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  1. 1. c/2nd lt. Christina Duong Bravo Flight
  2. 2.        Geography Demographics Culture Government Military Economy Current Events
  3. 3.     Indochinese peninsula Bordered by Thailand and Laos on the north and Vietnam on the east and south. The Gulf of Thailand is off the western coast. total: 181,035 sq km land: 176,515 sq km water: 4,520 sq km
  4. 4.    Mostly low, flat plains; mountains in southwest and north; Mekong river to the east The plain is centered around Lake Tonle Sap Tropical with little seasonal temperature variation rainy, monsoon season (May to November) dry season (December to April)
  5. 5.    15,205,539 million people 1.67% pop. Growth rate Phnom Penh: 1.55 million (2011) Median Age: 23.7 years male: 23 years female: 24.4 years
  6. 6.       Ethnicity: Khmer 90%, Vietnamese 5%, Chinese 1%, other 4% Languages: Khmer (official) 95%, French, English Religions: Buddhist (official) 96.4%, Muslim 2.1%, other 1.3%, unspecified 0.2% Education Literacy: total population: 73.9% 2.6% of GDP Child Labor: 39% Obesity: 2.1% (adults)
  7. 7. Cuisine is similar to Thai and Vietnamese food.  With an emphasis on simplicity, freshness, seasonality and regionalism  The staple food for Cambodians is rice  "Ho Mok“  Kmer Red Curry Cambodian Dance can be divided into three main categories:  classical dance  folk dances  vernacular dances
  8. 8.      Traditionally, birthdays are not celebrated in Cambodia. In Cambodia, the head is regarded as the highest part of the body and shouldn’t be touched even in the kindest manner. Leak Kon Saeng is a popular game in Cambodia. The game is similar to “duck duck goose,” but instead of tapping a person on the head, the player who is “it” places a knotted piece of cloth behind the “goose.” It’s considered disrespectful to let your feet or soles to point at people or things, so the feet must be tucked in when sitting. Cambodians greet each other by pressing their palms together in front of their bodies and bowing. This is called a Sampeah, with the younger or lower ranked person normally initiating the gesture. Do not use white wrapping paper, as it is the color of mourning. Gifts are not opened when received.
  9. 9. Funan Period: (1st- 6th century) Composed of small states Major Sea Port- introduced Hinduism Chenla Period: (6th- 8th century) Chenla conquered Funan and thekingdom was divided into Land Chenla and Water Chenla Year Zero: (1975) Phnom Penh was taken over by Pol Plot Attempts at agricultural reform led to famine, disease, and death Money was worthless Freedoms taken away and religion banned Genocide- 1.7 million dead Kmer Empire/Angkorian Era: (9th- 13th) King Jayavarman II united the lands Angkor Wat was built for Vishnu Theravada Buddhism was introduced by monks from Sri-Lanka- became to prominent religion of Angkor Khmer Rouge: (communist group) Led by Pol Plot Motto: To keep you is no benefit. To destroy you is no loss. Dark Ages: After the death of King Jayavarman VII, the kingdom lost control of peripheries and was involved in a power struggle between Vietnam and Siam/Thailand French Colonial Period 1863- King Norodom signed a treaty with France and became its colony Japanese occupied during WW2 French government enthroned Norodom Sihanouk as a puppet, but he helped Cambodia gain independence In 1953 Cambodia is re-named Democratic Kampuchea Goes to War with Vietnam Vietnam invades and seize the capitol; Khmer Rouge forces leave The People’s Republic of Kampuchea is established Vietnam withdraws and the country is renamed Cambodia Uneasy Peace A peace agreement is signed in ParisSihanouk becomes king again (Kingdom of Cambodia) under a constitutional monarchy Thousands of Khmer Rouge guerrillas surrender and the UN allows the trial of other leaders
  10. 10. Government:  multiparty democracy under a constitutional monarchy Suffrage  18 years, universal Legislative:  bicameral (consists of the Senate and the National Assembly  Elections Judicial Executive:  Supreme Court  chief of state: King Norodom  Extraordinary Chambers of the Courts Sihamoni  Constitutional Court judges appointed  head of government: Prime for 9-year terms with one-third of Minister: Hun Sen the court renewed every 3 years  Elections
  11. 11. Name:      conventional long form: Kingdom of Cambodia conventional short form: Cambodia local long form: Preahreacheanachakr Kampuchea (phonetic pronunciation) local short form: Kampuchea former: Khmer Republic, Democratic Kampuchea, People's Republic of Kampuchea, State of Cambodia    Blue: royalty Red: nation Temple: religion (Buddhism)
  12. 12. • Royal Cambodian Army • 75,000 active personnel General Meas Sopheas • Royal Cambodian Navy • 4,000 active personnel Vice Admiral Tea Vinh • Royal Cambodian Air Force • 2,500 active personnel under Lt. General Soeung Samnang
  13. 13.      Garments, construction, agriculture, and tourism have driven Cambodia's growth. (6% GDP from 2010 to 2012) GDP: $36.54 billion agriculture: 35.7% industry: 23.9% services: 40.4% Exports: clothing, timber, rubber, rice, fish, tobacco, footwear (U.S. 33%) Imports: petroleum products, cigarettes, gold, construction materials, machinery, motor vehicles, pharmaceutical products (Thailand 27%) Natural Resources: oil and gas, gemstones, timber, iron order, phosphates, manganese and hydropower potential.
  14. 14.       Remains one of the poorest countries in Asia and long-term economic development remains a daunting challenge Approximately 4 million people live on less than $1.25 per day The Cambodian Government is working with bilateral and multilateral donors (The Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and IMF) 0% unemployment 20% under the poverty line 4,033 riels per US dollar
  15. 15. A court in Cambodia has suspended extradition proceedings against a Russian property tycoon wanted in Moscow over embezzlement allegations. Cambodian workers have been demanding higher wages to toil in factories making Gap jeans and Nike trainers but have found themselves on the frontline of a bloody crackdown on dissent by strongman premier Hun Sen.
  16. 16.        Geography Demographics Culture Government Military Economy Current Events