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Slides used for our Second place finish in the First Annual Pace/GroupM Analytics competition.

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  • ChiragAll of the competitors compete to each others because there are similar cars in terms of quality, price, basically target audience + BLA BLA BLA Chirag
  • chirag
  • Julie/chirag
  • The perfect advertisement scores a 100 on each Index, and after applying the weights, scores a 769.The resulting Audi number is the company’s Consumer Engagement Score. Audi scored a 249, second place among it’s competitorsThe score is the company’s share of 769 possible points (in this case) shared with it’s competitors.
  • Had we been at this just before Ad launch, we would have been able to track the increase in “Likes” for the Facebook page. Attempted to use the website, “The way back machine”, but Facebook block it’s access. However, in total likes, Audi is crushing it’s competition.
  • Computed the index of each search and took the average of the two for inclusion in the CESInteresting note: One would rationally assume the generic search term “XYZ super bowl commercial 2012” would have the higher number of returns. Not the case. The specific ad title had the higher index. Indicates a savy consumer and consumers knowing exactly what they wanted to see. Audi had a return of 9.8M compared to next closest rival Acura with 5.27M for ad name search.
  • JulieYouTube is a indispensable tool for a business. Indeed in 2011 48 HOURS of video were uploaded every minute on the website, compared to the 8HOURS per minute in 2007. And YouTube has more than 3 billion views a day on the site.To analyze YouTube's impact on Audi’s Super Bowl Ad, we look at how many times the ad was release on the 1st page of research. From the Company Channel’s views views to the 3rd Party channel views. Then we collected and sum up all the data's and dissecting them through the number of channels views, the number of likes and dislikes, the numbers of comments and lastly the number of likes related to the top comments. We did it for the 5 competitors.And here are the results GraphAUDI : 5 releaseFIAT: 10 releaseCADILLAC: 5 releaseLEXUS: 9 releaseACURA: 3 release-- we established that there are no relationships between the number of release and the number of views or the number of likes/dislikes or even the number of comments. For instance ACURA only has 3 Super Bowl videos released on the 1st page whereas AUDI and CADILLAC have 5; LEXUS has 9 and FIAT has 10. and when looking at the 4 classifications we clearly see that ACURA is way higher than the 4 others. However, their ratios likes/dislikesikes is less good that the 4 others:Ratios:AUDI : 25,4FIAT: 30,5CADILLAC: 12LEXUS: 3,8ACURA: 14,7 are analyzing YouTube so heavily because of its important in the social media of graph
  • The sentiment of comments has been a sticking point during our research. Does a one word comment, whether positive or negative, effect how others view the brand? There is no good way to measure. One person can type “Awesome!” and mean every sense of the word. Another can type “Awesome” and mean it as sarcasm. How does a computer program or search engine know the difference or handle emoticons? Those are the little smiley faces and frowns that held a reader define the emotion behind a comment. There are websites that say they can measure overall sentiment of comments, but they do not divulge their methods. Even if we could trust them, there is no tool that conclusively validates the impact of a of an interaction’s dimensions to ROI. No proof that the guy who “Liked” the video is more or less likely than the lady who wrote a 140 character tweet about the brand to go out and make a purchase.Including a line of measure that is not definitive would just add noise to the CES score. Until such time that such a measure is considered reliable, and an validation of ROI, it would just muddy our data. For those reasons we decided not to pursue that measurement for the CES.
