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Copenhagen 3 Copenhagen 3 Presentation Transcript

  • OUTCOMES OFTRANSPORTATION WITHIN COPENHAGENPresented By: Dan Berlinski, Jordan Senerth, Andi Karica, Lazarus Pittman
  • Environmentally Focused Development
  • AgendaEvaluation of Success:● Transportation Planning and initiatives● Public Transportation● Urban Environment
  • SustainabilityBecoming a green Reduce CO2land use city emissions
  • Green Planning● Finger Plan● Contain urban area in fingers● Increase access to green space● Clean harbor to swim in
  • Reducing CO2Encourages public transportation andbiking
  • Greatly Improved Quality of Life● Rated among highest quality of life● Health benefits● Economic benefits
  • FailuresFingers havebecome "fatter"Some urbansprawl
  • Public Transportation - Recap S-Tog Bus SystemMetro Water Taxi
  • S-TogAdherence toFinger Plan Metro Rail Bus
  • Public Transportation - All Options Commonalities: ○ Multimodal● Airport ○ Inter-Connected ■ (Via Finger Plan)● Busses ○ Integrated● Train (S-Tog)● Metro● Water Taxi● Public Bicycle
  • Public Transportation - SuccessesCities that achieve Social and EconomicSuccess without high car use generally have 3things in common:● High Densities● Good Urban Design● Successful Planning Frameworks that Integrate Land Use with: ○ Public Transport Networks ○ Walking Networks ○ Cycling Networks
  • Public Transportation - Successes: Integration Between Public Transportation and Urban DensityDensity ofjobs andresidents isclusteredaround majorpublictransportnodes
  • Public Transportation - Successes: AccessibilityDistances to Rail and Metro Stations: Copenhagen vs. Other Cities
  • Public Transportation - Failures● Confusing Zone System● Traffic Congestion due to inner city development● Finger spacing decreasing
  • Copenhagenization
  • Copenhagenization● Copenhagenization accessible to bicyclists and pedestrians, and less car dependent.● Jan Gehl - Improve the quality of Urban life "Copenhagenize"● Saves 3,65 DKK ($0.65) per every bicycle ride made● Yearly health-benefits from biking in Copenhagen up to 1.7 billion DKK (about 230 million Euros)● Biking to work from 35 % in 2012 to 50 % already in 2015● Security feeling (from 67 % in 2010 to 80 % in 2015 and further to 90 % in 2025)
  • Cycling Community
  • Integration of bicycle in the transportation system● Bicycles admitted on S-train network for some time to facilitate mixed-mode commuting● In 2010 the state railways (DSB) made it free to bring bicycles on the train● Since 2010 the number of passengers bringing their bicycle on the train grew from 2.1 million to 7.3 million● Added extra carriage and kept the existing compartment to increase capacity from 22 to 46 bicycles per train
  • Bicycles on Trains
  • Bicycles on BusesSince 2011 it has also possible to bring bicycles on the citys network of commuter express buses, labelled S-Buses, for a fee of DKK 12 (USD 2), although not during rush hour
  • Bicycles on TaxisTaxis are required by law to carry a bike rack
  • Copenhagen Superhighway (adjacent to car highways)
  • Copenhagen Superhighway(just outside the highway area)
  • Copenhagen Superhighway
  • Cycling in the wilderness outside Copenhagen (near the airport)
  • Downfalls560.000 bicycles in the city of Copenhagen, in fact there are morebicycles than people,they share only 48.000 bicycle stands
  • Cycling Issues● As of 2012, just 35% of commuters traveling to school or work are bicyclists from 37% in 2009.● Use of Helmets -> False sense of security -> Higher number of accidents● Only 37% being satisfied with the facilities● New bicycle scheme will not be implemented in 2013 due to funding
  • Conclusion Basis for Success: Others areadopting similar planning strategies
  • BIBLIOGRAPHY●● http://www.kk. dk/sitecore/content/subsites/cityofcopenhagen/subsitefrontpage/livingincopenhagen/~/media/2E 76B083C02740F69F288D9FDD6F3BAE.ashx● from●●●●●● urban-motility-expert-says-10095.html