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Zurich presentation 2

Zurich presentation 2






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    Zurich presentation 2 Zurich presentation 2 Presentation Transcript

    • Zürich, SwitzerlandTanya JohnsonSamantha MillerBryan BlancPhilip KramerChenhao Wang
    • Who Runs the Transportation? ZVV - Zürich Transit Network: The Transportation Council and ManagementExcerpts from the Mission Statement:• " We are facilitators of relaxed and environmentally friendly mobility for all - by road, rail, or water. "• "We are the driving force behind public transport and, in close cooperation with our partners, we stand for exceptionally good services in an intelligently networked system."Interesting Facts:• Thousands of workers- over 3,900 staff• The numerous people who use and support the system- 400,000 people daily on average
    • Regional 171 Government Municipalities Public Transit The ZVV Transportation Council and ManagementThreeMain The 8 Main Transport CompaniesLevels These companies are responsible for the actual transport 43 contractual smaller companies
    • Zürich
    • The City of ZürichThe ZVB: Zürich Public Transit - Zuri Line• Is primary operator in the city limits and surrounding areas.• The Company provides over 310 rail vehicles and 260 buses for Zürich and surrounding areas.Responsibilities:• Maintenance of vehicles and routes.• Advertisements, media, sales, and quality control.• Future expansions of routes or infrastructure• Finance of the area and research o A large portion of their budget comes from the ZVV
    • Transportation Planning in Zürich• All strategies of the City Council are cross-linked o Mobility o Space o Energy o Environment• Small decisions take overall transportation plan into account
    • Transportation Planning in Zürich• Good living conditions: Traffic calming in residential areas with town-wide 30 mph speed limits.• Great conditions for human powered mobility, walking and cycling. "Walking is the glue of the transport system"
    • Transportation Planning in Zürich• Transit plans preemptively offer alternatives to automobile travel, rather than alleviate traffic.• Traffic management is fulfilled by means of a dynamic control system. It aims to transport a high number of people, not metal boxes.
    • Transportation Planning in Zürich• "Historic Parking Compromise" o Parking supply equilibrium in city center (capped at 1990 parking supply level) o If a new off-street parking space is added, a corresponding one is removed from the street
    • Train station: Zürich Hauptbahnhof•• Largest railway station in Switzerland•• Accommodates 3,000 trains a day Upper and lower levels 26 tracks • Services to and from Germany, Italy, Austria, and France • Connecting trains will wait a max of 3 minutes • Long distance and S-Bahn trains do not wait • Rail City
    • Not too fast, just fast enough. • Runs from 5am-12/1 am • Zürich is called "pacemaker" • 340,000 passengers/day • 10 minutes to airport • Clean, efficient, well-connected • Precision and reliability • Free travel for kids under 15 • Important railway junction"...their railway system is second to none." - raileurope.com
    • S Bahn Extension• New extensions are in plan to connect outlying areas to the S-Bahn, Zürichs suburban railway, in order to maintain the trains predominance in the Zürich metropolitan area.
    • Durch Messer Linie• Will alleviate congestion in • 9.6 km Hauptbahnhof • Wider platforms• Provides an east-west axis • More exits• S-Bahn in 2013, Intercity in 2015
    • Zürich Transport Network - ZVV•• Public Transportation Network System The operators which make up the ZVV are:[1][2] • • BDWM Transport AG - railway Busbetriebe Bamert o Services canton of Zürich, Rapperswil- • Dolderbahn - railway Jona, and Pfäffikon SZ • Forchbahn - light railway o Combines rail, bus, tram, trolleybus, • Luftseilbahn Adliswil-Felsenegg - arial tramway lake boat, and cable car services • Polybahn - railway • PostAuto Schweiz RegionZürich - bus service• Creates a ticket network based on Zones • • • Schifffahrts-Genossenschaft Greifensee (SGG) Schneider Busbetriebe SihltalZürich Uetliberg Bahn - railway, cable car, bus o base ticket for 1-2 zones • Stadtbus Winterthur • Südostbahn (SOB) - railway • Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) - railwayhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZVV • THURBO - regional passenger traffic • Verkehrsbetriebe Glattal (VBG) - bus • VerkehrsbetriebeZürich (VBZ) - trams, trolleybuses, buses, etc • VerkehrsbetriebeZürichsee und Oberland (VZO) • Zürichsee Schifffahrtsgesellschaft (ZSG) - ships and boats
    • Multi-modal Access Example• Tram Station integrated with the streetscapeAccess to:• Bikes• Walking• Cars• Other Trams http://sustainablecities2012.blogspot.com/2012/05/Zürich.html
    • Zürich Transport Network - History• May 27th 1990 - Brought into operation o First time one could travel on trains, buses, and trams with one ticket o Three-stage expansion  1st stage - addressed overcrowding on trains • Widened railway, added trains, increased service in some areas  2nd Stage - Dec 2002 • S-Bahn Night Trains added  3rd Stage - completed 2007 • extended and increased servicehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z%C3%BCrich_S-Bahn
    • One Ticket to travel it all...• Frequent Travel Cards, tourist travel, day passes o Examples  ZVV Network Pass  Zürich Card• Buy tickets based on Zones o Ranges from local area only (cheapest) to all zones (most expensive)• Fun Facts o Animals allowed! o Bicycles allowed!
    • TicketTravelZones
    • Land Use Planning1.1. The goals of transportation agencies1. The process for fulfilling their goals
    • Land Use Planning the goals• Development before growth• Social, Economic, and Environmental sustainability• Reflect the needs, values, and preferences of the users
    • Land Use Planning How to achieve the goals• Mixed-use district• Create a sense of place--street• Not introducing freeway into the heart of city
    • Land Use Planning mixed-use district Commercial real estate We can see that most of commercial and residential area are overlapped, which means the district has different function and Zürich is centripetal. Residential real estate
    • Land Use Planning the effect of mixed-use districtRecall the "thirty minutes" concept, which is an acceptabletravel budget for commuting.Mixed-use district cannot only contribute to the multi-modal transportation system, but help people get ridof autodenpendency. Therefore, the transit priorityprogram could be implemented perfectly in Zürich.Then again, making the entire transit system workmuch more perfectly.
    • Land Use Planning a sense of place--streetthe government constructed extensive streets• Lively• Multiple function• Massing• High accessibility, walkable• Safe• Limit the height of building• On-street parking
    • Land Use PlanningNot introducing the freeway
    • Advantages• Reduce energy use • Create a sense of• Reduce pollution, improve place, lively, well- environment• Reduce the impact on • fabric, enclosure High accessibility ecological system • City prefer to develop rather than sprawl • Get rid of autodependency and• Transportation fee is inexpensive the whole transit system is efficient,• Transportation system is locally reliable, frequent, self-sufficient comfortable and fast • Safe
    • Disadvantages•• Lack freedom to change plansHard to reach some rural places and you cant stop the tram or bus whenever you want.• Low mobilityThe network mostly consist of streets which limit the speed to 30 kph.
    • Wrap Up• Zürich solves transportation issues by better distributing demand geographically and modally, rather than blindly increasing capacity• Personal quality of life is put before mobility and optimal system function• Long term and short term goals are well defined with significant foresight
    • Works Cited•• http://www.raileurope.com/europe-travel-guide/switzerland/Zürich/train-station/Zürich-hauptbahnhof-station.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z%C3%BCrich_Hauptbahnhof
    • Questions?