  • Nune Side explaining that the CES can be more accurate
  • Pace/GroupM Analytics Competition Slides

    1. 1. Executive Overview1. Background 1. Why Audi? 2. Who are the competitors?2. Social Media Chosen and Metrics 1. Twitter 2. Facebook 3. Google 4. Blogs 5. YouTube 6. Company website3. Introduction of the model - Why and how?4. The Model5. Suggestions
    2. 2. Why Audi?• High Brand Equity• Market Innovators• Pioneer #hashtag• Actively involved in all platforms of social media
    3. 3. – Acura NSX: SeinfeldAudi: So Long – Fiat 500: Seduction Vampires – Cadillac ATS: Green Hell – Lexus GS: Beast
    4. 4. Measurement CriteriaCollect data from individual SM platforms for Audi that directly reference,or are influenced by, the Super Bowl (SB) campaign.  YouTube  Facebook o Views o Likes o Likes o Comments  Blog mentions  Twitter  Google Searches o Mentions o hashtag use  Website traffic
    5. 5. Logic Behind the Measurement Criteria • Tracking services give you snap shots of your campaign‟s performance on each of the major social media platforms. • Breaking down into categories per platforms, help analyze in details where your success lies.
    6. 6. Gross View index = Total views of ad super bowluploads Total views of all across all x 100 Competitor Auto ads across all uploads
    7. 7. Introduction to model Lots of data, how do we make them meaningful? Categories Interactions/Indices Results/Weight1 Facebook Likes 1 10%2 Twitter Followers .07% Tweets 0.025% The number of New Follow 0.029% interactions for the Re-Tweet 0.39% platform measurement3 YouTube Channel 45% (Likes, comments, re- 3rd Party 1.3% tweets …) Comments 0.01% The total number of Likes 0.07% interactions measured Dis-Like 0.0003%4 Blogs Blogs mentions 3.6%5 Co.Web Traffic 2.3%6 Google Gen/Title/News 13 36.5% 76,037,848
    8. 8. Model Consumer Engagement Score CES Maximum CES shared by the Competition Audi 264 249 Fiat 769 Cadillac Lexus Acura 71 127 58Audi scored a 249, second place among it‟s competitors
    9. 9. Twitter• From Jan 25th - Feb 5th : • Audi # of Followers by 10,443 • All total competition by7,509 followers.• 1st in Tweets, 2nd most followers .• Only Car company to have #hashtag in their campaign 46,943 5,902 216,902
    10. 10. Facebook• Gathered total number of page “Likes” for each company‟s USA page.• Company Facebook “Like” Index:  Company “Likes”/Total “Likes” x 100 5,019,708 Facebook Likes706050 Audi Fiat40 Cadillac30 Lexus20 Acura10 0 Audi Fiat Cadillac Lexus Acura
    11. 11. Google • Two searches conducted for each company using two search terms: – “XYZ super bowl commercial 2012” – “XYZ „Common name of commercial‟” • Google news was done the same way11,980,000 "Everything" Averages "News" Averages 40 40 35 35 30 30 Audi Audi 25 25 Acura Acura 20 Fiat 20 8 Fiat 15 Cadillac 15 Cadillac 10 Lexus 10 Lexus 5 5 0 0 Audi Acura Fiat Cadillac Lexus Audi Acura Fiat Cadillac Lexus
    12. 12. Blogs• A similar search was done using the Google Blogs search engine.• The same two search terms were used as the “everything” searches 823,000 Blog Averages 35 30 25 Audi 20 Acura Fiat 15 Cadillac 10 Lexus 5 0 Audi Acura Fiat Cadillac Lexus
    13. 13. YouTube7,318,505AUDI FIAT CADILLAC LEXUS ACURA 597 TOTAL The company‟s ad release + all the releasing on the 1st YouTube page 15,156 • Number of channel views 1,943 • Number of likes • Number of dislikes • Number of comments Top comments + number of likes
    14. 14. Company website Changes in visits to Company Website : • Audi: 19% • Fiat: No change61,992 • Cadillac: 4% • Lexus: 11% • Acura: 2%
    15. 15. The Quantitative vs. Qualitative Quandary• Are sentiments of comments the measure of a brand?• “Awesome!” vs. “Awesome.” – or• Web creepers?• Interactions compared to ROI.• Muddied waters.
    16. 16. Future Campaign Ideas…• QR Codes• SMS Contests• Bring back #hashtag contest