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Module 2 the uk class 1
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Module 2 the uk class 1


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Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. Language & Culture 1Snapshots of Great Britain Cecilia Cicolini, MA ISFD 11 - Lanús
  • 2. Set EDMODO to English!
  • 3. The Library Folders
  • 4. How to download documents.
  • 5. Assignments
  • 6. Notifications
  • 7. Calendar
  • 8. Assessment Criteria for Social Studies
  • 9. British vs. EnglishWelsh – Irish - Scottish
  • 10. What are the different parts which make up the United Kingdom? Which are the capitals? Be ready to mark them on a map.• British vs English. What do the two terms describe?• Which area dominates the UK? Why? How is this part of the UK different from the rest? Which are the core and the peripheral areas?• How do the north and the south of the UK differ socially? Why is there a regional imbalance? Where do Britons enjoy the highest quality of life? What areas are the poorest?• From your reading of this chapter, do you conclude that in British society there is a great disparity between the rich and the poor? Why? / Why not?• How does the social situation in the UK compare to that of Argentina?
  • 11. Linkers
  • 12. England Great Britain Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
  • 13. LondonEdingburghCardiffBelfastManchesterBirminghamOxfordCambridgeYorkCanterbury
  • 14. Lowlands Highlands TheLake District The Pennines
  • 15. Choose adjectives which describe nationalities
  • 16. • Rule a country to get a vote• Fair hand out leaflets• Foreign dignataries Parliament• Laws House of Commons• Norfolk House of Lords• To ban Power is mainly theoretical• To make full use of my ultimate power• Embarrassing Granted smallprint• We all have a say upside/downside
  • 17. True or False?1. Danny is planning to be elected as a Prime Minister.2. Danny intends to be kind to the people.3. Danny will make Parliament pass laws.4. Danny will make weekends disappear.5. You need to be 18 in order to vote in the UK.
  • 18. 1. There are two Houses of Parliament: the House of Lord and the House of Commons.2. There are 642 members in the House of Lords.3. The Members of the House of Commons represent their constituency.4. The members of the House of Lords are not chosen by the people in elections.
  • 19. Democracy? You decide!