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An overview of the social media website Reddit, and how journalists can use it to enhance their audience.

Link to a tipsheet for Reddit:

**You are free to use this presentation as you see fit, but please source to me.

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  • My English teacher (not a native English speaker) wants our class to make some presentations on whatever we'd like. I'm a pretty hollow and cold person and can't think of anything. I thought 'hey I browse reddit a lot' and decided that my presentation would be about reddit. I have to have it done for tomorrow. I really like your presentation. Can I please use this presentation?
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  • Front page
  • Logged in
  • A browser extension for Reddit, adds several features not available in the “vanilla” version
  • RES
  • comments
  • r/pics, r/funny, r/gaming, r/technology, r/TIL in both lists – all of these can be summarized in a pic or a single-sentence headlineNarrative transition, mobile platform, culture of anonymityPics, Funny, Videos – mostly user-driven content
  • Source:stattit.comNote the HUGE difference in the numbers on the charts- funny and pics vs. politics and news
  • Explain quote- what’s bad about asking what’s appropriate and why is it a problem
  • If you have breaking, BIG news… post it in r/news.
  • Tech News Today- a weekly podcast with an active audience on Reddit. Interacts with them by posting links to interviews they’ll be talking about on the show, games they’re discussing, asks what questions the audience wants them to ask upcoming interview-ees.Posts news that is RELEVANT to the users’ interests, and from multiple sources.Put URLs in
  • AKA “The Saydrah Affair”. This happened early on and shaped Reddit’s culture, and has shaped it since.
  • Aurora example
  • People like to lie on the internet. No way to establish credibility because everyone is credible (other than karma).
  • AMAs can go well or poorly – the general feeling is that if you are doing an “AMA”, you are expected to answer the questions people pose at you directly. Reddit doesn’t like feeling duped, and doesn’t like feeling like its time is wasted.
  • (Ezra Klein AMA)Also note: The serious and the jokes are mixed. Reddit works like that, it’s not separated and that’s okay.
  • Reddit!

    1. 1. Quick Stats Launched in 2005 In October:  46 million unique visitors  3.8 billion pageviews  1.9 million logged in Redditors (source:
    2. 2. Reddit shorthand “/r/” – Refers to various subreddits (example /r/politics) /r/IAmA – “I Am A,” a popular subreddit “AMA” – Ask Me Anything “AMAA” – Ask Me Almost Anything
    3. 3. Reddit Enhancement Suite
    4. 4. Top Subreddits source:
    5. 5. source:
    6. 6. On Reddit, stuff more easilyconsumable (pics, .gifs), getsupvoted more and more quicklythan stuff that takes a while todigest (articles, video).
    7. 7. Erik Martin (hueypriest, Reddit admin):  News sometimes breaks on Reddit – IAMAs (Barack Obama), entertainment (Android 4.0 feedback, citizen journalism (voting machine, Aurora shooting)  News organizations need to gear their message towards subreddits that work with the message.  “I think the real power is in using it to build an audience.”
    8. 8. DO: Find your audience/niche. Interact with them. Watch for breaking news. Follow the subreddit’s rules.
    9. 9. Find your audience.
    10. 10. Find your niche community.
    11. 11. Build your community!
    12. 12. DON’T: Post only your content (spam) Ignore questions. “Dump and drive”
    13. 13. DON’T be a spambot.
    14. 14. Find the breaking news threads.
    15. 15.
    16. 16.
    17. 17. Sources from Reddit? Reddit users highly value their privacy. Registration only requires a username and a password. Private message them—response could vary.
    18. 18. Private messaging
    19. 19. /r/IAMA
    20. 20. Top /r/IAMAs
    21. 21. Interaction: If it is an “Ask Me Anything”, make sure to answer as many questions as you can. Answer as honestly as you can. Set aside a few hours for it.
    22. 22. Interaction:
    23. 23. Questions? Feel free to contact me on Twitter @chessadecain