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  • 1. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Unknown PloneChrissy Wainwright
  • 2. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Getting Started- assumes admin accessflickr/Jinx!
  • 3. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Log In* If there is no login link, type:/loginor/login_format the end of the URL.
  • 4. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Site SetupAccess using:* User dropdown (Plone 4)* Site Actions (Plone < 4)* /plone_control_panel
  • 5. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Finding Plone VersionKnow what version of Plone you are using!Find the version at the bottom of Site Setup
  • 6. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Check the ProductsSite Setup > Add-onsLearn about the products or
  • 7. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Changes in the Site- content updatesflickr/jenjam333
  • 8. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Portlet IssuesI commonly get ‘bugs’ about portlets notdisplaying.This is usually caused by amisunderstanding of howthe portlets work.
  • 9. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Portlet IssuesQ: Portlets are not being inhereted down througha folder.A: The portlet may have been assigned to thepage set at the folder’s default view.
  • 10. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Portlet IssuesQ: I addd a Login portlet, but when I view thepage, it is not there.A: The Login portlet is only visible to anonymoususers.
  • 11. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Portlet IssuesQ: The News/Events/Collection portlet is not dis-playingA: These portlets will not display if they have nocontent to display.
  • 12. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Portlet IssuesQ: The navigation portlet is not displaying.A: This likely is because of the portlet’s settings.* Start Level* Only show contents of current folder
  • 13. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Collections/TopicsYes, they are super confusing, unless you have anew Plone 4.2 site.Go back to View with each change to make surethe collection is returning what you want.
  • 14. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Forms* The default Plone Contact form is a template,not easily editable* If you are using PloneFormGen, each field is ed-itable in the site
  • 15. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Adding AnalyticsSite Setup > Site > JavaScript for web statisticssupport* Does currently insert code at the bottom of thesite, Google Analytics now says the best place toput their code is in the header.
  • 16. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Embedding VideosThe visual editor strips out certain code.* Go to Site Setup > HTML Filtering* Remove necessary tags from Nasty tags andStripped tags* Add necessary tags to Custom tags* Usually iframe, object, embed
  • 17. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Template Changes- roll up your sleevesflickr/Barnshaws
  • 18. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Ideal PracticesIf you know how, and everything is set up, thebest way to make template updates is to:* update the code in a customization package* check in that code to a version repository* test the code* release the code to production
  • 19. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013The ZMI/manageBeyond here there be dragons!
  • 20. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Footer Updates* Likely in ZMI > portal_view_customizations >plone.footer or plone.colophon* Click the customize button* Now it can be found under the Contents tab
  • 21. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Global Navigation Updates* By default, the tabs are dynamically generated Site Setup > Navigation* Links ‘excluded from navigation’ will not display* Tabs may be semi-hard-coded in portal_actions > portal_tabs
  • 22. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013More portal_actions* Hide the Login link in portal_actions > user* Update header/footer links in site_actions
  • 23. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Page TemplatesFirst figure out what template you need tochange* Look at the Display menu* Look at classes applied to the body
  • 24. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Page TemplatesContent may be static in the template, or beingpulled from another part of the site.The template might provide this information, orits view class (not visible in the ZMI).Do a site search for the content.
  • 25. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Finding ImagesOnce an image is entered in the visual editor, it’snot always easy to tell where it lives in the site.You can:* search the site for the image if you know the ti-tle* use a web inspector to get the image URL. Add/view to the end to get Plone’s edit page for theimage.
  • 26. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Update Stylescustom foldercss registry
  • 27. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013Gotchas* Caching - changes may not display immediately* Diazo/XDV/Deliverance - content may not be ina Plone template, but a static theme
  • 28. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013I Broke Everything!* Don’t Panic* Item history, revert to previous revision* ZMI Undo tab
  • 29. PLONE SYMPOSIUM MIDWEST 2013TipsTips to help yourself and others in the future* Before changing the Display of a page, note thecurrent display* Backup the data before making major changes* Design the navigation (and everything really) tobe flexible* add site help page/folder