) are available on some of the brands AC&T carries. (2/97) MARKETING:
  7. 7. New Internet online quote & order system 10/31/99 - AC&T recently announced their all-new Internet e-commerce Quote & Order System. They have redesigned their site, making it faster, flexible, more efficient and easy to use. Use requires registration. Site includes real-time pricing and availability. Frequently Asked Questions/Answers information is available at (10/99 - AC&T, ---AC&T exhibited at the following trading shows: the Expo Mineria '95 trade show, October 18-21, 1995, in Acapulco, Mexico; MINExpo International '96, September 9-12, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada; and CONEXPO-CON/AGG '96, March 20-24, 1996, Las Vegas, Nevada. ---Advertises in Rock and Dirt magazine. (6/94) PRODUCT SUPPORT: Offers Toll Free 800 Number. (1/94-AC&T Video) WARRANTY: Warranties on all new parts meet or exceed OEM warranties; complete warranties on all rebuilt components; used parts include warranties which guarantee complete satisfaction or we pay freight both ways. (2/97 - Machinery Trader, Internet. ---Return freight policy--anything AC&T ships which doesn't meet the condition as represented, can be returned; will pay freight both ways. Additional warranty information is overviewed under the Reconditioned Replacement Parts and Used Replacement Parts subtitles of the PRODUCTS section. (1/89 - AC&T Customer Letter) PRICING: Transaction level price observations are available in the Competitive Parts Reports (CPR) portion of PMIS. (2/97) DISTRIBUTION & GEOGRAPHIC AREAS SERVED: AC&T claims parts and components can be shipped anywhere in the world. (2/97 - Internet) ---The following Caterpillar dealers have submitted Competitive Parts Reports (CPR) during the latest 8 quarters, as of 2/97: NACD - West Texas Eq. - Dean Mchry. - Southworth-Milton - Fabick - Thompson Tractor - Darr Equipment - Altorfer Mchry. COSA - Oasis Trading CACO - Tracmac ---Sells to 25 countries; 10,000 customers. (1/94-AC&T Video) ---Information obtained from P.I.E.R.S. (Port Import Export Reporting Service) indicates AC&T is exporting to the
  8. 8. following ports: - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia = 3 shipments (5/20/92, 2/25/92, 10/18/91), 27,755 pounds total cargo weight, assorted spare parts for Caterpillar equipment. Damman, Saudi Arabia = 2 shipments (11/14/91 & 4/18/91) 2,579 pounds crane parts and 10,150 pounds road building machinery parts. Abu Dhabi, Arab Em = 1 shipment (12/12/91) 2,600 pounds of extension cylinders for Grove crane. Cartagena, Colombia = 1 shipment (10/18/91) 1,800 pounds of crane boom Chanaral, Chile = 1 shipment (3/22/91) 582 pounds of mower parts. Freeport, Bahamas = 7 shipments (from 1/9/91 - 3/17/92) 124,940 pounds tractor parts and used tractor parts. (8/92 - P&SM, Mkt. Res.) GENERAL: "D" Competitor (major distributor) for DT Gears, etc. (4/00) ---Added to Caterpillar Export Services (CES) Reseller List on Feb. 21, 1992--Caterpillar dealers should not sell parts to this competitor for export resell. ---Regular member of Independent Distributors Association (IDA). (1995 - Membership Roster) ---Member of Telequip national locating and selling network for construction equipment salvage yards. (6/91 Membership Listing) ---Member of Peed Parts & Machinery Network. (2/97 - Internet Membership Listing) APPARENT MARKETING STRATEGY: Primary focus has been on mines: 637s, D8s, D9s, etc. (3/89 - NACD, Peoria District) ASSESSMENT OF STRENGTHS: Offers new, used, and rebuilt components. Also, AC&T uses locating services to find "even the most difficult to supply parts." (1/89 - AC&T Customer Letter) ASSESSMENT OF WEAKNESSES: Not a direct importer, causing AC&T to pay more for their new parts. (8/92 - P&SM, Mkt. Res.) ---Warranty is perceived as a weak spot. Heard several instances where American Crane did not stand behind their product. (3/89 – Dan Frey, Dean Machinery) FUTURE OUTLOOK: Financial condition good. (2/98 - D&B) LAST D&B: February 14, 1998 DUNS (D&B NUMBER): 06-533-8873 SIC CODE/DESCRIPTION: 50 82 Wholesale trade--construction and mining machinery and equipment LAST PROFILE REVIEW/UPDATE: May 7, 1998 (Minor update 10/31/99)
  9. 9. APPLIED INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. (Name changed from Bearings Inc., 1/1/97) June 14, 1995 21GI INTERNET: COMPETITIVE TYPE: Distributor MAJOR PRODUCT CLASSES: Engine Drive Train Hydraulics General Usage Not Elsewhere Classified LOCATIONS: Headquarters - Cleveland, OH At headquarters location 3600 Euclid Ave. and at neighboring 3634, 3940 and 3950 Euclid Ave.; owns four separate two story masonry buildings with about 98,000 sq. ft. of usable floor space. To the rear of the parking area is a small masonry building housing the company's spindle laboratory. (3/93 - D&B) Branches - Dixie Bearings Inc. - Bruening Bearings Inc. - King Bearing Inc. - Mainline (6/95) EMPLOYMENT: Jun Jun Jun Jun 1981 1983 1991 1992 1993 1994 SALES: - 2,800 (220, headquarters) 3,000 (250, headquarters) 4,225 4,050 (275, headquarters) 3,986 4,066 (7/81 - D&B) (6/83 - D&B) (1993 Annual Report) (3/93 - D&B) (1993 Annual Report) (1994 Annual Report) Fiscal year ends June 30. Year Sales ---Net Income (Loss) 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 $451,955,000 495,529,000 490,249,000 490,995,000 542,883,000 630,281,000 651,271,000 814,000,000 817,813,000 831,432,000 $11,002,000 11,011,000 2,244,000 6,247,000 14,948,000 18,313,000 12,201,000 4,282,000 (1,666,000) 8,927,000 Worth ------135,338,000 134,203,000 128,830,000 -- (1993 Annual Report) (1993 Annual Report) (1993 Annual Report) (1993 Annual Report) (1993 Annual Report) (1993 Annual Report) (3/93 - D&B) (3/93 - D&B) (3/93 - D&B) (1993 Annual Report)
  10. 10. 1994 1995 936,254,000 1,030,000,000 12,687,000 -(1994 Annual Report) Projected as of May 12, 1995 (5/95 Value Line) ---Sales increased in 1994 pricinpally due to volume increases and the acquisition of Mainline Industrial Distributors, Inc. (1994 Annual Report) ---Sales increased in 1993 primarily due to price increases. (1993 Annual Report) ---Results for fiscal 1992 were affected by the persistent weakness in the industrial economy. Sales increased in 1992 primarily from price increases of approximately 2%. (1993 Annual Report) ---During fiscal year 1992 Bearings recorded a restructuring charge of $7.8 Million for closing four of eleven distribution centers, the consolidation of 16 branches, two rubber product service centers, an international facility, and for the reorganization of the sales regions and administrative functions. (1993 Annual Report) ---Export business was less than 2% of net sales in fiscal 1992. (3/93 - D&B) ---Recently Settled Litigation Won't Hurt Bearings Inc. 8/92 - In June, a California jury made a $32.4 million award against Bearings Inc.'s King Bearing unit. But this suit was ongoing when Bearings acquired King, and the deal ensured at that time that the company wouldn't be liable for any damages resulting from the litigation. (8/14/92 Value Line Report) ---Finishes Fiscal 1992 On A Down Note 8/92 - Fiscal 1992 was one of the worst years for Bearings Inc. in the past two decades. The company continues to suffer from weak economic conditions, which have lowered operating rates at the nation's factories, and have hence reduced demand for the bearings and power transmission products that Bearings Inc. distributes. A high debt load is still a problem. In 1990, the company acquired King Bearing in an effort to expand its geographic base, broaden its product line, and boost volume. Shortly after the purchase, market conditions deteriorated, and the debt taken on to finance the acquisition has put a damper on earnings. Low short-term rates have helped offset the effects of the elevated debt levels, but the company would be at the mercy of the markets if short-term rates started to rise. The company, however, is poised to fare better in fiscal 1993. Bearings incurred a $7.8 million pretax restructuring charge in the June period, reflecting warehouse consolidations and overhead reductions. The savings from this move should provide a nice bottom line boost for 1993. Moreover, if the economy gathers momentum over the next twelve months as expected, Bearings' volume-sensitive earnings will likely grow. And with imports being restricted, the company will likely be able to put through price increases. (8/14/92 - Value Line Report) ---Net Income Falls/Trend Likely to Improve 2/91 - Net income in the first half of fiscal 1991 (year began July 1) plummeted to a fraction of the year earlier level. Much of the shortfall can be attributed to the acquisition of King Bearing on June 29, 1990. This company was barely profitable at the time of its acquisition, so the combination of lower margins, higher interest expenses, and a weakening economy continue to batter the bottom line. Analysts look for the profit trend to improve in coming quarters. Bearings Inc. has now completed the consolidation of 30 redundant branches. The benefits of the elimination of duplicative corporate functions will begin to be felt in the 4th fiscal quarter. Also, Bearings Inc. is reducing inventories now that the company's automatic order entry system is up and running and the supply of bearings is dependable. The U.S. economy is currently in a recession. If this lasts much longer than mid-year, 1991, the anticipated earnings recovery would be postponed. (2/15/91 - Value Line Report) HISTORY: 1923 1927 1937 1947 1952 - Bearings Inc. founded as Ohio Ball Bearing Co. First branch opened in Youngstown, Ohio First branch outside Ohio opened in Indianapolis, IN Dixie Bearings started Merged with Pennsylvania Bearings, Indiana Bearings and West Virginia Bearings to become Bearings
  11. 11. 1957 1965 1967 1983 1989 - 1990 - 1994 - Specialists, Inc. Dixie Bearings, Incorporated brought into the Company as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Bruening Bearings started Company's stock appeared on the New York Stock Exchange Acquired three corporations and formed a West Coast Division Several single branch acquisitions in California Opened the Jon R. Cunin Distribution Center in Carlisle, OH. Reportedly Bearings' largest distribution center. June, completes the acquisition of Corona, CA headquartered King Bearing. The purchase of King will improve the company's penetration for far western and southwestern markets, enhancing Bearings' ability to provide fast delivery. King has 94 branches, and estimated annual sales of $200M, increasing Bearings Inc.'s sales by approximately one-third. (5/90 - Value Line Report) March 10, Bearings exchanged 196,000 shares of their common stock for Mainline Industrial Distributors Inc., Appleton, WI. Mailine is a distributor of drive systems, rubber products and bearings. (1994 Annual Report) PRODUCTS: Bearings, Inc. is focused on the distribution of Maintenance Repair Operation (MRO) products and services to the industrial aftermarket in North America. Bearings, Inc. is one of America's largest distributors of replacement bearings, electrical and mechanical drive products, fluid power products, industrial rubber products, general maintenance products and related specialty items. In all, the company carries more than 800,000 line items produced by more than 2,500 manufacturers. (1994 Annual Report) ---Comparing 1993 with 1989, Bearings Inc. has changed its product mix as a percent of total sales. - Bearings decreased approx. 11%. Drive Systems increased approx. 2%. Specialty Maintenance Products increased approx. 1%. Industrial Rubber increased approx. 5%. Fluid Power increased approx. 2 1/2%. (1993 Annual Report) ---A customer requested a quote from Bearings Inc. on 112 part numbers. They were only able to offer 44 of them (39%). The requested parts were the consists of the following five Caterpillar bearing kits - 7X7474 (D8N final drive), 7X2875 (789 trans.), 3E7478 (776B/777B trans.), 7X0784 (980C trans.), 9X6537 (D7H trans.) and 10 individual self-aligning bearings. Bearings Inc. was unable to supply any of the 10 self-aligning bearings. (4/93 GKSpringborn, P&SM) ---Sources in Lexington, KY and Knoxville, TN say that Bearings Inc. does not offer bearing kits for Cat applications. (4/93 - GKSpringborn, P&SM) ---Policy is to buy and distribute American made products whenever it can. (9/91 - The Plain Dealer, Business Newspaper) ---The Bearings Inc. group distributed products for many manufacturers, including the following: - American Roller Bearing Co. BCA CR Services Dayco Products Inc. Fafnir FAG Garlock Bearings Garlock Seals Gates Goodyear - INA INA/Andrews Kaydon National Seals Parker Seal Rexnord SKF SNR Timken Co., The Torrington Weatherhead A complete list by manufacturer or by product is in the Bearings Inc., Catalog M in P&SM's Competitive
  12. 12. Information Library. (3/93) ---Looking To Diversify Its Products 10/91 - Bearings Inc., whose maintenance and repair business has been eroded by the recession, hopes to expand into faster-growing product lines, including fluid power--such as hydraulic hoses--and specialty rubber items. Bearings Inc. will stick to its policy of buying and distributing American-made products whenever it can. Reportedly, the market for bearings has been growing at 2% a year, far more slowly than the 8-10% growth rate for some other industrial items. Sales of bearings account for about 55% of the company's total sales, but Bearings Inc.'s acquisition of King Bearing Inc., an industrial distributor base in California has given it a much greater presence in agricultural, food processing and pulp and paper industries. King's product expertise is expected to add to Bearings Inc.'s sales of fluid power parts and specialty rubber products such as conveyor belts. In its overall business, Bearings Inc. has been reducing its number of distribution centers, focusing on fewer but larger, more efficient centers. The company had about 15 centers, but it has closed centers in North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Florida. The goal is to end up with 4-6 centers, serving 341 branches. Bearings Inc. operates in 37 states and has 4,200 employees. Improvements to logistics have permitted next day availability to many customers, while the firm stands by to deliver critically needed parts on a same-day basis. (9/13/91 - The Plain Dealer, Business Newspaper). PRODUCT FEATURES: Regarding how Bearings Inc. adds value to the products it sells - "In order to grow in today's competitive environment, a distributor cannot survive simply by being an 'order-taker'. Today's leading manufacturers want distribution partners who understand the issues associated with maintenance and repair, and apply resources to solving problems - often before they occur. So Bearings Inc.'s future growth depends on going beyond simply selling and delivering industrial products. We also provide maintenance training, inventory management and analysis, technical knowledge and product application skills, purchasing management reports, quality reports and more." (1994 Annual Report) QUALITY: In March 1994, Bearings Inc. launched its quality seminar program for customers, which is designed to share the company's quality expertise on a first-hand basis. More than 50 key customers attended the initial program -"Applying Total Quality Management to Purchasing" -- held in Pittsburgh. As part of Bearings' total quality management philosophy, virtually every branch coast-to-coast underwent stringent quality audits. Of 339 branches, 223 are now rated quality "green" by tough auditors. Quality "green" is the way Bearings recognizes facilities and departments for integrating quality processes in customer satisfaction and cycle-time areas. Bearings Inc. associates received an aggregate of 200,000 hours of additional training. Moreover, more than 1,200 quality improvement teams have been put into place across the company solving problems and addressing issues of importance to customers. To date, 4,900 actionable "idea briefs" were submitted by employee associates, many of which have been implemented. (1994 Annual Report) ---Like all successful quality programs - especially those that provide a competitive differentiation - Bearings begins with the top of the organization and involves all 3,986 associates nationwide. Every associate is a member of at least one quality improvement team. In the Cleveland headquarters alone, Bearings has more than 150 quality improvement teams currently working on best practices so that corporate functions are lean and very cost-effective. In the last year Bearings has generated more than 1,000 ideas from the continuous improvement process. The BI Center for Quality was created to anchor the company's quality efforts and provide a database of information on the success of Total Quality Management (TQM). Toward the goal of 100 percent error-free and on-time, Bearings Inc. currently is about 99 percent on-time and 99.2 percent error-free. Bearings believe world-class is 99.8 percent, and that's where Bearings is headed. (1993 Annual Report) ---The following is a quality statement from Bearings Inc.'s 1991 Catalog M: "We strive to achieve quality levels that meet or exceed customer expectations. It is our firm resolve to sell only the finest quality, factory fresh products, and
  13. 13. to perform our role in the distribution of these products with 100 percent error-free, on-time performance. Our commitment to continuous quality improvement never stops, and is documented through a formal quality process - Quality Assured Distribution (QAD). This program begins with our top management and is supported by each employee in our organization. We now have pilot quality programs in place at select groups of distribution centers and branches around the United States. These pilot programs include the creation of Continuous Improvement Teams, thoroughly educated on the quality improvement process, and empowered to work independently to improve quality. We have already achieved significant improvements through this process. Nationally, we track many aspects of our business including fill rates and returns. We even track the performance of our vendors and evaluate their service in supporting us. We have embraced the culture of quality and made it ours...and yours." MARKETING: PRODUCT SUPPORT: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between Bearings Inc. branches and customers is being adopted widely to reduce customer purchasing costs, improve accuracy and speed order processing and delivery time. The number of EDI installations with customers grew by 39 percent in fiscal 1993. ---Product specialists are available to branches to help troubleshoot particularly complex customer issues. (1993 Annual Report) WARRANTY: Warranty Policy - products are sold only with such warranties as may be extended by the manufacturer of the product. We make no other warranty and there are no implied warranties of merchantability or fitness. In no event are we responsible for incidental and consequential damages, or for more than the allocable price of the defective product. Buyer is responsible for installation and use in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Our employees are not authorized to alter this Warranty Policy. All sales are subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale unless other specific terms are expressly agreed upon. Disclaimer: While dimensions in this catalog are as accurately compiled as possible, no responsibility can be assumed for typographical errors. The right is also reserved to change dimensions without notice. (1991 - Bearings Inc., Catalog M) PRICING: Bearings Inc. does not have a hard copy price list. All prices are on-line. (4/93 - GKSpringborn, P&SM, DT) ---10% of balance payable in 15 days, remaining balance 30 days from date of invoice. (3/93 - D&B) DISTRIBUTION & GEOGRAPHIC AREAS SERVED: At year-end 1994 Bearings had 339 branches, seven distribution centers and 20 mechanical, fluid power and industrial rubber service shops in 40 states. Branches are operated under the Bearings Inc., Bruening Bearings, Dixie Bearings, King Bearing and Mainline names. During fiscal 1994, 21 new branches were opened or acquired across the country. Three branches were consolidated and two closed during the year. The Mainline acquisition added nine branches to Bearings' network in Wisconsin, Minneapolis and Chicago. In addition, smaller acquisitions during the year added four branches to supplement King Bearing branches opened in the Greater Chicago market in 1993. (1994 Annual Report) ---Regarding inventory turns, Bearings' goal is to achieve an annual inventory turnover rate of six times by 1998,
  14. 14. double the current rate of three times. A series of aggressive actions are in place to stimulate this improvement in asset utilization. They include reducing slow-moving bearing inventory; improving order-to-fulfillment cycle times from manufacturers; increasing coordination and sharing of in-stock items among locations; reducing the number of vendors; reducing the effects of overlapping product lines; and establishing active data interchanges with vendors to facilitate just-in-time shipments. As fiscal 1994 ended, Bearings created a new logistics group to develop and implement strategies for managing inventories, including purchasing, replenishment, traffic and distribution center management. (1994 Annual Report) ---All 44 part numbers quoted by Bearings Inc. listed a 10 day "quoted leadtime." (4/13/93 - GKSpringborn, P&SM) ---Bearings Inc. is America's largest distributor of replacement bearings and power transmission components. (2/93 Value Line) ---Bearings Inc. and its subsidiaries distribute their products in 37 states, per their 1991 catalog. Below is a breakdown by operating unit and state: - Bearings Inc. Connecticut Delaware Idaho Indiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts - Montana New Hampshire New Jersey Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island Texas Vermont Washington West Virginia Louisiana Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Virginia and also Puerto Rico Dixie Bearings Inc. Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia - Bruening Bearings Inc. Illinois Kentucky - Missouri New York King Bearing Inc. Arizona California (1991 - Bearings Inc., Catalog M) Nevada New Mexico ---The job of keeping track of all the Bearings Inc. group inventory is done by their OMNEX 2.0 computer system which puts their entire inventory at the finger tips of their local branches. (1991 - Bearings Inc., Catalog M) GENERAL: Ranked as a 'D' DT (AF Bearing) Competitor. (4/00) ---Publicly held corporation. Stock symbol AIT effective 7/3/2000. ---Outside directors include the president of The Lubrizol Corp., Wickliffe, OH and president/chief operating officer of Eaton Corp., Cleveland, OH. (3/93 - D&B) APPARENT MARKETING STRATEGY:
  15. 15. Bearings Inc. is singularly focused on the distribution of Maintenance Repair Operation (MRO) products and services to the industrial aftermarket in North America. Goal is to be the best in distribution. (1993 Annual Report) ---Delivering their best - Bearings Inc. believes that customer satisfaction is the key to growing their business. It can only be achieved through employees dedicated to meeting and exceeding customers' needs and wants. (1991 Bearings Inc., Catalog M) ASSESSMENT OF STRENGTHS: Becoming a "one-stop-shopping" source for Maintenance Repair Operation (MRO) products. (6/95) ---Anti-dumping legislation currently in place makes the threat of foreign competition less than it was in previous recoveries. (11/91 - Value Line) ASSESSMENT OF WEAKNESSES: Narrow-margined business relies heavily on volume for profitability. (2/92 - Value Line) ---Apparently not a single source for all antifriction bearings needs. See 4/93 information in Products section. Also, do not offer bearing kits for Cat applications. (4/93 - GKSpringborn, P&SM) FUTURE OUTLOOK: Regarding Bearings Inc.'s growth strategy - "While we will continue to maintain and develop our current branch network and expertise in core bearing technologies, a greater percentage of our sales in the future will derive from drive products, rubber products, industrial specialties and fluid power products--all of which represent a bigger market and carry higher margins than do bearings. Most of our customers who currently rely on us for their bearing needs have substantially greater requirements for products and services in these other technologies. While the total U.S. market for replacement bearings is about $1.7 billion a year, the marketplace for other technologies we offer is about $18.3 billion annually." Regarding acquisition plans - "Our acquisition growth opportunities are grouped into two areas--to expand into geographic areas of North America where we do not currently have a presence, and to supplement and strengthen our position in specific product lines other than bearings. Regarding plans to grow the fluid power and industrial rubber businesses - "Our strategy includes providing these products and services to our base of customers who currently rely on us for bearings. In addition, we are investing in the training and education of our current branch personnel so they can better offer fluid power and rubber technology and service to customers. In those geographic areas where we do not currently offer the broad range of products and services in all technologies, we would consider acquisitions of smaller distributors where doing so would help to accelerate the integration of these products into our existing customer base." (1994 Annual Report) LAST D&B: March 23, 1993 DUNS (D&B NUMBER): 00-790-0129 SIC (CODES): 5085, 5172, 5169, 7699 LAST PROFILE REVIEW/UPDATE: June 14, 1995
  16. 16. BENDIX December 15, 1999 21AONEWS Brake Systems PARENT, ALLIEDSIGNAL AND HONEYWELL MERGER COMPLETED. NEW NAME IS HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC. 12/15/99 On December 2, 1999, Honeywell International Inc. announced that the merger involving AlliedSignal Inc. and Honeywell Inc. became effective December 1, 1999. In connection with the merger, AlliedSignal Inc. changed its name to Honeywell International Inc. (12/2/99 - Business Wire) CORPORATE REORGANIZATION 4/92 The Bendix heavy vehicles systems and Garrett Automotive groups, operating units of Allied-Signal, Inc. have combined to build an organization to better serve world heavy vehicle and passenger car engine markets. The new organization will retain both operating group names. Headquarters will remain in Ohio. The new organization includes four global product groups:heavy-duty charging and actuation devices, heavy-duty breaking control systems, commercial diesel turbochargers, and passenger car turbochargers. Customer marketing and sales activities will also be combined in North America and Europe to support both Garrett and Bendix customers with service and support. Worldwide research and development functions will remain separate. (1/92 Fleet Equipment Magazine)
  17. 17. BERRY BEARING COMPANY April 24, 1995 21HR Subsidiary (100%) of Genuine Parts Company, headquartered in Atlanta GA. Berry operates as a Division of Motion Industries. ---See internet site for most current information. INTERNET: COMPETITIVE TYPE: Distributor MAJOR PRODUCT CLASSES: Drive Train General Usage Not Elsewhere Classified LOCATIONS: Headquarters - Lyons, Illinois Branches - All branches, except where indicated, operate the same as the headquarters. - Addison, IL Bourbonnais, IL Broadview, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Chicago Heights, IL Countryside, IL Danville, IL Elgin, IL Elk Grove Village, IL Joliet, IL Moline, IL Montgomery, IL Niles, IL Peru, IL Quincy, IL Rockford, IL Urbana, IL Waukegan, IL 1790A Courtland Court 811 Larry Power Rd. 1920 N. Beach Ave. 3900 S. Cicero Ave. 3839 S. Normal Ave. 26th & Michigan Avenue 3825 S. Normal Ave. 1900 W. Hubbard St. 100 Halstead St. 5446 East Ave. 1250 N. Michigan Avenue 786 N. Church Rd. 1345 Landmeier Rd. 1223 N. Broadway Ave. 1920 5th Ave. 1125 S. Lake St. 3801 Oakton St. 2017 4th St. 312 State St. 3483 Lonergan Dr. Triumph Drive 800 Glen Flora Ave.
  18. 18. - West Chicago, IL Wheeling, IL Clinton, IA Dubuque, IA Des Moines, IA Ft. Madison, IA Muscatine, IA Oak Lawn, IL Ottumwa, IA Waterloo, IA 397A Charles Court 625 Wheeling Rd. (Uses trade-style Quintcities Bearing) 1615 Lincolnway St. 12th & Kerper Blvd. 1505 E. Aurora St. Jefferson Industrial Park 2011 Grandview St. 5400 W. 111th St. 802 S. Madison Ave. 1512 Falls Ave. Maintains P.O. Box, Chicago, IL used as a lock box for remittance purposes only. Subsidiary - Bearing Machine & Fabricating Co., Chicago, IL Affiliates - Intercompany relations except where indicated for all locations below consist of occasional merchandise transactions and service transactions. - Berry Bearing Co. Inc. (IN), Hammond, IN, started 1937. Operates as a wholesaler of bearings. Illinois Bearing Co. (Inc.), Peoria, IL, started 1941. Operates as a wholesaler of mechanical power-driven machine tools, equipment, supplies, mechanical power transmission equipment and supplies. - Wisconsin Bearing Company Inc. (WI), Milwaukee, WI, started 1933. Operates as a wholesaler of bearings in Wisconsin. - Bearings Service Company (Inc.) (IN), South Bend, IN, started 1982. Operates as a wholesaler of bearings and mechanical power transmission equipment. - Bearings Service Company (Inc.) (IL), Marion, IL, started 1942. Operates as a wholesaler of bearings and mechanical power transmission equipment. - Mountain Bearing & Supply Company (Inc.) (WY), Gilette, WY, started 1975. Operates as a subsidiary of Bearing Supply Company (Inc.) (MT) and wholesales bearings. Intercompany relations: None reported by management. - Bearings Manufacturing Company (Inc.) (IL), Chicago, IL, started 1934. Operates as a manufacturer of special bearings. - Bearing Service Company, Madisonville, KY, started 1942. Operates as a wholesaler of bearings and mechanical power transmission equipment. - Berry Machine and Fabricating Company Inc. (formerly Mercury Machine and Fabrication Company), Chicago, IL, started 1983. Operates as a heavy machining and machine shop. (4/95 - D&B) EMPLOYMENT: May 1986 1988 1994 - 500 500 1,300 (125 at headquarters) (11/90 - Duns Market Identifiers) (11/90 - Duns Market Identifiers) (4/95 - D&B)
  19. 19. SALES: Mar 1986 1988 1992 1993 1994 - $ 52,500,000 $ 55,000,000 $340,000,000 $370,000,000 $390,000,000 projected (11/90 - Duns Market Identifiers) (11/90 - Duns Market Identifiers) (4/95 - D&B) (4/95 - D&B) ---The parent company, Genuine Parts Company, reported that its Industrial Parts Group (which is comprised of Motion Industries Inc. and another subsidiary, Berry Bearing Company), posted sales and operating profit of $1,153,371,000 and $96,727,000, respectively, for the year ended Dec. 31, 1993. (4/95 - D&B) HISTORY: 1920 1993 - Business started by Lester and Gertrude Berry. January 29, purchased by Genuine Parts Co. for 9.5 million shares of common stock valued at $300.4 million. PRODUCTS: Wholesales industrial ball and roller bearings and power transmission equipment (95%), and operates a heavy machine shop (5%). (4/95 - D&B) ---Berry may carry a number of brands, but as of 4/24/95, The Timken Company was the only brand information in the Competitive Parts Report (CPR) portion of PMIS. PRODUCT FEATURES: QUALITY: MARKETING: PRODUCT SUPPORT, WARRANTY: PRICING: Terms are net 30 days. (4/95 - D&B) ---No list price information in Pricing (P&MR) Dept.'s CIS system as of 4/24/95. ---No transaction level price observations in the Competitive Parts Report (CPR) portion of PMIS as of 4/24/95. DISTRIBUTION & GEOGRAPHIC AREAS SERVED: Has 50,000 accounts; sells to manufacturers, machine shops, and every other major industry. Territory is nationwide. (4/95 - D&B) ---Berry Bearing has 95 outlets stretching from Maine to Montana, 13 of them in Chicagoland.
