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This presentation is about how we can use Twitter in education, specially for undergrad students at universities.

Feel free to download and use it.

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Twitter for Education

  1. Harnessing twitter for learning purpose <br />Avijit Paul<br />Multimedia University, Malaysia<br />
  2. Demographics &OBJECTIVE<br />Self learning<br />Active learning<br />Increasing engagement<br />Create knowledge<br />classroom of 100 students<br />Undergraduate student<br />
  3. How to use twitter<br />Brief history of twitter &<br />
  4. Twitter101<br />tweet<br />With 140 characters we need to say what we want to share<br />Geo loation<br />Enabling location of where we are tweeting from<br />Retweet (rt)<br />Sharing another person’s tweet<br />hashtag<br />@replies<br />Geo location<br />Hashtag (#) is used to mark a keyword or a topic<br />From where we are tweeting from<br />A reply is update posted by clicking the "Reply" button on another Tweet<br />
  5. revisitingdemographics & objective<br />Self learning<br />Active learning<br />Create knowledge<br />Create knowledge<br />classroom of 100 students<br />Undergraduate student<br />Increasing engagement<br />
  6. exciting learning environment<br />What do students want for an<br />
  7. have fun in the class<br />
  8. Using twitter in academia<br />What can we use it for<br />
  9. Creating knowledgeLock Haven University, Lock Haven, USA<br />Faculty: How has reading MBM changed your ideas about responsibility or obligations toward people who are poorer than you are?<br />Student01: @Faculty Reading mbm has made me less self centered. I realized alot of ppl need help and you can help them by doing simple things:) <br />Student02: @Faculty It made me realize how selfless I need to be, just like how Farmer put his dedication toward helping others before his own needs. <br />Student03: I’ve realized that helping the less fortunate is a social and moral responsibility that nobody is exempt from to help make the world better.<br />
  10. Instant feedbackLock Haven University, Lock Haven, USA<br />Faculty: 3 min paper option for the 21st is to tweet questions you have for upper-class pre-health professional students. Due 12pm 10/21. <br />Student01: @Faculty I have a psych class at noon. How am I supposed to attend? <br />Faculty: @Student01 If you can’t attend because of scheduling conflict, please complete 3 min paper about last class.<br />
  11. organizationSouth Dakota State University, Brookings,USA<br />Faculty: Anyone interested in forming a study group?<br />Student01:@Faculty for what class<br />Student02: @Faculty For what class?<br />Student03: @Faculty study group for what?<br />Faculty: @Student01 @Student02 @Student03 What class would you like to form a study group for? Chem? <br />Student05: Both Chemistry and Biology would be nice. OK how about a Chem and Bio study group? Who is in?<br />Student06: Anyone that wants to have a study group for Bio or Chem. Let me know and I’m in!<br />
  12. Ask a questionThe Pennsylvania State University, University Park,USA<br />Student02: @Faculty Why are you training to become a health professional? is what I would ask them, could I go to the discussion. Alas, Bio lab. <br />Student03: @Faculty My question is, How many of you are planning to go into radiology and why? <br />Student04: @Faculty My question is – What made you decide the specific career in the health field you want to pursue? <br />Student05: @Faculty My question is: How many Medical schools did you apply to and how did you choose which ones to apply to?<br />
  13. Learning environment<br />And there is one more thing about<br />
  14. Hole in the wall project in 1999<br />
  15. long Period<br />So do the students really do it over<br />
  16. Number of tweets sent each week of the semester. Note: Twitter use began on the second week.<br />
  17. What do we need<br />In order to apply and test<br />
  18. Million dollar grant? - NO<br />Another<br />
  19. Just tweetdeck will do for students<br />
  20. Why useTweetdeck<br /><ul><li>Everything is in one place
  21. Can track the hashtag, DM, message etc in real time
  22. Add facebook update so that students don’t need to leave facebook (very important to students)</li></li></ul><li>What else do we need<br />For the educators<br />
  23. Everyone is well connected in #altc2011<br />
  24. No one is connected for #tweetdrive<br />
  25. Track a specific person, say @FieryRed1 173<br />
  26. Twitteralytics@hawksey<br />All you need is free and open source tools such as<br />
  27. Overall usage<br />Classroom Community<br />Class Chatter<br />Self learning<br />Writing Assignments<br />Instant Feedback<br />Knowledge creation<br />Follow a Professional<br />
  28. Thankyou<br />Avijit Paul<br />@cdtavijit<br />
  29. Image Credits (Not in order)<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />