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Project 2 Project 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Calvin Griego Reading 142 M/W 12
  • Fact: Favorite Inference: Heplace to go to is enjoys playingArcade Infinity videogamesAssumptions:There are Sharedgames to play at Values:Arcade Infinity Videogames
  •  Confident In •Inquisitive: Reasoning: Minh is going to He shows school as a full confidence in what time student in he is doing at the order to enrich point in his life. He his life by is not tentative furthering his about what he schooling wants in his life experience
  • •Vagueness: •Ambiguity Clarifying Intent ContextualizingRefers to himself as He refers to cosplay butan average person. if anyone is unfamiliarWhat he may with the word he usesconsider average an example tomay be explicate comicon,different than others. where people dress up.
  • Language Example ExplanationComputer “If I had a droid, He enjoys I’d hack it and working with root it” computer. He is a virtuoso with electronics and likes to show it.
  • Emotional Appeal Example ExplanationJust Plain Folk “I am an average person He refers to himself as just looking for another an average person. He average person” would like someone that is similar and average like he is. He is cognent by appealing to people this wayFlattery “I like to meet a lot of He is speaking good different people and I about nerds. He feels believe that nerds are that they are the most the most interesting interesting people to people. There are so speak to and get to know many different kinds of one another. He is them that they are all judicious when it comes very entertaining” to liking nerds
  • •Fact: She •Assumption: enjoys to play Playing videogames games are a pass time many people enjoy •Inference: She enjoys playing •Shared Language Community Value: many types Shared Values of Videogames Emotional Appeals videogames Interests
  • Nerdy “I also love anime, and attendLanguage cons religiouslyCommunity every summer/year” Just Plain Folk “Must like sittingEmotional around, must likeAppeal parks and must swim and not be a picky eater”
  • •Both have dogs and cats•Enjoy videogames•Enjoy going to cons•Enjoy the company of nerds•Extreme outdoor activities