  20. 20. Bearings Inc. and Motion Industries (Berry Bearing) are the only two firms now expanding to a national base. The next eight largest have been content with regional markets, though there has been some movement towards joint ventures between them. (9/9/93 - Chicago Tribune) APPARENT MARKETING STRATEGY: ASSESSMENT OF STRENGTHS: ASSESSMENT OF WEAKNESSES: FUTURE OUTLOOK: LAST D&B: April 19, 1995 DUNS (D&B NUMBER): 00-385-2720 SIC (CODES): 5085 Wholesales Bearings & Power Transmission Equipment LAST PROFILE REVIEW/UPDATE: April 24, 1995
  21. 21. BRAKE SUPPLY CO. INC. - NEWS July 15, 2000 31U3NEWS INTRODUCES ONLINE EXPRESS CREDIT CARD BUYING OPTION FOR COMMODITY PARTS 7/15/00 In February 1998, Brake Supply (BSC) announced BSC Online, Internet parts ordering for registered customers. Brake Supply has now introduced Online Express for credit card purchases. Express is for the person in a hurry who wants to pay by credit card. Not all products are available via Express. These are BSC’s commodity parts. According to BSC, there just isn't a good way to display over 300,000 part numbers in a shopping cart. "If you need OEM parts or want to buy on open account, try the original BSCOnline. If you want to pay by credit card or have not signed up for online access, try Online Express!" (7/10/00 – BS Web Site) STEPS, LADDERS & MIRRORS, THE NEWEST ADDITION TO PRODUCT LINE 3/31/00 According to Brake Supply’s web site, "Our replacement steps and ladders are a perfect fit for your equipment. No more outrageous dealer prices, and no more wasted time fabricating your own ladders. Now you can economically remedy unsafe equipment conditions using Brake Supply's railings, steps, ladders and mirrors. If you don't see the part you need here, give us a call; we will get it for you!" Product is offered for the following Caterpillar models: 235, 350L, 769C, 769D, 771C, 771D, 773, 773B, 773D, 775B, 777, 777B, 785, 785B, 789, 928F, 950B, 950F, 966D, 980C, 980F, 980G, 988B, 988F, 990, 992C, 992D, 992G, 815, 816, 826, 12G, 12H, 14G, 14H, 16G, 16H, 120, 140, 160, D9N, D10, and D11N. Four replacement mirror part numbers are offered. Specific part numbers and descriptions are listed. (3/20/00 – BS Web Site) THE 2% DISCOUNT FOR WEB ORDERS IS BACK! 8/31/99 In July 1998 we reported that Brake Supply was offering a 2% discount on parts orders placed via their internet site prior to August 31. We also reported Brake Supply continued to extend this offer monthly until December 31, 1998. Brake Supply announced on August 17, 1999, that the 2% discount is back. The discount is not applicable to special quotes and certain other negotiated prices. No ending effective date was stated. (8/17/99 – BS Web Site) OPENS NEW STORE IN NORTON, VIRGINIA 8/15/99 Brake Supply Co. recently opened a new store at 5445 Kent Junction Rd., in Norton, Virginia. The new store is ideally located to serve mining customers in the southern Appalachians. Norton is about half way between Bristol, VA and Hazard, KY. (8/99 – BS Web Site) CONTINUES TO EXTEND 2% INTERNET ORDERING DISCOUNT 11/98
  22. 22. In July, we reported Brake Supply was offering a 2% discount on all on-line orders placed before August 31, 1998. Brake Supply has continued to extend this discount monthly. As of December 1, the 2% online discount is good through December 31, 1998. (12/1/98 – BS Web Site) ORDER ON-LINE BEFORE AUGUST 31, 1998 AND SAVE 2% 7/98 Any order placed through the Brake Supply web page prior to August 31, 1998 earns a 2% discount. On-line ordering is reportedly even faster and easier with the ability to look up as many as 10 part numbers at one time. Brake Supply also has a "bargain basement." Just click the "Surplus" button on the home page to see what's on the clearance table that week. All but one of the 82 new and remanufactured part numbers on the Surplus list on July 15, 1998 were for Caterpillar applications. (7/15/98 - Brake Supply Web Site) INTERNET PARTS ORDERING FEATURES FOR APPROVED CUSTOMERS 2/98 Brake Supply Co. recently introduced an Internet program called Brake Supply Online. After filling out a credit application on-line, customers will reportedly soon be able to take advantage of the most advanced ordering system in the heavy-duty parts business, one backed by a depth of inventory and application expertise unmatched by anyone else in the industry. Any Brake Supply customer, anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night can: - look at parts availability request a quotation place an order inquire on the status of an order trace a shipment through UPS and other carriers show the status of their account access a complete on-line directory of Brake Supply team members at every location The following are some of Brake Supply's key suppliers: - Aeroquip Rockwell Automotive Rexroth Eaton Timken (2/3/98 - BS Web Site) - Baldwin Bendix Wagner Midland CR Industries
  23. 23. BRAKE SUPPLY COMPANY INC. May 11, 1998 31U3 (SUBSIDIARY 100% OF GEORGE KOCH SONS INC., EVANSVILLE, IN) INTERNET: (5/98) COMPETITIVE TYPE: Manufacturer Distributor No (Parent is a manufacturer) Yes MAJOR PRODUCT CLASSES: Drive Train Hydraulics LOCATIONS: Evansville, IN 1300 W. Lloyd Expressway Headquarters - Owns 135,000 sq. ft. in one story concrete block and aluminum building in good condition, commercial section on well traveled street. Branches - Ivel, KY, Brake Supply (Eastern Kentucky Division), Hwy 23 S - Elko, NV, Brake Supply - Mountain States Inc. (Nevada Division), 2265 Industrial Way - Austin, TX, Brake Supply - Southwest, Inc. 7740 Ed Bluestein Blvd. - Clearwater, FL, Brake Supply - Gulf Coast, 3725 131st Ave N - Casper, WY, Brake Supply - Mountain States, 2000 Oil Dr (3/98 - D&B and Internet) ---Brake Supply also has satellite warehouses in the Chicago, IL (Hammond, IN), and Atlanta, GA, areas. (Issue 4 1995 Rockford Powertrain Inc.'s Power Trends Newsletter) No details, but these two locations are also listed on Brake Supply's Internet site. (5/98) ---Through the common ownership of the parent company this business is related to the following companies: - Gibbs Die Casting Corporation, Henderson, KY; started 1965, manufactures die castings. Statement dated December 31, 1993, showed a net worth of $47,911,696. Uniseal Inc., Evansville, IN, started 1984, manufactures sealants and adhesives. Statement dated December 31, 1993; showed a net worth of $5,306,001. Koch, George Sons International Inc., Evansville, IN, started 1988, active as foreign sales company. Marco Sales Inc., Saint Louis, MO, acquired December 31, 1996, operates as a distributor of heating and airconditioning equipment. (3/98 & 2/97 - D&Bs) EMPLOYMENT: Year 1980 Employees 125 (12/80-D&B)
  24. 24. 1991 1993 1994 1995 1996 1998 (179 at headquarters) (2/92-D&B) Jun (182 at headquarters) (2/94-D&B) Jun (182 at headquarters) (1/95-D&B) Oct (182 at headquarters) (1/96-D&B) Feb (182 at headquarters) (2/97-D&B) Mar (155 at headquarters) (3/98-D&B) ---According to Rockford Powertrain Inc.'s Issue 4 1995 Newsletter, Brake Supply has 190 employees. (1/96) SALES: 228 228 228 228 228 205 Fiscal year ends December 31. Year 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1997 Sales $23,930,814 24,388,063 24,585,014 22,653,484 23,613,028 30,927,480 36,462,268 39,481,495 42,049,256 Net Profit (Loss) Worth $ 612,288 (14,971) 1,261,011 512,790 262,119 60,322 1,610,950 1,762,930 1,570,272 $ 6,142,556 6,577,181 8,524,090 9,382,859 10,315,176 10,343,785 11,965,857 13,961,460 14,224,595 (2/92-D&B) (2/94-D&B) (2/94-D&B) (2/94-D&B) (2/94-D&B) (1/95-D&B) (1/96-D&B) (2/97-D&B) (3/98-D&B) HISTORY: 1946 - Business started 1979 - Expanded facilities and hydraulic product line (12/80-D&B) 1980 - Started Brake Supply - Mountain States Inc., Casper, WY (100% owned) 1984 - Started Brake Supply - Southwest Inc., Austin, TX (100% owned) 1985 - October, started Brake Supply - Gulf Coast Inc., Clearwater, FL (100% owned) 1993 - May, business moved from Vogel Av. to 1300 W. Lloyd Expressway, Evansville, IN, to consolidate locations. (2/94-D&B) PRODUCTS: Inventory value as of December 31, 1991 was $6,413,994. (2/94-D&B) Inventory value as of December 31, 1992 was $6,392,090. (1/95-D&B) Inventory value as of December 31, 1993 was $8,410,494. (1/95-D&B) Inventory value as of December 31, 1994 was $8,282,083. (1/96-D&B) Inventory value as of December 31, 1998 was $7,970,384. (3/98-D&B) ---Wholesales mining equipment (40%), industrial equipment (40%), marine equipment (10%) and truck parts (10%). (1/95,2/97 & 3/98 D&Bs) ----
  25. 25. Brake Supply offers products from many manufacturers including, but not limited to, the following: - Aeroquip - Denison Hydraulics - Allied Signal, Automotive - Eaton Corp., Hydraulics Div. Aftermarket - Ecco Back-Up Alarms & Strobe Lights - Baldwin Filters - Federal-Mogul Corp. - CR Services - Lovejoy, Inc. - Carlisle Braking Systems - Midland-Grau Heavy Duty Systems - Commercial Intertech Corp. - National Seal Co. - Cooper Industries, Abex - Parker Hannifin Corp. Friction Products Div. o Racor. Div. - Dana Corp. o Seal Group o Drivetrain Service Div. - Quincy Compressor, Div. of Coltec o Fluid Product Sales - Rexroth Corp, Mobile Hyd. Div. o Mobile Fluid Products Div. - Rockford Powertrain, Inc. o Spicer Driveshift Div. - Rockwell Automotive (11/30/96 - Construction Equipment 1997 Buyers Guide) ---Now Stocks Instrumentation for Caterpillar Applications 5/95 - According to their "NEWS Brake, New Product Availability Bulletin", April 10, 1995, Number 12, Brake Supply is now stocking, Pricol brand water, oil, fuel, air temperature and pressure gauges. They are also offering ammeter and hourmeters. A total of 37 part numbers for Caterpillar applications were listed. (4/95 - Brake Supply) ---The following information on specific products offered comes from 1992 and 1994 brochures: Brakes Hydraulics Bearings and Seals Drums and Discs Foundation Brake Parts Brake Shoes Brake Hose and Tubing Air and Hydraulic Components Molded and Woven Sheet and Roll Stock Blocks, Facings and Segments Metallic Plates and Facings Shim Stock and Flat Sheets Cylinders and Accumulators Pumps and Motors Valves and Oil Coolers Hose and Couplings Reservoirs and Accessories Filters and Strainers Gauges and Quick Couplers Complete Power Units High Pressure Lifting Equipment (Also relines and rebuilds brake shoes, bands, calipers, and wet disc brake assemblies. (2/94-Brochure) Rebuilds pumps, motors, cylinders and valves (2/94-Brochure) Pneumatics Clutches Cylinders and Valves Compressors and Dryers Cover Assemblies and Discs Matched Sets
