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  • 1. Partner Certification - Gold Little Known Parts of Pardot
  • 2. Site Search• Site search can be used to track what prospects are searching for on your website• Pardot Hosted • Pardot hosts the site search and a landing page is used to display the results • Pardot needs a live XML/HTML sitemap to crawl and find the pages• Third-Party Site Search • Pardot integrates with the current site search on your website • Works similarly to a form handler where we will grab the query and send the prospect to the results page
  • 3. Scoring Rules• Allows you to change the default scoring rules in the Pardot system• Located in Administration >> Scoring Rules• Any changes in default scoring will retroactively change the score for any prospects previously hit with a score• Could cause a small influx of new leads if assigning based on score
  • 4. Custom Redirects• Allows you to track any link on your website or a third party site (twitter page, banner ad, etc.)• When to use Custom Redirects: • Banner ads on third party sites • Social Sharing • Links you don’t want to host. Videos are a great example for this• Any completion actions are for prospects already in the system, will not retroactively have completion action when they convert
  • 5. Grading• Allows you to qualify a lead based on quality rather than activity (score)• Everyone starts out as a D for their grade • Will not be shown until a score has been applied to/against them• Criteria set up in Marketing >> Segmentation >> Profiles• Criteria can be weighed at 1/3, 2/3, or a full letter grade• Give enough weight to move a prospect from a D to an A if matches numerous criteria• Grades can be applied manually in the prospects
  • 6. Completion Actions• Allows you to save automation rules for more complicated actions• Completion actions are available within forms, form handlers, files, custom redirects, and page actions• Completion actions are not retroactive, they will only happen after the action is created• Completion actions will not run on visitors• Completion actions allow for a rule to occur every time • Only ‘add to score’ does not (once every 24 hours)
  • 7. Form Field Actions• The ability to add a prospect to a list based on a field value• Available for dropdown, checkbox, radio button, or multi-selects• When you list options for the field in admin >> prospect fields, you will see a list icon next to the field where you choose the list to add the prospect to• If a prospect removes this option, it will not remove them from the list
  • 8. Form Field Labels• The ability to have an external facing label different from an internal one• Available for dropdown, checkbox, radio button, or multi-selects• When you list options for the field in admin >> prospect fields, you will see an ‘A’ icon next to the input• Type internal name in the left field and external name in the right field
  • 9. Opt-In Tracking• To comply with some countries cookie privacy laws, allows you to ask the prospect to opt into tracking• Accessed in Administration >> Overview • Can be turned on for a region or individual countries• Will have a prompt at the top of the screen if a visitor comes from a selected locale• If prospect opts in, they will not be asked unless they clear their cookies• If prospect opts out, any form completions or tracked email clicks will still be marked, but page visits will not
  • 10. GoodData• Pardot is integrated with GoodData to help you customize your reporting capabilities, narrowing in on long-term trends in your marketing efforts• Not turned on for account by default, must be activated by going to Admin >> Connectors• Data is updated nightly• Custom reports can be made and automatically emailed on a time schedule that you select
  • 11. Page Actions• Track individual pages on your site if someone accesses the page• Set the page as a priority page so the activity has its own activity in the prospects record• Have completion actions to run if the prospect hits the page • Will only run on prospects and will not be retroactive once a visitor converts• Tracking code must be on the page you wish to have a page action
  • 12. Campaign Cohort Report• Gives statistical information for each Pardot campaign beyond the basic campaign report data• Gives you a look over a selected period of time to see how many prospects and opportunities were created • You can filter the graph by month and drill into campaigns to see how that monthly cohort performs • This alternative view on the data makes it easier to visualize if there’s seasonality for a campaign, if the effectiveness is increasing/decreasing over time, and more • You can also drill into a specific campaign and view its cohort report• Accessed in Reports >> Overview and click on the campaign name
  • 13. Visitor Report by Geography• Have the daily visitor filtered to only show a particular geography• Based on the visitors IP address and where the IP is register to• Accessed by going to Email Address (Top Right) >> Edit User Preferences• Allows you to have sales reps who get the daily visitor report to only see their sales regions and not other reps’.
  • 14. End of Course Twelve• You have reached the end of the Little Known Parts of Pardot course• You will now take a test of what you have learned. You must score greater than 85% to pass this portion of the test• Good luck!