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Intro to TAL



An introductory lesson to the Zope page templating language.

An introductory lesson to the Zope page templating language.



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Intro to TAL Intro to TAL Presentation Transcript

  • PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011Intro to TALChrissy Wainwright
  • What is TAL? PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011* Zope Templating Language* Allow for dynamic content in HTML* Does not render in the site
  • TAL Syntax PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011<div tal:content=”context/Title”></div><tal:title content=”context/Title” />Use an HTML tag or <tal:whatever...
  • TAL Syntax PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011<a tal:attributes=”href url; class linkClass”>* separate multiple declarations with a semicolon* align variables/attributes on the left
  • TAL Syntax PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011<div tal:condition=”python:phone and fax”>Python expressions allow us to put Python codedirectly in the template. This is not meant forlong, complex expressions.
  • TAL Syntax PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011<a tal:attributes= ”href string:${item/url}/folder”>With string expressions, we can add static text todynamic content or combine multiple variables
  • TAL Commands PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011* define* condition* repeat* content/replace* attributes* omit-tag
  • tal:define PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011* defines variables<div id=”portal-breadcrumbs” tal:define=”breadcrumbs view/breadcrumbs”>
  • tal:condition PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011* evaluates an expression* display element if True* omit element if False
  • tal:condition PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011<tal:item define=”is_last repeat/crumb/end”> <span tal:condition=”not: is_last”> This </span> <span tal:condition=”is_last”> That </span></tal:item>
  • tal:repeat PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011* repeats over a set of elements* available variables: * index / number * even / odd * start / end * length
  • tal:repeat PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011<span tal:repeat=”crumb breadcrumbs”> <a tal:attributes=”href crumb/absolute_url” tal:content=”crumb/Title”>crumb</a></span>
  • tal:content PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011* determines what content will display inside a tag* any content inside the tag in the template will not display in the site<span tal:content=”title”>The Title</span>
  • tal:content PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011use ‘structure’ for content with HTML code,so the code is not rendered as text<tal:body content=”structure context/getText” />
  • tal:replace PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011* determines what content will display in place of a tag* the tag will not display in the site<span tal:replace=”title”>The Title</span>
  • tal:replace PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011* replacing an element with ‘nothing’ will not render in the site* good for commenting out parts of the code<div tal:replace=”nothing”> This is a comment</div>
  • tal:attributes PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011allows you to set a dynamic value to an attribute(href, src, class, etc)<a href=”#” tal:content=”crumb/Title” tal:attributes=”href crumb/absolute_url”></a>
  • tal:omit-tag PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011* similar to condition, evaluates an expression* if true, the wrapping tag is omitted, and only the content is displayed* if false, the tag displays* omit-tag=”” will also omit the tag
  • tal:omit-tag PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011<a href=”#” tal:define=”url crumb/absolute_url” tal:omit-tag=”not:url” tal:attributes=”href url”>
  • Macros PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011The Macro Expansion Template AttributeLanguage (METAL) allows us to create macroswithin our page templates, which saves us fromrepeating code.* define-macro / use-macro* define-slot / fill-slot
  • Macros PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011<div metal:define-macro=”footer”> &copy; 2011 Company Name</div><metal:foot use-macro=”context/my_macros/macros/footer”></metal:foot>
  • Macro Slots PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011<h1 metal:define-slot=”content-title”> <span tal:replace=”context/Title”></span></h1><h1 metal:fill-slot=”content-title”> Custom Title</h1>
  • PLONE SYMPOSIUM EAST 2011 eck outCh p. com/d emossix feetu