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Presentation rubric

  1. 1. Exhibition Assessment – Presentation of FindingsNAME: EXHIBIT # SUCCESS CRITERIA Exceeding Expectations Meeting Expectations Approaching Expectations - Showed knowledge of the - Showed knowledge by defining - Had difficulty defining the issue by providing a clear the issue and presenting a issue clearly and presenting definition and expressing a relevant point of view a personal point of view relevant point of view designed to promote social or ecological justice - Supported a personal point of - Supported a personal point of - Supported a point of view view with fully developed view with strong supporting with little or unconvincing arguments and strong evidence evidence supporting evidence- Present an exhibit that will - Used case studies from the - Used relevant case studies from - Had no specific information attract the attention of visitors local area as supporting the local area as supporting about local case studies to and provide relevant information evidence and made strong evidence use as evidence to be used to support arguments connections to global and point of view perspectives - Understanding of the big ideas - There was strong evidence of - There was minimal evidence- Convince visitors of the need to was deep and thorough and real understanding of the big of any real understanding of take positive action related to showed connection to other ideas the big ideas the issue of choice concepts, units and issues - Answers to challenging - Answers to questions were - Answers to questions were questions were immediate, detailed, informative and simplistic detailed, informative and relevant relevant - Delivery was passionate, - Delivery was engaging with - Delivery lacked any passion engaging and powerful, visitors fully aware of their need and visitors were not prompting visitors to leave with to take some form of action compelled to take the issue the intention of taking personal further by taking any form of action action - The exhibit was striking and - The exhibit was appealing and - The exhibit held minimal creatively presented with attracted genuine interest. It appeal, with little attention novel elements that made it was presented with care and given to variety of format or different from others there was some variety in the presentation of materials choice of format