  26. 26. Filters, Regulators & Lubricators Tanks and Gauges Rotating Unions Horns and Back-up Alarms Lubrication Equipment Hose and Couplings Air Starters Release and Pilot Bearings Industrial Air & Hydraulic Clutches Flywheels are machined. Clutches are rebuilt and electronically balanced. Also offers rebuilt pneumatic components. (2/94-Brochure) Drivelines Universal Joints CV-Joints PTO Shafts Complete Prop Shaft Assemblies Power-Take-Offs Hanger Bearings Shaft Component Parts (1992 Brochure) (1994 Brochure when noted) ---Over one million part numbers in their OEM Cross Reference Library. (2/94-Brochure) PRODUCT FEATURES: QUALITY: Poor Quality Friction Discs Reported 2/95 - Recent field reports indicate a couple of customers in Wagner's territory have switched from Brake Supply friction discs back to genuine Cat. Reportedly, the material on the Brake Supply disc is uneven, causing accelerated wear. (2/95 - JKGilles, M&DS, DT) ---Competitive Test Reports (CTR) and Parts Competitive Bulletins (PCB) available on Brake Supply products. (2/97) MARKETING: PRODUCT SUPPORT: WARRANTY: "GUARANTEED PLUS" warranty assures 100% satisfaction on any new or rebuilt part. (2/94-Brochure) ---All rebuilt or exchange units are warranted to perform at 100% of new unit specifications and service life. (1992 Brochure) PRICING: Most current price list in Parts Pricing Dept. is effective March 1, 1993. (5/98)
  27. 27. DISTRIBUTION & GEOGRAPHIC AREAS SERVED: In addition to satellite warehouses in Chicago, IL (Hammond, IN), and Atlanta, GA, areas, Brake Supply has the following sales representatives: - Brake Supply Company, Brasil R. 24 De Outubro 1219/401 90510-003 Porto Ale gre/RS Brasil - Brake Supply,Chile Punta De Rieles 2007 Villa Huaytiquina Calama -- Chile - Brake Supply UK Company P.O. Box 12 Whaley Bridge High Peak SK23 7BX Cheshire, United Kingdom, covering Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. - Ermelo Brakecore, C.C. 5 Oosthuise Str. 5 Box 1837 Ermelo 2350, Mpumalanga, Republic of South Africa - Peru (5/98 - Internet) ---Ship parts within 4 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (2/94 Brochure) ---Territory - U.S. and exports. Exports less than 5%. Sells to industrial, commercial marine, trucking and mining accounts. (2/92,2/97, & 3/98 - D&Bs) ---According to a brochure distributed by Brake Supply at CON/AGG '94, they have export sales to the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Columbia, Chile, Mexico and South Africa. (2/94) GENERAL: Ranked as a 'D' DT (Brake Component) competitor. (5/98) ---Every BSC employee (team member) gets a full reporting of company profits and expenses each month and they all share in a profit-based monthly bonus. The open door policy and constant reminders that success is based on effort lead to a happy crew with low turnover and wages significantly above comparable positions at other local companies. (Issue 4 1995 Rockford Powertrain Inc.'s Power Trends Newsletter)
  28. 28. APPARENT MARKETING STRATEGY: BSC President says they run their business by an easily understood five-point "vision". - Focus on the customer - Simplify! - Don't "cost analyze" every transaction - Have fun - Make a profit (Issue 4 1995 - Rockford Powertrain Inc.'s Power Trends Newsletter) ASSESSMENT OF STRENGTHS: Complete Cat cross-reference for friction material, 14-21% off Cat list. Overnight delivery, Guarantee Plus. (11/92 GKSpringborn, P&SM, DT Section) ASSESSMENT OF WEAKNESSES: FUTURE OUTLOOK: Financial condition strong. (2/97 & 3/98 - D&Bs) LAST D&B: March 30, 1998 LAST PROFILE REVIEW/UPDATE: May 11, 1998 DUNS (D&B NUMBER): 01-627-9911 SIC (CODES): 50 82, 50 84, 50 88, 50 13
  29. 29. BYG, S.A. August 10, 1995 37ES COMPETITIVE TYPE: Manufacturer Distributor MAJOR PRODUCT CLASSES: Undercarriage Engine Parts GET Drive Train Hydraulics General Usage Not Elsewhere Classified LOCATIONS: Headquarters - BYG, S.A. Calvet, 55-57 Entlo, Barcelona, Spain Rents offices covering 150 sq. meters, central business area on a main road. Subsidiary - BYG Sur, S.A. Barcelona, Spain 100% (Duns: 46-035-7494) Started 1972 (Importer and wholesaler of construction machinery and materials) Affiliates (The following are related through principal(s) and/or financial interest): - Inmobiliaria Can Serra S.A. Barcelona, Spain (Duns: 47-294-6623) (Construction and real estate) - Inmobiliaria Escipion, S.A. Barcelona, Spain (Duns: 46-856-1907) (Construction) - Trasto Centro, S.A. Madrid, Spain Branches/Divisions - Has two, including El Pla, 45, del Plg. Indl El Pla de Molins de Rei (Barcelona) (7/95 - D&B) ---According to a June 30, 1995 BYG Letter, they have offices throughout Spain (Malaga, Tenerife, Madrid, Sevilla, etc.) and have agents worldwide. (6/95) EMPLOYMENT: Approx. 1980 Dec 1991 Dec 1992 Dec 1993 1995 SALES: = = = = = 21 30 26 22 60 (including 14 salesmen) (7/95 - D&B) (7/95 - D&B) (7/95 - D&B) (6/30/95 - BYG Letter) Fiscal year ends Dec. 31. (7/95 - D&B) ---- Sales: Year 1991 1992 Pesatas P467,489,000 429,455,000 P to D Conversion Dollars $4,495,986 4,196,917 (7/95 - D&B) (7/95 - D&B) divide by 103.9792 divide by 102.3263
  30. 30. 1993 430,888,000 3,386,153 (7/95 - D&B) divide by 127.2500 ---Net Worth: Year Pesatas 1991 1992 1993 P202,007,000 296,363,000 423,962,000 Dollars $1,942,764 2,896,254 3,331,725 (7/95 - D&B) (7/95 - D&B) (7/95 - D&B) ---- Profit: Year Pesatas 1991 1992 1993 P 12,667,000 94,356,000 127,599,000 HISTORY: 1967 - Dollars $ 121,822 922,109 1,002,743 (7/95 - D&B) (7/95 - D&B) (7/95 - D&B) Company chartered PRODUCTS: BYG's main exports are cutting edges, manufactured at their Barcelona plant, teeth and other wear parts, nuts and bolts. Cutting edges and tips offered for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Fiat, Case-Poclain, O&K, and Esco replacements. (6/30/95 - BYG Letter) Wholesalers of replacement parts for construction equipment. BYG also claims to be a manufacturer of blades (carbon steel and boron steel) and will produce to customer specifications. BYG may manufacture more, but European parts competitors' brochures typically suggest they are the manufacturer, but most product is usually sourced from others. (11/93 - BYG Brochure/Letter) ---BYG offers: - Bucket tips/adapters, scarifiers and related parts - Ripper shanks/adapters/protectors - Cutting edges, end bits, segments, router bits, wear plates for loaders, dozers, scrapers and graders - Hardware (Grade 8) - U/C idlers, sprockets, grouser bars - Crankshafts (11/93 - BYG Brochure/Letter) ---As of 11/93, BYG offered replacement for four Caterpillar crankshafts (4N7692, 4N7693, 7C4859 and 9N6221) and three for Deere. (11/93 - BYG Letter) ---Based on Competitive Parts Reports (CPR) information, as of 7/95 (most submitted by Spain dealer FSA), BYG offers the following brands of product: - Kolbenschmidt (Engine; liner, piston, piston pin/retainers) Garrett (Engine; turbo/parts) Kolbenschmidt (Hyd., seals)
  31. 31. - Berco (U/C) Baldwin (Filters) Fleetguard (Filters) Woodgate (Filters) Wix (Filters) S.A. Metalogenia, Remop (GET) Esco (GET) Canavera & Audi-Roca (GET) ETE (GET) "Unknown" was often submitted as the brand. For more detail on specific parts offered, refer to the CPR portion of PMIS. (7/95) PRODUCT FEATURES: QUALITY: Refer to Parts Competitive Bulletins (PCB) and/or Competitive Test Reports (CTR) for information on brands BYG offers. (7/95) MARKETING: Agrees to change wording on future promotional material: In January 1994, Caterpillar objected to claims made in a promotion piece of BYG replacement parts "matching or exceeding OEM requirements." Our Patent Dept. solicited the help of our Spanish legal counsel. After lengthy delays, in July 1996 we were informed that BYG was agreeable to changing the wording. BYG is to provide a sample of their new catalog as soon as available for Caterpillar's approval. (7/96 - RBRodgers, P&MR). PRODUCT SUPPORT: WARRANTY: "If any of our products breaks during normal operation, we will provide a new replacement free." (6/95, BYG Brochure/Letter) ---PRICING: BYG seems to be a medium threat for cutting edges and end bits mostly. Discounts off Spanish Cat dealer FSA/Cat prices of 20-50%. (7/95 - WBHenrikson, GET Products Gp.) ---No information in Pricing (P&MR) Dept.'s CIS system. (7/95) DISTRIBUTION & GEOGRAPHIC AREAS SERVED: Territory is 100% National. Imports 70% of Purchases. (7/95 - D&B) ---According to a June 30, 1995 BYG letter, they export all over the world. Their strongest market is Asia for the past few years. (6/95) ---Per 12/9/87 D&B, 80% of sales are in Spain. ---Additional information on BYG distributors may be available in the CPR portion of PMIS. As of 7/95, in addition to BYG, the following distributors have been submitted as selling BYG products: Distributor Submitted By Sub
  32. 32. CL Boyd Co. Plamondon Blumaq Groinsa Henagui Hermanos Pozo Repuestos Del Noroes Rodajes Malaga Tracto Centro Tractor Bierzo Tractor Murcia Darr Eq. Hewitt Eq. FSA FSA FSA FSA FSA FSA FSA FSA FSA NACD NACD COSA COSA COSA COSA COSA COSA COSA COSA COSA GENERAL: Aureo Bartolome Pascual is the sole administrator, owning 63%. (7/95 - D&B) ---Additional information is available in P&MR's Competitive Information Library. (8/95) FUTURE OUTLOOK: Financial condition is fair, trend even. (7/95 - D&B) APPARENT MARKETING STRATEGY: ASSESSMENT OF STRENGTHS: ASSESSMENT OF WEAKNESSES: LAST D&B: July 19, 1995 LAST PROFILE REVIEW/UPDATE: July 20, 1995 (Minor update 8/10/95) DUNS (D&B NUMBER): 46-010-8632 SIC CODES: 5084 Wholesales Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  33. 33. CARLISLE MOTION CONTROL INDUSTRIES - NEWS April 30, 2000 62QXNEWS INTERNET: TITAN INTERNATIONAL, INC. (WHEEL/TIRE ASSY. COMPETITOR/SUPPLIER) ANNOUNCES SALE OF CERTAIN ASSETS TO CARLISLE 4/30/00 On April 17, 2000, Titan International, Inc. announced the sale of certain assets of facilities located in Clinton, Tennessee, and Slinger, Wisconsin, and the leasing of its facility in Greenwood, South Carolina, to Carlisle Tire and Wheel, a subsidiary of Carlisle Companies Incorporated, effective immediately. The transaction is valued at approximately $95 million. Titan has decided to exit the lawn and garden and ATV original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wheel and tire business, concentrating instead on the aftermarket. The two companies have signed a five-year supply agreement whereby Titan will purchase wheels and tires from Carlisle for its distribution outlets. With this transaction in effect, Titan will now focus on expanding its tire operations in Des Moines, Iowa, Natchez, Mississippi, and Brownsville, Texas. To fully capture the profit potential of LSW wheels and tires for agriculture and construction, Titan will market the assemblies directly to end customers and equipment dealers. Titan has also licensed Carlisle to use the LSW technology for lawn and garden and ATV applications and will receive royalties on all LSW sales. (4/17/00 – PRNewswire) CARLISLE COMPANIES REPORTS STRONG FIRST QUARTER RESULTS 4/30/00 On April 18, 2000, Carlisle Companies Incorporated announced record first quarter results. Carlisle is a diversified manufacturer of products serving construction materials, industrial components, automotive components and general industry markets. The brake and friction businesses reported improved first quarter sales with a strong improvement in earnings over 1999. Healthy sales to original equipment manufacturers in the Heavy Friction business and strengthening demand in the haulage/mining markets combined with margin improvement to generate the overall improvement in the friction and brake businesses. (4/18/2000 - Business Wire) SALES DOWN IN 1999 2/15/00 Although their parent reported a record year in 1999, sales at Motion Control Industries and Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction were down in 1999, due to lower demand in the heavy duty friction aftermarket and off-highway industrial brakes for mining and agricultural applications. These divisions are 2 of 12 operating units of Carlisle Companies Inc., and are part of the Industrial Components segment. (2/3/00 - Business Wire) TITAN INTERNATIONAL AND CARLISLE COMPANIES ANNOUNCE EXPIRATION OF LETTER OF INTENT 9/30/99
