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Hedgehog facts



Hedgehog facts by http://www.motlies.com

Hedgehog facts by http://www.motlies.com



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  • I love hedgehog and enjoyed the great poem and information at http://adidarwinian.com/the-hedgehog-the-spiny-ball/ very much.
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Hedgehog facts Document Transcript

  • 1. Hedgehog Facts:www.motlies.com Hedgehogs have changed only very little over the last 15 million years. Hedgehogs are mammals and they can swim and climb quite well. Amazing When hedgehogs are threatened they prefer to run away. Hedgehogs can Only as a last resort do they roll up into even climb a prickly ball. trees. Hedgehogs are mostly nocturnal. Hedgehogs have a fantastic navigation system in Info Box their brains. They create maps, which include the best places to feed, places to sleep, obstacles, pathways and much more. Nocturnal means that the animal starts looking for food during dusk and sleeps during daytime.
  • 2. Hedgehog Facts:www.motlies.com Theeyesight of a hedgehog is poor but they have a very good sense of smell and hearing. Although their hair is stiff with spiky spines, hedgehog tum- Info Box mies are covered in coarse fur and are compara- tively soft. The spiky hairs of hedgehogs are Their spiky hair is hollow. It is stiff because it also called quills. contains something called keratin, which humans also have On average a in their skin, nails and hair. hedgehog has about Hedgehogs build nests for shelter, which they mostly make 5000 - 6500 of leaves, grass and various other plants. quills. Amazing Hedgehogs have some natural immunity against the venom of snakes.
  • 3. Hedgehog Facts:www.motlies.com Their nests are about 50 cm in diameter, which is almost 2 feet or as big as the size of two dinner plates. Usually they built more than just one nest. In some climates hedgehogs hibernate, which mean they sleep during a cold winter or, in a hot desert, during very hot summers. It all depends on if there is enough food to eat. During the hibernation period they sometimes move to ­another nest. their Once they hibernate they do not just go to sleep but metabolism slows almost to a standstill. Their body temperature is normally 35° C but ­during hibernation it drops to 10° C degrees or less. ­During that time they breathe only about once every few minutes. During that time they breathe only about 13 times per minute. One of the hedgehog species has a normal heartbeat­ of 190 beats per minute. This drops to about 20 beat per minute when it is ­hibernating.
  • 4. Hedgehog Facts:www.motlies.com Hedgehogs can live in different climates and terrains. They live in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and New Zealand but not in Australia or North America. Info Box Hedgehogs feed on insects, snails, frogs, toads, snakes, bird Did you know eggs, carrion, mushrooms, grass roots, berries and melons. that hedgehogs are pretty vocal? Unfortunately insects filled with pesticides will give hedge- In nature they hogs digestive problems. This can even be life threatening communicate for them. through a combination of snuffles, Did you know? grunts or squeals. One hedgehog can keep an average garden free of pests by eating up to Info Box 200 grams of insects each night. Don’t give milk to hedgehogs! They get stomachache when they drink milk.
  • 5. Hedgehog Facts:www.motlies.com Hedgehogs are born blind with a protective membra- ne covering their quills, which dries and shrinks over the first few hours. Baby hedgehogs stay in the nest until they are about ­ 3 weeks old. In some ancient cultures hedgehogs were credited to have different powers and they were sometimes even worshipped. Info Box You can call a baby hedgehog also a hoglet.
  • 6. Hedgehog Quizv:www.motlies.com True or False? 1. Baby hedgehogs can see right after birth. 2. Hedgehogs love to live in groups. 3. When you find a hedgehog you should feed it with milk. 4. Hedgehogs can swim but they cannot climb very well. 5. Hedgehogs are immune against snake venom. Answers: 1. F, 2. F, 3. F (they will get tummy aches and will feel unwell if you give them milk), 4. F (true that they can swim but they can also climb), 5. T