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Using an elmo document camera in the classroom powerpoint
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Using an elmo document camera in the classroom powerpoint


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Using an ELMO Document Camera in the Classroom
    Christina Tucker Dyson
  • 2. TT-02s ELMO Document Camera
  • 3. Name of Each Part
    Camera Head
    Illumination Lamp switch
    Zoom Dial
    AF Button
    Camera Column
    Operating button
    Stage Positioning
    Rear Panel
    Side Panel
    Magnetic sheet
    Anti-glare sheet
  • 4. Setting up TT-02s ELMO Document Camera
    • Install the Utility Software on your computer.
    • 5. Insert the gray USB cord into your computer and the back of the ELMO
    • 6. Insert the power cord into the back of the ELMO and plug in.
    • 7. Turn the ELMO on with the power button on the camera.
    • 8. Turn the camera head so that it is horizontal.
    • 9. Turn on the illumination light to help with the viewing of item.
    • 10. On your computer you need to pull up the ELMO software image movie mate.
    • 11. Once you do this, you can adjust the size and the focus of your item by using the buttons on the camera.
  • 101 Ways K-12 Teachers Use Document Cameras
    The most important use is to demonstrate new material.
    Show students how to do assigned work. Things are more easily explained when they can see the problems worked out in front of them.
    Demonstrating 3 dimensional items. Resulting in less time spent passing an item around to view.
     Immediate feedback by displaying student work.
    Enlarging text for students with vision impairments.
     Showing and scoring student or sample work.
  • 12. Great to look at all the objects with Food Chemistry, MicroWorlds, Ecosystems. Almost like having a projection microscope!
     Increased effectiveness in communicating to a large group information from a commonly held document. Example: a page from a book can be viewed by entire group to ensure that all students are on the correct page in the correct place.
    Model what is expected in the steps included in a math concept.
     Allows up-close and detailed observations of objects, mechanics of movement, manipulatives, etc. by the entire class.
  • 13. Enlarge all math workbook pages, and worksheets. It is invaluable when reading directions, teaching math games and sharing student work.
     I will save pictures of a student’s work that is not created in electronic form and add it to the student's portfolio. In this way, I save time in scanning!
    I do daily writing instruction, math lessons, and science activities.
     Showing student work. They love to show off their work.
    We have used the document camera to zoom in on parts of a thermometer, and ruler, showing the smallest units and degrees.
  • 14.
  • 15. Comparison of ELMO, Traditional Overhead, Schoolpad
    ELMO Schoolpad
    Traditional Overhead
  • 16. What questions an uncertainties do you still have about using an ELMO document camera in your classroom?
    Write your questions on a sticky note and put in the “Parking Lot” area on the door.