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Products, Process  Development Firms in Sri Lanka and their focus on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing Report
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Products, Process Development Firms in Sri Lanka and their focus on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing Report


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  • 1. LEVEL 1 – TERM AProducts, Process Development Firms in Sri Lanka and their focus on Sustainable Design and ManufacturingMSL COMPUTER SERVICES PVT LTD. 212,DE SEREM PLACE, COLOMBO 10 Wijayarathna D.G.C.D. 100596F Date of Submission -: 05/04/2011 Supervised by -: Engineering Design Center, University of Moratuwa
  • 2. Wijayarathna D.G.C.D.,100596F,Department of computer Science and Engineering,University of Moratuwa.22/04/2011Director,Engineering Design Center,University of Moratuwa.Dear Sir, Declaration by the AuthorI, Wijayarathna D.G.C.D. (100596F) here by confirm that the facts and informationincluded in this report were gathered by visiting MSL Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. at212, De Serem Place, Colombo 10 by me.I also certify that these facts are true and accurate according to my knowledge and Ihereby give permission to Engineering Design Center to use this information freelyaccording to your preference.Thank You.Yours sincerely__________Wijayarathna D.G.C.D.100596F
  • 3. About MSL Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. • MSL Computer Services (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the pioneering bureaus in Sri Lanka to outsource software applications. • MSL Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. was first situated in Sri Lanka in 1978 in name of MSL Computer Services as a subsidiary of Ernesten Young. • Mr. James Mather started it. • In 1982 its name was changed as MSL Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. • In 2006 Mr. James Mather, Mr. Thilak Madiwaka and Mrs. Chaudya becomes the owners of this company. • They have their two firms situated in Sri Lanka, in 212, De Serem Place, Colombo 10 and in Tickers Road, Colombo 8. • In the firm at Colombo 10 there are working staff of 5, all of them are software engineers. • In MSL Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. they develop, maintain and services to system software used in manygovernment, semi-government and private sector companies. • They develop o Payroll systems o Portfolio systems o Fund management systems o General Lodgers o Accounting Packages o Inventory control systems etc. • They provide their services mainly to companies such as o National Water Supply & Drainage Board o Ceybank Unit Trust Management Co. (Pvt) Ltd o Gamma Pharmaceuticals Ltd o UnionCo Ltd o JHP Lanka Ltd
  • 4. o Ceylon Asset Management Co. LtdProduct Design and ManufacturingIn MSL Computer Services Pvt. Ltd, they follow a custom production method in theirproduct designing. That means that they design and develop one product to therequirement of each customer. They follow that method, because their products do nothave high demand.In their designing they first discuss with the customer get known about what they requireand what they expect your product to do. Then after knowing what they have to do, thenthey first design a prototype of the design.Then they present their prototype to customer and get to know what their consent aboutit. Then after designing the improvements that the software need then they design the lastproduct and manufacture it.Since most of the system software they develop are based on databases such as payrollsystems and fund management systems, they now use Database Oracle and C#.Net astheir programming language. But they have used VB.Net and SQL as programminglanguages in the past.They not only do software development in their firm. They also maintain the softwareand they service it according to their yearly service agreements.
  • 5. Now let’s see what have made customers such as National Water Supply & DrainageBoard attract to their products.Actually since they develop software for widely spread companies with huge databases,it’s difficult for each PC work properly as they use huge memory capacity. But engineersat MSL Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. design their software by classifying systemcomputers as server and client. So many of the computers which have to work as clientsuse low memory capacity. So using a low memory is a main advantage of their products.Another privilege is simple usage. They design their computer as user can use it easilyand do their task.Another main privilege is they add security levels in their software. Every user has alimited level that they can work. It is very useful to have such asystem in account systemslike payroll systems and fund management systems.They design same kind of products for many companies with slight changes. So theyhave a main system for every requirement and when needed they do needed changesaccording to each requirement. So their software developing method is somewhat similarto the component base method.Also they change their old systems which were written in VB.Net to C#.Net as itimproves the efficiency of their software.
  • 6. References • Discussion with Mr. Gaya Wijay Gunasekara, IT Manager, MSL Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. • Discussion with Mr. Thushara Ariyathilaka, Software Engineer, MSL Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. • Discussion with Mr. Sujith Thalagala, Software Engineer, MSL Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. •, official web site, MSL Computer Services Pvt. Ltd.Contact Information • MSL Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. 212, De Serem Place, Colombo 10. • Telephone -: 0115354634, 0115354636 • Email -: