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Common Mistakes
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Common Mistakes


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  • 1. Partner Certification - Silver
  • 2. Why is there pre-filled information on my form and not all fields• showing? If you have clicked on a tracked email link or filled out a form previously without clearing your cookies/cache, the form made have some information pre-filled and/or some of the fields may not be showing.• If Pardot already knows information about the prospect, by default, we do not show the same fields again – this allows for progressive profiling.• If Pardot does show the fields we already know (for example email address will always show), Pardot will pre- fill the field with the information that we have on the prospect.
  • 3. Why does my email test still show %%first_name%% or other variable tags?• Email test are not sent out to a prospect or a list, so when you send a test through the wizard, Pardot does not know the information to fill in this data.• To test the variable tags to see if they are working, create an internal test list and send a blast to that list – variable tags should work here.
  • 4. Why does my form report show no submissions? I have prospects.• Was the form being used on a Pardot landing page? If so, we run the reporting on the landing page level. This allows you to use the same form on multiple landing pages and have the completion actions and reporting occur on the landing page level.• Are you using a form handler instead? Make sure that you are looking at the correct type of form.
  • 5. In my form/landing page report, I am seeing errors. What does this mean?• Your form is working as it should.• This just means the prospect who completed the form did not submit the required information that you are requiring on the form.• If you are seeing a lot of errors on your form, it could mean you are asking for too much personal information and people are not willing to complete it. Ask less required information.• If you are seeing a lot of errors on the form handler, make sure the fields are mapped correctly and any required fields on the form handler match the required fields on
  • 6. I sent a test email and did not get it!• Check your spam filter• If you send multiple test in a short period, some spam filters may throttle the message to send to spam• Content could be bad and cause the email to spam• Check the email with the Gold Email Package to see why your email went to the spam folder
  • 7. Why do I need to activate my location?• Security!• We want to make sure you are really logging in from this new location, we don’t want your information to be compromised.• Make sure your Pardot and Email passwords are different for maximum protection.• Once you whitelist the IP, you should not need to activate the location again• If you are on a VPN or Remote Box, you may need to activate each time you login as IP addresses change.
  • 8. Why is this prospect not being hit by the automation/segmentation/dynamic• Check the rules, don’t overlist? complicate your work in which could have items that work against each other• Check your match any and match alls • If you are matching on state for example, you can’t use a match all• Is the rule paused?• How long ago did you create the rule/unpause? • Give it about 10-15 minutes to run the rule• Did the preview show the prospect would match?
  • 9. Why does my email look different in [insert email client here]?• Every email client reads HTML and CSS differently• Make sure that font sizes are actual numbers and not sizes (small, large, etc.)• Outlook does not like padding or margins• Gmail does not read external style sheets • All CSS needs to be inline
  • 10. Why can’t I insert a custom URL for my landing page?• This option is available for all versions of Pardot• You must have your Cname set up before this option will work• Usually on first step of Landing Page wizard and content• Can not create vanity URLs for forms
  • 11. I have AddThis in my email, but the links are not working!• Email test do not have an actual URL to send to AddThis• You would not want to tweet a test!• To test the AddThis to see if it’s working, create an internal test list and send a blast to that list – AddThis should work here.
  • 12. End of Commonly Made Mistakes• You have reached the end of the Commonly Made Mistakes• You will now take a test of what you have learned. You must score greater than 85% to pass this portion of the test.• Good luck!