Scoring and Grading


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Scoring and Grading

  1. 1. Partner Certification - Bronze Scoring and Grading
  2. 2. Overview of Scoring and Grading• Scoring – Determines how engaged the prospect is with your company and website• Grading – Determines how qualified the prospect is for your company based on criteria you determine
  3. 3. Why Score and Grade?• Not everyone who completes a form is sales ready or qualified• Score is not always the best indicator of a good fit • Could be a student using your site as a resource• Sales cycle is a lot shorter when reps are working with more qualified leads than less• Sales process can start in later stages than having to cold call and qualify themselves
  4. 4. When should reps get leads because of score?• Every company is different on when reps should get new leads assigned to them• Want to make sure the prospect is interested in the product before reps call on them• A good benchmark is ~100. • If too few prospects are assigned, lower to ~75 • If too many/non qualified prospects, raise to ~150-200• Want the number to be higher than 50 since the prospect gets that number of points for filling out a form
  5. 5. Exceptions to score/grade assignments• Prospects are already working with a sales rep and in the CRM• Prospect completes a contact me now/ready to buy type of form• Prospect talks to a rep outside of the site and engages
  6. 6. Modifying the Scoring System• Change Baseline System• Automation Rules• Completion Actions• Imports• Manually
  7. 7. Changing Baseline System• Allows you to change the default scoring in the application• Located in Administration >> Scoring Rules• Any changes will retroactively change the score for those already affected by the score• If you have any automation rules in place for assignment based on score, this could cause a small spike in new assignments
  8. 8. Changing Score by Automation Rules• Create an automation rule to change an automation rule based on an action or value• Can either add or subtract score using the action “Change prospect score”• Automation rule will only hit the prospect once, use completion actions if you wish to affect the prospect each time.
  9. 9. Changing score by Completion Actions• Change score based on an action taking place on the site• Found in numerous parts of the application: • Forms • Form Handlers • Content • Custom Redirects • Page Actions• Unlike automation rules, this will run on the prospect each time the action has taken place
  10. 10. Changing Score Manually• Allows you to change the prospects score to whatever value you wish• Edit the prospect’s profile to find the field
  11. 11. Grading• Grading allows you to show how “qualified” the prospect is based on criteria• Grading is based on profiles • You can grade prospects differently based on their profile• Set up grading criteria’s in the Segmentation >> Profiles section
  12. 12. Setting up a Profile• Located in Segmentation >> Profiles• Everyone is given the default profile at prospect creation• Create criteria and give it a grade weight (1/3, 2/3,1)• Everyone starts out with a D as their grade
  13. 13. Updating Grade• Manually • Go into prospect’s profile and give a thumbs up or thumbs down to raise or lower grade• Automation • Create an automation rule that looks for a value or action • Create action in automation to ‘change profile criteria’
  14. 14. End of Scoring and Grading Course• You have reached the end of the scoring and grading course• You will now take a test of what you have learned. You must score greater than 85% to pass this portion of the test• Good luck!