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Intro talk to kick off the Adaptive Content Show & Tell at #AustinContent.

Intro talk to kick off the Adaptive Content Show & Tell at #AustinContent.

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  • 1. Adaptive ContentShow & Tell #AustinContent
  • 2. First:A few disclaimers.
  • 3. #1:This shit is really hard.
  • 4. #2:We’re all faking it.
  • 5. #3:Isn’t that awesome?
  • 6. Okay, so what is “adaptive” content?
  • 7. Okay, so what is “responsive” content?
  • 8. Okay, so what is “future-friendly” content?
  • 9. Well-structured content is now an essential part ofart direction. Consider how it can flow into a varietyof containers by being mindful of their constraintsand capabilities…Highly capable smart devices, simple constraineddevices, interoperable devices and (a whole lot)more are part of our future. Structure and store yourcontent accordingly.
  • 10. Blobs vs. Chunks
  • 11. “We are in a war betweengiant, unstructured blobsof content, and clean,well-structured fields ofcontent that havemetadata attached. Weare in a war of Blobsversus Chunks.You all are on TeamChunk. We cannot letthe blobs win.”Karen McGrane“Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content”
  • 12. Sarah Wachter-Boettcher!“Getting Unstuck: Content Strategy for the Future  
  • 13. It isn’t just about mobile.
  • 14. Mobile exposes theunderlying issues.
  • 15. But it also helps us realize new possibilities.
  • 16. Example:A tale of two tacos
  • 17.  
  • 18.  
  • 19.  
  • 20.  
  • 21. You can’t do this without structured content.
  • 22. THIS:
  • 23. IS BUILT WITH THIS:Taco name: Fried AvocadoDescription: Hand-battered fresh avocados fried andserved with vegetarian refried beans, topped with pico,lettuce & cheese. Served with POBLANO SAUCE on acorn tortilla.Vegetarian (Y/N): YesTortilla: Corn, Flour, In a bowlSauces: Diablo, Chipotle, Poblano, Avocado, Tomatillo,Roja, No SauceOptions: No cheese, No pico, Not fried, No beans, NolettuceUpgrades…etc. etc. etc.
  • 24. But wait, there’s more!
  • 25. Remember how I said italso “helps you realize new possibilities”?
  • 26.  
  • 27.  
  • 28.  
  • 29. But I’m not a restaurant, my content doesn’t break down to tortillas and sauces. What can I do?
  • 30. Find your chunks.
  • 31. “The challenge is figuring out how to decompose a site full of inflexible HTML blobs into discrete, bite- sized fields.”- Jeff Eaton"Deblobbing your chunks: Building a flexible content model”
  • 32. SOURCES    Ge#ng  unstuck:  Content  strategy  for  the  future  Sara  Wachter-­‐Boe-cher  h-p://­‐unstuck-­‐content-­‐strategy-­‐for-­‐the-­‐future    Future-­‐Ready  Content  Sara  Wachter-­‐Boe-cher  h-p://­‐ready-­‐content  Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive ContentKaren McGrane
  • 33. SOURCES    Deblobbing  your  chunks:  Building  a  flexible  content  model  Jeff  Eaton  h-p://­‐your-­‐chunks-­‐building-­‐flexible-­‐content-­‐model    Future  Friendly  Thinking  h-p://    Share  your  thoughts  on  the  Aus@n  Content  Community  page:  h-ps://