  34. 34. On September 20, 1999, Carlisle Companies Incorporated and Titan International, Inc. agreed not to extend the Letter of Intent providing for the merger of Titan into Carlisle. The Letter of Intent expired on September 18, 1999. The initial announcement of the Letter of Intent was made on August 4, 1999. Carlisle and Titan were unable to complete the actions necessary to reach a definitive merger agreement within the 45-day time period provided for in the Letter of Intent. No continued discussions are anticipated. (9/20/99 - Business Wire) PARENT TO ACQUIRE TIRE AND WHEEL MFGR., TITAN INTERNATIONAL, INC. 8/15/99 On August 4, 1999, Carlisle Companies Incorporated and Titan International, Inc. jointly announced that the two companies have entered into a letter of intent providing for the merger of Titan into Carlisle Companies in a transaction valued at approximately $600 million including the assumption of debt. Titan International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wheel and tire assemblies serving the agriculture, construction and consumer markets. Titan has manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the United States, Europe and South America. Carlisle is a diversified manufacturer of products serving four major markets: construction materials, automotive components, industrial components and general industry. (8/4/99 - PRNewswire, HEAVY-DUTY FRICTION AND BRAKING PRODUCTS SALES INCREASED 3% IN 1998 2/99 On February 4, 1999, Carlisle Companies Incorporated reported their 1998 financial results. Carlisle is a diversified manufacturer of products serving construction materials, industrial components, automotive components and general industry markets. Since Carlisle Motion Control Industries is just a portion of the Industrial Components segment, exact sales at that level are not released. Sales of heavy-duty friction and braking products increased just 3% in 1998 after robust gains in 1997. (2/4/99 Business Wire) RECEIVES QS 9000 AND ISO 9001 QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS 7/97 Carlisle Motion Control Industries, Inc.'s Heavy Duty Friction Group received QS 9000 and ISO 9001 registration for three facilities: Heavy Friction's Fredericksburg, Virginia, manufacturing plant, Charlottesville, Virginia's, research and development facility, and customer support functions in Ridgway, Pennsylvania. (7/97 - Truck Parts & Service Magazine) ACQUIRES TWO BRAKE COMPONENT COMPANIES 7/97 Carlisle Motion Control, Charlottesville, Virginia, recently purchased Overland Brake (OBI) and Brake Diaphragm, Nampa, Idaho. OBI will be renamed Carlisle Spring Brake Products. (7/97 - OEM Off-Highway Magazine)
  35. 35. CARLISLE MOTION CONTROL INDUSTRIES INC. April 21, 1995 37GQ (Subsidiary, 100%, of Carlisle Companies Incorporated, Syracuse, NY) Carlisle consolidates three companies into a single business unit. Carlisle Braking Systems, Motion Control Industries, and National Friction Products have been integrated into Carlisle Motion Control Industries. Inc. (1/94 OEM Off-Highway Magazine) INTERNET: COMPETITIVE TYPE: Manufacturer MAJOR PRODUCT CLASSES: Drive Train (Brakes) LOCATIONS: Headquarters - Bloomington, Indiana Branches: - Ridgeway, PA - Motion Controls Industries - Logansport, IN - National Friction Products - Fredericksburg, VA - Mfgrs. asbestos free friction material - Lancaster, PA - All parts manufactured at Ridgeway, PA are shipped to Lancaster. Parts are shipped to Caterpillar, Morton from Lancaster. - Cuba, MO - Altec (Remanufacturing Brake Shoes) - Mexico - Joint venture with German manufacturer Rutgerswerke, truck and auto non-asbestos brake linings. - Netherlands - Carlisle Engineered Products Europe B.V. - Japan - Japan Power Brake Inc. - Canada - Altec (Remanufacturing Brake Shoes) (1994 Carlisle Cos. Annual Report) EMPLOYMENT: 300 (2/93 - D&B) ---Carlisle companies' 1994 Annual Report had no information on number of employees. SALES: Fiscal year ends December 31. ---Motion Control is part of Carlisle's Transportation Products segment. Sales below are for this segment, in thousands, as a percent of total Carlisle Companies Inc. (1992 and 1994 Carlisle Cos. Annual Reports) Year 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 Trans. Prod. Sales (000s) $166,388 169,158 172,849 177,005 200,213 % of Carlisle Cos. Carlisle Cos. Sales (000s) 33.4% 33.8 32.7 29.0 28.9 $498,473 500,771 528,052 611,270 692,650 ----
  36. 36. 1994 - Carlisle's friction and braking products businesses had record sales and increased earnings in 1994, as key markets expanded and niche marketing strategies initiated in 1993 began to bear fruit. Heavy duty friction sales to truck and trailer manufacturers continued to be strong in 1994, as truck and trailer build levels remained high throughout the year. Aftermarket friction sales levels were somewhat stagnant in 1994 due to very competitive pricing. New products in both the industrial friction and braking systems operations were successfully marketed during 1994, increasing sales levels from these operations. U.S. sales of off-highway braking products were strong, in spite of a continuing strike at a major OEM customer (Caterpillar). Carlisle has begun to benefit from its strategy of designing brakes for the agricultural and industrial equipment industries, which are shifting from drum to disc brakes. In Europe, where a recovery from recession is gaining speed, Carlisle increased its sales of brake and friction products, although the large German and French markets remained soft. Industrial friction sales also showed steady growth, benefiting from stronger housing and industrial equipment markets, as well as from successful entry into new markets, such as the OEM segment of lawn and garden equipment, and wet friction discs in the aftermarket. Custom-molded and extruded plastics and rubber parts operations participated in the strong domestic automotive markets in 1994 while expanding its production capabilities. At the beginning of 1994, operation of the company's Lake City, Pennsylvania plant was transferred from the foodservice plastics operations to this segment. The strong market, new products and additional capacity combined for an increase of over 25% in sales from these plastics and rubber operations in 1994 versus 1993. Aircraft wire product sales declined in 1994 over $2.0 million compared to 1993. Fewer purchases of aircraft by commercial airlines and cuts in defense spending caused a recession in both the commercial and military aircraft industry, impacting 1994 sales. The company's container manufacturing operation recorded its initial sales toward the end of 1994, contributing almost $0.5 million in sales for the year. ---1992 - For Carlisle's friction and braking products businesses, 1992 was marked by a profitability turnaround, as cost reduction measures lowered break-even points and some markets began to improve. Earnings rose as a result, after declining in 1991. Carlisle's Motion Control Industries enjoyed a 27% gain in OEM sales, and further gains are expected in 1993 as the truck build rate continues to increase. Aftermarket sales experienced a more modest 3% increase in 1992 because of increased price competition as well as the aftermarket's normal tendency to move counter to the OEM market. Carlisle's off-highway braking systems business, after a loss in 1991, returned to profitability in 1992 on similar volume as a result of a restructuring that reduced overhead costs and shifted the product mix toward the higher margin aftermarket. Overall, the construction equipment market remained severely depressed throughout 1992. In the industrial friction area, Carlisle further broadened its product and customer base as the market began to show signs of recovery in late 1992 after a two-year decline. (1992 - Carlisle Cos. Annual Report) ---1991 - Carlisle's brake systems and friction businesses were also victims of the economy in 1991 as they experienced an earnings decline of 32%. Revenue increased 15% over 1990 due to the off-highway braking systems acquisition, now called Carlisle Braking Systems. (Compact Disclosure Report) HISTORY: 1936 - Ridgeway facility founded.
  37. 37. 1989 - 1990 - 1992 - - 1993 - 1994 - June, parent purchased National Friction Products Inc. Logansport, IN, manufacturers of specialty friction products. Operates as a division of Motion Control Ind. Motion Control Industries took steps in 1990 to become a full brake systems supplier through the acquisition of the Off-Highway Braking Systems (OHBS) division of BFGoodrich. OHBS produces dry disc brakes and actuation systems for off-road construction equipment, thus complementing Motion Control's non-asbestos friction products for a broad range of transportation and industrial end-use markets. (1990 - Carlisle Annual Report) Based in Bloomington, IN, with operations in Holland and Brazil, had 1989 sales of $47M. (7/90 - Wall Street Journal) 4th qtr., Motion Control Industries acquired Altec, a small Canadian company whose proprietary process of remanufacturing truck brake shoes reportedly represents an excellent opportunity for Motion Control to improve their position in the North American heavy duty truck aftermarket. (1992 - Carlisle Cos. Annual Report) Motion Control Industries established a joint venture in Queretaro, Mexico, with Rutgerswerke, a large Frankfurt, Germany manufacturer, positioning itself to benefit from rapid growth in that country's bus and truck markets. (1992 - Carlisle Cos. Annual Report) Carlisle Consolidates Operations - Carlisle consolidates three companies into a single business unit. Carlisle Braking Systems, Motion Control Industries, and National Friction Products have been integrated into Carlisle Motion Control Industries Inc. (1/94 - OEM Off-Highway Magazine) Altec (remanufacturing brake shoes) established a U.S. plant in Missouri, and is planning a second U.S. site in 1995. (1994 Carlisle Annual Report) In Brazil, persistent inflation and a declining market for dry braking technology led Carlisle to close its brake manufacturing operation. (1994 Carlisle Annual Report) PRODUCTS: Parent company Carlisle Companies Inc. operates three main business segments; Construction Materials (42% of 1994 sales), Transportation Products (29%) and General Industry (29%). This profile focuses on the Transportation Products segment, which is further segmented by the following: - Automotive - custom plastic and rubber products Heavy Duty Vehicles - braking systems Marine - refrigerated containers Aircraft - aircraft wire systems The Heavy Duty Vehicles Segment (braking systems) is a supplier/competitor to Caterpillar. Carlisle produces a wide range of friction and braking components for the on- and off-road vehicle markets. Serving both the original equipment market and the aftermarket, Carlisle's product offerings span mature braking markets, new applications, and emerging technologies. - Wet friction for off-highway equipment Brake block for heavy duty trucks, trailers and buses Brake assembly for forklifts Disc brake friction for light rail (1994 - Carlisle Cos. Annual Report) PRODUCT FEATURES: QUALITY: The following locations are Certified suppliers to Caterpillar:
  38. 38. - Carlisle Off-Highway Braking System, Bloomington, IN, for disc brakes (this used to be B.F. Goodrich until 1992) - Carlisle Engineered Products Europe BV, Zevenaar, The Netherlands, for disc brakes (this used to be B.F. Goodrich until 1992) - Motion Control Industries, Ridgeway, PA, for non-asbestos friction material (4/95 - A.L. Affolter, Cat Quality) ---Motion Control is conduction sophisticated materials research to develop quieter, longer lasting friction materials. The company is also experimenting with carbon, ceramic and aramid-derivative fibers to develop new heat-resistant materials to withstand temperatures of -40F degrees to 1600F degrees. (1994 Carlisle Cos. Annual Report) ---Research and Development - higher levels of expenditures were incurred in 1992 within heavy-duty friction and braking systems operations for new product introductions in 1993. (1992 - Carlisle Cos. Annual Report) ---Caterpillar has had Motion Control product tested. Refer to the following: CTR No. Description DT90-11 Brake Friction Material (H6) PCB No. PEWP0019 ---Carlisle's Motion Control Industries has received Rockwell International Corp's No. 1 rating. According to the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Morton Control Industries, "No brake lining supplier - or for that matter, any supplier - has ever achieved Rockwell's No. 1 rating before." The rating reportedly was awarded to MCI for its excellence in quality control and superior manufacturing techniques. The rating, therefore, is said to apply to all the brake lining products Carlisle produces for Rockwell. (1/90 - Fleet Equipment Magazine) MARKETING: Joint Marketing Program with Ultra Hydraulics 6/92 - Ultra Hydraulics, Cheltenham, England and Carlisle Braking Systems, Bloomington, IN have announced a joint marketing program for full hydraulic braking systems for mobile equipment applications. Ultra, with U.S. headquarters in Columbus, OH manufactures hydraulic gear pumps, motors, valves and electrohydraulic servo valves for the off-highway, industrial , rail and marine markets worldwide. Carlisle designs and manufactures mobile equipment brake products including caliper disc brakes, actuators, full-power hydraulic brake valves, manifolds, pressure switches and relate components. (6/92 - Diesel Progress, Engines & Drives Magazines) PRODUCT SUPPORT: New Mobile Brake Training Unit 7/94 - Carlisle Motion Control Industries, Inc. has expanded its Heavy Duty Break School with a mobile training unit. Housed in a 16 ft. trailer, the mobile training unit is equipped with operating air boards, wheel end displays, and other brake components, providing brake technicians with hands-on experience and classroom instruction. (5/94 - Truck Parts & Service Magazine) ---Carlisle Corp.'s Motion Control Industries announced the opening of a new Heavy Duty Brake School. The school is designed to provide the trucking industry with an educational resource. The brake school will offer instruction in two different curriculum - The Maintenance Managers Course and The
  39. 39. Mechanics Course. The format of both courses will consist of a two and one-half day program. The brake school has been established as an extension to the on-site brake seminars and brake maintenance clinics already offered by Carlisle's Technical Services Department. In addition, Carlisle also announced the opening of its new Technical Center. The Tech Center, located at Carlisle's manufacturing facility in Bloomington, IN, will house the brake school. (12/92 - Fleet Equipment Magazine) WARRANTY: PRICING: Pricing (P&MR) Dept. has list price information on Carlisle Braking Systems (Code 60LC) in their CIS system, the most current being effective Jan 1, 1991. (4/95) DISTRIBUTION & GEOGRAPHIC AREAS SERVED: Carlisle sells to OEMs (40%) and the aftermarket (60%). (6/93) ---According to Construction Equipment Magazine's 1994 Buyers Guide (dated November 30, 1993) the following distributors offer products of Carlisle Braking Systems: - Associated Brake Supply, Contractors Service Co., Hypac Inc., Drive Train Industries Inc. - Rabco Inc., Brake Supply Co. Inc., - Brake Supply Southwest Inc., Rocky Mountain Brake Supply Inc. Power Train Service Inc., - Northern Engine & Supply, Cape Tractor Trailer Supply Co. Aftermarket Parts Inc. Brake Systems Inc. Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co. Morgan Brake & Clutch Co. Bartlett Provincial Brake Inc. Gardena, CA Riverside, CA Escondido, CA Denver, CO Grand Junction, CO Evansville, WY Conyers, GA Evansville, IN Clearwater, FL Ivel, KY Casper, WY Austin, TX Casper, WY Indianapolis, IN Fort Wayne, IN Lafayette, IN Louisville, KY Elizabethtown, KY Lexington, KY Cincinnati, OH Cleveland, OH New Paris, OH Virginia, MN Cape Girardeau, MO New Bern, NC Portland, OR Wilsonville, OR Vancouver, B.C., Canada Hamilton, ON, Canada
  40. 40. - Lewis, Herb & Co. Ltd. Montreal-Nord, PQ, Canada ---Motion Control has been having trouble shipping parts to Caterpillar on time. From January-May of 1993, approximately 14-18% of shipments were delivered on time (with a goal of 80%). Motion Control supplies 100% of Cat's caliper disc pad requirements for premium and standard duty lines. They also manufacture drum brake and expander brake linings. All parts manufactured at Motion Control at Ridgeway are shipped to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Parts are then shipped from Lancaster to Morton. Motion Control stated that approximately 60% of their business is with aftermarket distributors (i.e., Brake Supply) and 40% with OEMs. Motion Control tells their independent distributors that they manufacture brakes for Cat and also tells them the machines they are used on, i.e., cross-reference information. National Friction Products (a division of Motion Control) concentrates on industrial applications rather than motion vehicles, according to Doug DeVallance. Industrial applications include twin disc applications, washing machines, machining equipment, etc.... (6/93 - GKSpringborn, P&SM & GLMiller, Purchasing/Supplier Visit) GENERAL: Ranked as an 'A' DT (Brake) Competitor/Supplier and a 'BR' DT (Brake) Competitor. (4/95) ---Motion Control Industries, Inc., Ridgeway, PA contacts as of 6/93: - Sean B. Coleman, Sales Engineer - Douglass R. DeVallance, Director of Sales - Frederick W. Roedl, Product Marketing Manager - Donald R. Fapore, Plant Manager - Thomas M. Hogan, V.P. & General Manager (6/93 - GKSpringborn, P&SM, DT) APPARENT MARKETING STRATEGY: Actively pursues the OEM and aftermarket opportunities. (8/93) ASSESSMENT OF STRENGTHS: ASSESSMENT OF WEAKNESSES: FUTURE OUTLOOK: New products are central to penetrating new markets and to reinforcing the company's position in the highly competitive heavy duty truck, off-highway and industrial friction markets. For truck and trailer OEMs, Carlisle in early 1995 will introduce a new heavy duty brake lining with improved mileage and braking performance. The company will also introduce disc brake products for the forklift market during 1995, and is developing new, lowercost prototypes for specific truck, off-highway and industrial uses. Following a period of record demand by original equipment customers of friction products, a resurgence is expected in demand for more profitable aftermarket products. A good domestic market outlook combined with improving
  41. 41. international markets will provide the opportunity for strong performance. (1994 Carlisle Cos. Annual Report) ---Carlisle Companies will continue to look for appropriate acquisitions that can enhance their future growth and profitability , and that can be purchased for prices that produce high returns. (1994 Carlisle Cos. Annual Report) ---Dry brake business of Motion Control is declining due to the shift to wet brakes in larger machines. (6/93 GKSpringborn, P&SM) ---In charge of National Friction Products (division of Motion Control) research & development program is Joe Fox. Joe was with Raybestos and Thermoset before working for National Friction. Joe carries with him extensive knowledge on wet friction disc, a product that National Friction doesn't manufacture today. With National Friction's involvement in aftermarket sales, it is believed that National Friction will have a wet friction disc that can be used in Cat's offhighway truck brakes within a few years. (6/93 - GKSpringborn, P&SM) LAST D&B: LAST PROFILE REVIEW/UPDATE: DUNS (D&B NUMBER): SIC (CODES): April 21, 1995
  42. 42. Wholesales new, used and reconditioned parts for heavy construction equipment (100%). (5/95 - D&B) ---Specializes in parts for Case, Deere, and Caterpillar. Used parts come from disassembled machines. (2/95 - DEPCO Letter) ---Specializes in JI Case And John Deere Replacement Parts. (3/00 - ---Remanufactured products for JI Case and John Deere machines include: Engines, Torque Converters, Power Shuttles, Final Drives, Cylinders and Differentials. (3/00 - PRODUCT FEATURES: QUALITY: Reportedly new parts are equivalent with the same guarantee as the originals but with better prices. (2/95 - DEPCO Letter) MARKETING: February 1995 advertisement in Mexican magazine, Informaquina. Also plans to participate in several construction industry expositions. (2/95 - DEPCO Letter) PRODUCT SUPPORT: WARRANTY: New parts reportedly have same guarantee as the originals. (2/95 - DEPCO Letter) ---Reman: 6 months/2000 parts warranty. PRICING: Good used parts sold at approximately 30% of the price of new. (2/95 - DEPCO Letter) ---No list price information in Pricing (P&MR) Departments CIS System. (5/95) DISTRIBUTION & GEOGRAPHIC AREAS SERVED: CEO is Robert W. Drummond (70% ownership) and President is Robert C. Drummond (30%). Robert C. is a former employee of Cummins Engine Co. (1982-1984), Caterpillar dealer MacAllister Machinery (1985-1987) and Industrial Tractor, Jacksonville, FL (1988-1990). (5/95 - D&B) APPARENT MARKETING STRATEGY: ASSESSMENT OF STRENGTHS: ASSESSMENT OF WEAKNESSES: FUTURE OUTLOOK: Financial condition strong. (5/95 - D&B)
  43. 43. LAST D&B: May 11, 1995 LAST PROFILE REVIEW/UPDATE: May 11, 1995 DUNS (D&B NUMBER): 13-957-7712 SIC (CODES): 5082
