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  • Show brochure available on Conference Board of Canada website with list of employability skills
  • The wow factor resumes & cover letters that stand out - online

    1. 1. Location: POD 60Phone: (416) 979 – 5177Email: career@ryerson.caHours: Mon – Thu 8:30 am – 6:30 pm/Fri 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
    2. 2. Career Development Workshops Get Ready Get Set GO Know yourself and what you Present yourself with style Make your move want• Discover Your Career • The “Wow” Factor: Resumes • Job Search Strategies that Passion & Cover Letters that Stand Maximize Results Out• Pinpointing Resources for • Interview Techniques that • Leveraging Social Media for Career Planning Land the Job Your Job Search • Grad School Application • LinkedIn: Developing Career Essentials Connections & Effective Profiles • Keep It Pro: Business • Make it a Breeze: Etiquette & Dress Transitioning from School to Work • Don‟t Slurp the Soup! Tips for Dining Etiquette Success • Showing Achievements: Crafting an Engaging Portfolio
    3. 3. Agenda1. Introduction2. Resumes • Preparation • Possible Sections • STAR • Organization • Resume Tips3. Cover Letters • Preparation • Format • Buying Motivators • Cover Letter Tips4. Summary
    4. 4. Introduction to Resumes• What is a resume?• What is the purpose of a resume?
    5. 5. Preparing to Write a ResumeReview• Company/Organization• Job field• Job description
    6. 6. Preparation: Company Research
    7. 7. Preparation: Find Industry Key Words• National Occupational Classification (• Working in Canada (• Career Cruising (  Username: ryersoncruise  Password: 00ru01f• Ontario Job Futures (• O*Net (• Professional association websites
    8. 8. Preparation: Review Job Description Qualifications:• Bachelor of Arts degree in environmental studies, political science or social science preferred• Demonstrated experience in door-to-door canvassing and willingness to work outdoors with the elements• Great interpersonal skills, ability to answer questions and interact with public• Comfortable asking members of the public for one-time/monthly financial contribution in a direct and enthusiastic manner• Ability to “close the deal” and sign up donors on a monthly basis• Great confidence and verbal skills, able to monitor success and change the messaging approach for greater results• Available to work irregular hours (e.g. evenings & weekends)• Understanding of environmental sector, a valid driver’s licence
    9. 9. Possible Resume SectionsObjective Achievements / Accomplishments / AwardsSummary of Qualifications CertificationsEducation Professional Memberships  Courses  Academic ProjectsWork Experience Relevant Personal and Community ExperiencesVolunteer Experience Publications and/or PresentationsExtra-Curricular Activities Workshops/Conferences AttendedTechnical / Computer Skills Interests
    10. 10. Key Resume Sections Review: • Header • Summary of Qualifications • Education • Work Experience
    11. 11. Header• Name• Address• Phone number• E-mail address• LinkedIn URL (optional)
    12. 12. Header JOHN DOE213-47 York Street ● Toronto, ON ● M5K 2L3 ● (416) 783-3298 ●
    13. 13. HeaderJohn Doe, BASc213-47 York Street ● Toronto, ON ● M5K 2L3(416) 783-3298 ● ●
    14. 14. Summary of Qualifications• Relevant experience • # of years• Hard/technical skills• Soft skills • Conference Board of Canada  “Employability Skills” • E.g.) time management, organization, leadership• Assets • E.g.) languages, First Aid Certification• 4-7 bullet points
    15. 15. Education• Degrees, diplomas, certificates• Name of school• Date completed
    16. 16. EducationBachelor of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Expected June 2013Ryerson University, Toronto, ONRelevant Courses:Communication Systems, Sensors and Measurement, Engineering Design, Lawand Ethics in Engineering PracticeGeneral Arts and Science Diploma 2008George Brown College, Toronto, ON
    17. 17. Work ExperienceStudent Public Health Inspector May 2011 – August 2011Perth District Health Unit, Toronto, ON• Organized a work plan for a team of 4 to treat a designated number of catch basins within a specified time frame• Identified and mapped mosquito breeding sites using global positioning system units during city park scans• Conducted city parks scan to undertake larval surveillance• Ensured a healthy and safe environment during special events that took place in both of the public places and within the agency locations
    18. 18. Duty vs Accomplishment StatementsWhich statement has more impact?• Offered guidance and counselling to youth on different topics OR• Used excellent cross-cultural communication skills to provide guidance and counselling to at-risk youth on topics ranging from substance abuse to retraining options
    19. 19. Accomplishment StatementsSituation • What was the context? • E.g.) Worked at a gym Task • What was the goal? • E.g.) To initiate a new fitness class • What did you do? Action • E.g.) Organized the class from beginning to final product – planned, implemented, instructed, evaluated • How can you prove you did this well? Result • E.g.) Class was very popular with members and some brought new friends – 24 participants/class by end of 4th week
    20. 20. Accomplishment StatementsA resume needs to present this information in aconcise way:• Planned, implemented, and instructed a fun new fitness class that increased gym memberships and attracted 24 participants per class
    21. 21. Accomplishment StatementsUse action verbs, and qualify and quantify your activities(when applicable):• Performed a literature review using 3 online databases and earned an A on final year project “SARS Effect on Tourism in Toronto”• Drew detailed floor plans for 3500 square foot custom designed home using AutoCAD• Implemented performance and availability monitoring resulting in uptime from 99.5% to 99.95%• Coached peewee hockey team of 15 children ages 11-12, winning regional championship• Designed and sold jewellery at community craft fair, earning $1,500
    22. 22. PracticeThink of a skill you possess that is valued by recruiters inyour industry. Follow the S.T.A.R. model to write youraccomplishment statement.Skill:Situation:Task:Action:Result:Resume Statement:
    23. 23. Organizing Your Resume“Big 3” Resume StylesChronological• Focus is on experience• Each section is organized with the most recent experienceFunctional• Focus is on skills and competencies• Skills are highlighted and proven through examples of experienceCombination• Aspects from both chronological and functional styles• Highlights skills and indicates experiences in reverse chronological order
    24. 24. Resume Tips• Highlight accomplishments• Tailor your resume for each job• Quantify and qualify • #, %, $• Use industry specific language/technical terms• Consistent formatting• Avoid personal pronouns (“I”, “me”, “my”, etc.)• Avoid jargon and uncommon abbreviations Proofread, proofread, proofread!
    25. 25. Cover LettersWhat is the purpose of a cover letter?
    26. 26. Preparing to Write a Cover LetterReview• Company/Organization• Job field• Job description Focus on approx. 3 main reasons why you
    27. 27. Cover Letter FormatYour NameAddressTelephone #Email addressToday‟s DateContact PersonTitleCompany/OrganizationAddressCity, Province Postal CodeDear _________________:
    28. 28. Cover Letter Format1st Section:• What position are you applying for and where/when did you hear of the opening? Why, generally, are you qualified? Why do you want to work specifically in this position and for this company?2nd Section:• Why should the employer believe that you can do the job? Indicate past or current experience, specialized knowledge, education, appropriate skills and abilities, suitable work related values, appropriate personal attributes – give one or two tangible examples (STAR)3rd Section:• Thank them for their time, request an interviewSincerely,Your SignatureFull Name
    29. 29. Buying MotivatorsBuying Motivator #1: Make Money• Exceeded daily sales quota by an average of $150 each dayBuying Motivator #2: Save Money• Reduced paper costs by $1400 by initiating „scrap‟ paper boxes next to printersBuying Motivator #3: Save Time• Performed the work previously required of two full-time employeesBuying Motivator #4: Make Work Easier• Initiated the reorganization of filing system, making information more easily accessibleBuying Motivator #5: Solve a Specific Problem• Reduced number of customer questions by establishing a “Frequently Asked Questions” page on website Source: Interview Magic, Susan Britton Whitcomb
    30. 30. Buying MotivatorsBuying Motivator #6: Be More Competitive• Translated marketing materials into Spanish and Hmong, gaining dominant presence in markets left virtually ignored by competitorsBuying Motivator #7: Build More Relationships• Collaborated with a neighbouring centre to hold a Job Fair which attracted over 600 peopleBuying Motivator #8: Expand Business• Acquired 3 new partnerships for ABC company worth $1.5MBuying Motivator #9: Attract New Clients• Wrote proposal to open new branch of Autism Support Centre to attract clients from a wider geographic areaBuying Motivator #10: Retain Existing Customers• Implemented direct-mail follow-up program for new customers; data reflects a 55% increase in repeat customers Source: Interview Magic, Susan Britton Whitcomb
    31. 31. Cover Letter Tips• Tailor your cover letter to each job• Highlight 2-3 main reasons why you are the best candidate• Use specific examples to demonstrate results• Show your personality• Communicate interest, motivation, and self- confidence• 1 page maximum Proofread, proofread, proofread!
    32. 32. SummaryWhat are employers looking for?
    33. 33. Summary1. Can you do the job? • Skills, knowledge, abilities, experience, background2. Will you do the job? • Interest, commitment, desire, drive, ambition, capability, willingness3. Will you fit in? • Work-related values, common goals/objectives, personality
    34. 34. ResourcesCareer Resource Centre – POD60A
    35. 35. Connect With Us! Contact Location: POD Phone: (416) 979 – 5177 Email: Hours: Mon. – Thur. 8:30 am – 6:30 pm Fri. 8:30 am – 4:30 pm