CD and DVD Duplication: Creating Multimedia Marketing Campaigns


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Ideas for using CD and DVD duplicators to create pursuasive marketing and sales campaigns

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CD and DVD Duplication: Creating Multimedia Marketing Campaigns

  1. 1. The Use Of Multimedia In Modern Marketing Campaigns Creating breathtaking multimedia marketing materials with CD and DVD Duplicators that allow you to reach consumers and generate sales in a whole new way.
  2. 2. DYNAMIC AND INTERACTIVE MARKETING A well designed interactive multimedia presentation on disc, copied with a CD or DVD duplicator is more appealing to consumers than a canned advertisement on TV. You can include more information on the product and users can decide what information is important.
  3. 3. CD Solutions' DVD duplicating technologies allow you to create dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of copies of a presentation. Hand them out at trade shows, mail them to potential clients, or stock them at retail outlets. Give focused presentations using DVDs in interactive kiosks in high traffic areas like malls or local events. Your sales team can give directed presentations to groups of potential buyers, using the multimedia technologies to add a WOW factor.
  4. 4. CD & DVD DUPLICATION: AN INEXPENSIVE TECHNOLOGY Modern CD and DVD duplicators can put out high- quality discs quickly at a low cost. You can produce a single DVD for about what you would pay for a sales brochure, yet the interactive multimedia experience will have greater impact.
  5. 5. HOW WILL YOU USE A DVD OR CD DUPLICATOR? Sales Presentation Virtual Real Estate Tour Company Reports Interactive Manuals Non Profit Appeals Artistic Portfolios
  6. 6. CD & DVD MARKETING IDEAS Real Estate Agents can create virtual tours on CD or DVD so potential buyers can “walk” from room to room to get a feel for a home before visiting. Interior Decorators can create virtual rooms with carpet colors, furniture placement, and other elements on CD or DVD to offer customers a way to experiment with different styles before the first stroke of a paintbrush.
  7. 7. CD & DVD MARKETING IDEAS Artistic Portfolios: A host of creative people can create compact portfolios to show off their work. Musicians: can use CD duplicating to release their own albums or to create demos for distribution to potential performance venues. Keynote speakers, consultants, and entertainers can distribute videos of their work.
  8. 8. CD & DVD MARKETING IDEAS Company Reports: Financial analyses and stockholder reports can be brought to life with a full multimedia Interactive Manuals: DVD duplicating simplifies employee training by creating courses on disc. Non-Profits: convey stories of the people they help to add a human element to their presentations.
  9. 9. CREATING A CD OR DVD PRESENTATION A presentation can be as uncomplicated as a PowerPoint file or a collection of images and a slideshow program copied to a disc for CD duplicating.   Software allows for more complicated presentations with simple drag and drop interfaces. For the technically minded, use powerful applications with the same editing techniques as special effects and video production professionals.
  10. 10. CUT COSTS BY DUPLICATING CDS AND DVDS YOURSELF Once you have your master copy, the next question is whether to make your own copies or hire CD Solutions. We stock a wide range of CD and DVD duplicators to fit any budget. Our small units produce a few discs at a time and our large, automated duplicators can run unsupervised to produce hundreds of discs. Using one of our CD and DVD duplicators is a good option if you run discs in batches of less than 50 at a time or if you need immediate turnaround.
  11. 11. DVD DUPLICATING SERVICES CD Solutions provides large job DVD duplicating for less than doing it yourself, even if you already own the equipment. We give you a great price and you’ll save on having someone operate your duplicator. For duplicating in the thousands or higher, we press discs instead of burning in the same technique used for Hollywood movies and recording artists.