  44. 44. CHAMPION FRICTION CO. INC. May 23, 2000 36EQ INTERNET: COMPETITIVE TYPE: Manufacturer MAJOR PRODUCT CLASSES: Drive Train (Friction) LOCATIONS: Headquarters - Eugene, OR, 845 McKinley St. Branch - Eugene, OR, 2375 W. 7th Pl., Approx. 16,000 sq. ft. (Manufacturing) Subsidiary - Advanced Friction Technology, Eugene, OR (100%), operates as a manufacturer of industrial friction products. (2/95 - D&B) EMPLOYMENT: Jun. Jun. Mar. Sep. 1987 1989 1993 1994 - 26 (8 at headquarters) (11/87 - D&B) 40 (9 at headquarters) (1/90 - D&B) 25 (12 at headquarters) (8/93 - D&B) 38 (30 at headquarters) (2/95 - D&B) - $3,500,000 projected $3,000,000 projected $5,000,000 projected SALES: Jun. 1989 Mar. 1993 Sep. 1994 (1/90 - D&B) (8/93 - D&B) (2/95 - D&B) HISTORY: Business started prior to 1927 by H.W. Clubb. 1927 - 1982 - Business was owned by Chester Dechert and William C. Dechert. In 1982 William became majority stockholder. (2/95 - D&B) PRODUCTS: Champion Friction Company began with the manufacture of heavy duty industrial frictions for logging, offshore and mining winches. Since then they have expanded into the manufacture of industrial clutch parts, winches, hoists, tractor and other off highway equipment-as well as establishing a separate division for non-asbestos molded material and AFT 200* Kevlar ® reinforced materials. And, recently they added the manufacture and rebuilding of water cooled brakes and clutches. (5/00 - ---Stock disc brake pads and seal kits for B.F. Goodrich, Goodyear, Caterpillar, Clark, Fiat-Allis, Michigan, Terex, Trojan and Wagner. Exchange Bands and Shoes to fit virtually all heavy-duty brake and clutch applications plus
  45. 45. Industrial Hot Bonding. Manufacturer of Brake Bands, Brake Blocks for yarder, crane, hoist and winch applications. In-house capability to custom manufacture to your print or samples High performance Carbomet Plus on highway disc pads in stock for immediate delivery. (5/00 - PRODUCT FEATURES: QUALITY: Champion Friction product has been tested as part of P&SM's Competitive Parts Test Program. Refer to the following: (2/95) CTR No. DT90-11 DT90-12 Description Dry Brake Friction Material (A4) Dry Brake Friction Material (H6) PCB No. PEWP0018 PEWP0019 MARKETING: During 1993 and/or 1994 Champion is known to have advertised in the following magazines: (2/95) - Rock & Dirt Suppliers Guide (Source Line Inc.) Southern Loggin' Times ---Agrees To Change Advertising 3/94 - In a recent advertisement, Champion stated "All Champion products meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications." The ad also displayed CAT and several other OEM names, without a disclaimer stating the parts advertised were not that of the original equipment manufacturers. Since Caterpillar's engineering specifications are proprietary information and not divulged to the public, Caterpillar requested Champion to provide proof to back up their claim. Champion stated they believed their statement was true, but would remove the phrase in its entirety from all ads as quickly as possible and to delete it from any future ads. (3/94 - RBRodgers, P&SM) PRODUCT SUPPORT: WARRANTY: PRICING: No transaction level price observations available in P&SM's Competitive Parts Report (CPR) system. (2/95) ---Pricing Dept. (P&MR) maintains list price information in their CIS system, the most current list effective July 13, 1988. (2/95) DISTRIBUTION & GEOGRAPHIC AREAS SERVED: Territory is reportedly International (11/87 & 1/90 D&Bs say U.S. and Canada), has 1200 accounts, sells to logging and heavy equipment dealers. (2/95 - D&B) GENERAL:
  46. 46. Ranked by M&DS as a 'B' DT (Dry Brake Components) competitor and an 'AR' (Brake Components) competitor. (2/95) ---51% (80% last year) of capitol stock owned by 52 year old William C. Dechert (President); 49% (20% last year) owned by Richard Walker (Vice President – General Mgr.), also 52 years old. (2/95 - D&B) ---Caterpillar supplier Raymark Friction Co. believes the biggest manufacturers that sell dry brake components to the aftermarket are Champion Friction Co., Motion Control/Carlisle, Abex, Thermoset Inc., Ferracto, Stamco, and Scanpac. (6/93 - GKSpringborn, P&SM, DT) ---Offers a toll-free 800 phone number and a fax number. (2/95) APPARENT MARKETING STRATEGY: Targets the replacement parts market (8/93) ASSESSMENT OF STRENGTHS: ASSESSMENT OF WEAKNESSES: FUTURE OUTLOOK: LAST D&B: February 14, 1995 DUNS (D&B NUMBER): 00-903-1683 SIC (CODES): 3499 LAST PROFILE REVIEW/UPDATE: February 15, 1995 (minor update May 23, 2000)
  47. 47. CEI (COSTRUIZIONE EMILIANA INGRANAGGI SPA) August 10, 1995 31GN INTERNET: None as of 3/9/2000 COMPETITIVE TYPE: MAJOR PRODUCT CLASSES: Manufacturer Drive Train LOCATIONS: Headquarters: Address - VIA Del Lavoro 78 Town - 40056 Crespellano (BO) Country – Italy Branches (among the important): - Deposito, Crespillano (BO) Italy - Magazzino, Anzola dell' Emilia (BO) Italy Subsidiaries: - Anteo SpA, ownership 97%, Molinella (BO) Italy - PM France Grues Hudrauliques, ownership 62%, Longjiumeau, Francia - Autogru P.M. SpA, Modena (MO) Italy Also affiliated through principals (President & Vice President): - Alfa SpA, Crespellano (BO) Italy - Sicma Srl, Bologna (BO) Italy - S.E.R.M.A. Srl, Modena (MO) Italy (8/95 - D&B) EMPLOYMENT: 1976 - 53 (includes 11 salesmen in Italy/1 foreign salesman) 1989 - 85 (11/91 - D&B) 1991 - 93 (12/92 - D&B) Dec 1993 - 86 (8/95 - D&B) SALES: (Millions): Fiscal year ends December 31. Sales/Profits Lira 1987 1988 1989 Sales/Profits Dollars L 13,936/295 15,946/325 17,118/318 $10.7/.23 12.4/.25 12.5/.23 Full Yr. Av. Exchange Rate 1299 1288 1370
  48. 48. 1990 16,788/268 14.0/.22 1991 17,351/152 14.1/.12 1992 20,428/34 16.6/.03 1993 23,138/26 14.7/.02 1994 25,000/?? 15.5/?? The above sales information comes from D&B reports. 1198 1240 1230 1571 1612 HISTORY: - 1968 - CEI was established in Italy as a private partnership. CEI reportedly manufactures transmission and final drive parts for Fiat, ESP, Ghinassi, SIRT, and several other Italian replacement parts wholesalers. 1976 - CEI joined the Associated Independent Distributors (AID) organization and sales were expanded to a worldwide level. 1990 - No longer member of Independent Distributors Association (IDA), formerly AID. PRODUCTS: Manufacturer of gears and pinions. PRODUCT FEATURES: QUALITY: CEI product has been tested as part of Caterpillar's Competitive Parts Test Program, but the CRT and PCB are no longer considered current. (8/95) ---Their brochure had some Caterpillar gears on it. Our host Piero Silvagni said they no longer scab our parts and would like to become a licensed aftermarket manufacturer of our parts. (SIRT was immediately behind him and a used construction equipment dealer was reported as owning the lot beside him with all the torn down Caterpillars in it.) I wasn't impressed with anything about this place. On his hob installation he used insert blade hobs on stacked parts. Both reduce quality. The hob had automatic hob change and his magazine had partially used hobs severely burned on 35% of their face. The hob also had automatic fixture change. CEI did inspect a part but the trace was done at 1:1 along the tooth profile. Even at this level the parallel was wavy and showed a lot of variation. Definitely not a quality house! CIMA had potential and has demonstrated a fair amount of sophistication in their software capabilities. To further qualify them, we are going to have them cut some parts for us in early 1988 on a U.S. built machine in Richmond, Virginia. (Dan Thurman - MFG - 11/87) MARKETING: PRODUCT SUPPORT, WARRANTY: PRICING: Pricing (P&MR) Dept. has price list information in the CIS System, the most current being effective Nov. 1, 1990. (8/95) DISTRIBUTION & GEOGRAPHIC AREAS SERVED:
  49. 49. CEI sells via agents. (8/95 - D&B) ---Distribution as a percent of Sales: Date National 12/31/89 65% 12/31/91 60% 12/31/93 30% Exports 35% 40% 70% Imports 5% 5% 5% (11/91 - D&B) (12/92 - D&B) (8/95 - D&B) GENERAL: CEI ranked as a 'B' Drive Train (Gear) competitor. (8/95) ---Additional information is available in P&MR's Competitive Information Library. (8/95) APPARENT MARKETING STRATEGY: ASSESSMENT OF STRENGTHS: ASSESSMENT OF WEAKNESSES: FUTURE OUTLOOK: Condition is fair, trend is even. (8/95 - D&B) LAST D&B: August 10, 1995 LAST PROFILE REVIEW/UPDATE: August 10, 1995 DUNS NUMBER: 42-877-7338 SIC CODE/DESCRIPTION: 3568 Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturer
  50. 50. DEPCO INC. May 10, 1995 43CH INTERNET: COMPETITIVE TYPE: Distributor Remanufacturer or Rebuilder MAJOR PRODUCT CLASSES: Engine Drive Train Hydraulic (cylinders) LOCATIONS: Headquarters - Noblesville, Indiana 11831 State Rd. 238 East Leases 1,200 sq. ft. in a two story frame building in normal condition. Premises neat. The company operates from a total of five structures on a 41 acre parcel. The above description represents the office facility. The company uses an additional 10,000 sq. ft. in a shop/warehouse and 3,500 sq. ft. in another warehouse. The company also owns 2 mobile homes on this property which are rented to unrelated parties and includes the rental income on the income statement. Suburban business section on well traveled highway. (5/95 - D&B) EMPLOYMENT: Apr. 1995 = 12 (5/95 – D&B) SALES: Fiscal year ends December 31. ---Sales Year 1992 1993 1994 = = = Net Profits $1,097,861 1,402,983 2,405,186 $ 92,505 125,329 114,367 (5/95 - D&B) (5/95 - D&B) (5/95 - D&B) HISTORY: 1985 1993 = Business started = December, relocated to Noblesville, IN from Indianapolis, IN. PRODUCTS:
  51. 51. Wholesales new, used and reconditioned parts for heavy construction equipment (100%). (5/95 - D&B) ---Specializes in parts for Case, Deere, and Caterpillar. Used parts come from disassembled machines. (2/95 - DEPCO Letter) ---Specializes in JI Case And John Deere Replacement Parts. (3/00 - ---Remanufactured products for JI Case and John Deere machines include: Engines, Torque Converters, Power Shuttles, Final Drives, Cylinders and Differentials. (3/00 - PRODUCT FEATURES: QUALITY: Reportedly new parts are equivalent with the same guarantee as the originals but with better prices. (2/95 - DEPCO Letter) MARKETING: February 1995 advertisement in Mexican magazine, Informaquina. Also plans to participate in several construction industry expositions. (2/95 - DEPCO Letter) PRODUCT SUPPORT: WARRANTY: New parts reportedly have same guarantee as the originals. (2/95 - DEPCO Letter) ---Reman: 6 months/2000 parts warranty. PRICING: Good used parts sold at approximately 30% of the price of new. (2/95 - DEPCO Letter) ---No list price information in Pricing (P&MR) Departments CIS System. (5/95) DISTRIBUTION & GEOGRAPHIC AREAS SERVED: CEO is Robert W. Drummond (70% ownership) and President is Robert C. Drummond (30%). Robert C. is a former employee of Cummins Engine Co. (1982-1984), Caterpillar dealer MacAllister Machinery (1985-1987) and Industrial Tractor, Jacksonville, FL (1988-1990). (5/95 - D&B) APPARENT MARKETING STRATEGY: ASSESSMENT OF STRENGTHS: ASSESSMENT OF WEAKNESSES: FUTURE OUTLOOK: Financial condition strong. (5/95 - D&B)
  52. 52. LAST D&B: May 11, 1995 LAST PROFILE REVIEW/UPDATE: May 11, 1995 DUNS (D&B NUMBER): 13-957-7712 SIC (CODES): 5082