Families of the past and present


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  • Families of the past and present

    1. 1. Families of the Past and Present  An overview of the upcoming unit
    2. 2. Unit Summary In this unit we will take a look back at families from the past andexplore how they would have lived. Then each student will take an indepth look at their own family. The students will ask their parents andother family members about there family and try to find out all theycan. The students will be required to produce a project and then anoral presentation, as well as a small group project. 
    3. 3. Curriculum Framing QuestionsEssential Question: What is history?Unit Questions: How did families of the past live? What is my familylike compared to families of the past?Content Questions: How does your upbringing affect how your familyis? Does the time that you live in affect your family? Would yourather live your family life like it is now or how it would have been inthe past?
    4. 4. Role of the TeacherThe role of the teacher in this unit is to bring out information andseveral family units from around the world and from the past. Theteacher will also be there to assistant the students as the create thereprojects and presentations. The teacher will set up the project and setclear standards for the students. 
    5. 5. Role of the Parent The role of a parent in this project it to provide any assistance thestudent may need, without actually doing the project or work for thestudent. With this project the students will need to know informationabout their own family history and that is where the parents will comein. The student may want to have pictures of past family members, ordetailed information on their own family. Such as family heritage,where their family has lived in the past, and past jobs. As a parent youcan provide this information.  
    6. 6. Role of the Student The role of the student is to learn about past family units, then to learnabout their own. Then the students will act as the teacher and teachthe class about their family. The students will also have to work wellwith a group and be able to effectively show how a certain family unitwould work to the class in the form of a short skit. Essentially thestudents will act as detectives going back into time to gather cluesabout the families and tell the world what they found. 
    7. 7. Benefits of the Unit The students will not only gain knowledge about their own family butabout families of the past. They will also have to work on their groupskills. The students also get to work with their families members. Thisunit will provide the students with information that they probably didnot know about their own family while still having fun.
    8. 8. Standards That Will Be Met Kindergarten Social Studies2) Compare families of today with families of the past in relation towork, home, and school.  Kindergarten Social Studies 3) Identify historically significant events as they relate to self andfamily.Kindergarten Social Studies 9) Describe ways people celebrate their diverse cultural heritages.
    9. 9. Objectives for the UnitFor the students to be able to effectively present information on theirfamilies.For the students to work well in a group.For the students to be able to present information about a family unitwith a group.For the students to compare and contrast their own family with otherfamilies.For the students to be able to understand and explain the importanceof cultural heritages.
    10. 10. Project Based Learning Project based learning will be incorporated into this lesson by thestudents creating two projects. One will be an individual project andone will be a group project. The individual project will be a FamilyTree that the students will create for their own project. Then they willdo a short presentation on their family and tell the class if they wouldwant to keep their family or change it to one from the past. The groupproject will be a short skit that the students will put on in small groupsillustrating a specific family unit from the past assigned to the group.Each group will have a different family unit and the students of theclass will be learning about that unit from the skit put on. 
    11. 11. Contact Information If any one has any questions or need to contact me for any reasonplease do not hesitate to send me an email.My email is: Cebowman@crimson.ua.edu