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  1. 1. Investor Presentation December 2013, Version 1.0
  2. 2. digitalBTC Investments and Management digitalBTC is an established and profitable company providing investors exposure to multiple facets of the Bitcoin industry. The digitalBTC business model is presently built around investment, trading and mining activities; however, the long term strategic vision of the company is to become a vertically integrated digital currency company. By owning our stock, we are offering investors an opportunity to engage in these digital currencies, eliminating the confusion and complexity typically associated with them.
  3. 3. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency that is quickly becoming accepted worldwide. First introduced in 2009, these virtual coins can be used to exchange goods and services in places that accept them. Similar to cash, Bitcoins have many benefits like being transportable, divisible and durable. In addition, Bitcoins are secure, decentralized, borderless and global. It is these properties that make Bitcoin so unique. However, unlike cash, Bitcoins are limited to 21 million units.
  4. 4. The Bitcoin Ecosystem Pay for services Buy goods Trade Bitcoins Invest Bitcoins BTC Mining Sell Bitcoins
  5. 5. Bitcoin vs. Other Well-known Payment Networks
  6. 6. Bitcoin Price and Trading Trends Since its creation in 2009, the Bitcoin economy has dramatically increased in value. Both the price of each Bitcoin and the daily trading volume have skyrocketed, as shown by the graphs below. The chart below displays price per Bitcoin since its creation in 2009* The chart below displays daily Bitcoin transaction volume since 2009* * as of December 16,2013
  7. 7. What does digitalBTC do? digitalBTC maximizes its return on investment by not only creating digital currencies, but also leveraging the volatility of the market. We specialize in the following: Mining Trading o o o Arbitrage Futures Market Making Digital Currency Opportunities o Mobile
  8. 8. Mining digitalBTC has investments in dedicated mining pools that use specialized equipment optimized for solving the complex equations that generate Bitcoins. By leveraging these mining pools, digitalBTC is able to create new Bitcoins at a profit.
  9. 9. Trading: Arbitrage One of digitalBTC’s key trading instruments is arbitrage. This allows us to take advantage of wildly fluctuating prices on the various exchanges. By strategically placing our trade orders, digitalBTC maximizes return on investment.
  10. 10. Trading: Bitcoin Futures Contracts digitalBTC’s second trading instrument is buying and selling futures contracts. In recent months, the Bitcoin exchanges have evolved to trade this sophisticated type of contract. With increasing trading volume on the exchanges, digitalBTC believes that futures trading will be a profitable endeavor.
  11. 11. Trading: Market Making As the demand for digital currencies increases, digitalBTC will stand to profit as a Market Maker. A market maker is an agency that accepts the risk of holding a certain number of Bitcoins or other digital currencies to facilitate trading. Market Makers compete for customer orders by displaying buy and sell quotes for these digital currencies. By leveraging our other trading strategies, plus mining operations, digitalBTC is better equipped to fulfill these orders, resulting in market liquidity and profits.
  12. 12. Digital Currency Opportunities: Mobile digitalBTC management is highly experienced in developing products and services for mobile device consumption. Digital currencies will provide new opportunities for mobile monetization. digitalBTC is ready to take advantage of the intersection of payments, storage, and management of digital currencies, on mobile devices.
  13. 13. digitalBTC Risk Factors Just like any other security, there are considerable risks with investing in digitalBTC stock. Additionally, there are specific risks associated with digital currencies such as: Price volatility Market adoption Storage safety Government regulation Taxation
  14. 14. How to Invest in digitalBTC To receive more information, visit and fill out a request form. To speak to someone about digitalBTC, contact: Zhenya Tsvetnenko Chairman and Founder, digitalBTC +61 403 621 811 16 Brodie Hall Drive, Suite 11, Technology Park, Bentley, WA 6102
  15. 15. Disclaimer Legalese