April 2011 virtual paralegal newsletter magazine


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The Virtual Paralegal Newsletter Magazine™ is the industry leading information resource for virtual paralegals and assistants to stay current on the latest news, regulations, technology and new development in the virtual law practice. http://www.virtualparalegaltrainingcenter.com

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April 2011 virtual paralegal newsletter magazine

  1. 1. Virtual Paralegal Newsletter Magazine™Photo Credit: Photo stock This Issue: Volume 12, 04/05/11 How to Utilize the Benefits of Professional Organizations My Personal Benefits from Professional Organizations Articles & blog posts Today’s’ Quote Dear VirtPara Paralegal News New Members How to utilize the benefits of professional organizations & associations to help you grow your business? informed of the changes in yourA couple of years ago I wrote an Webinars and teleconferences industry such as new productsarticle entitled: “How to use are usually offered online and and services.associations and organizations by telephone. Often times theymembership to secure clients for are recorded so that you may Meetings participation allowsyour business. I have listed several view and listen to them you to have a voice inbenefits that a business owner whenever it is convenient for discussions about new ideasshould utilize to help them to secure you. and gives you reviews on howclients and possibly increase their your industry is doing in the Most organizations providebusiness recognition and revenue. I market. forums and notice boardsbelieve those reasons are still where you and your peers can However, to get the mostrelevant today and worth re- share business tips as well as benefit from joining anmentioning. you may find answers to association is to get involved.Some of the benefits of joining and frequently asked questions Volunteering your services andparticipating in your professional from experts in your line of time can come in many formsassociations or organizations are as business. such as: contributing to theirfollows: newsletters where you may be Newsletters and magazines viewed as an expert in your Most professional are another benefit of joining industry. Participating on your associations offer their professional organizations. committee boards will allow you members continuing These publications will keep to make decisions that will education that would include you inform of the latest news, affect your business and gives workshops, seminars, case laws, trends and updates you a voice for changes within webinars, conferences and in your industry. your industry. teleconferences. Always read archived Most importantly, organizations These educational tools newsletters and articles to and associations establish allow you to network with learn more about your practice professional standards, gives your peers, provide open areas such as: what have your business credibility, keeps discussions about what is worked and didnt work for you update on legislative news going on in your industry and your industry in the past. & activities, recognition of your possibly put you in contact Attending organizations profession and update court with potential clients. meetings are important rulings. It can also increase because they keep you awareness & value in the market place.
  2. 2. Virtual Paralegal Newsletter Magazine™Photo Credit: Ambro How my business benefit from professional and paralegal associations? As a member of the NYCPA provides monthly Please take a moment to visit the prestigious Organization workshops such following Paralegal Associations of Legal Professionals Empowered Paralegal and learn how their memberships (OLP), I was invited to (TM) Workshops and they can help you to take your legal present a webinar entitled, are affiliated with several assistant career to the next level How to Build, Manage and non-profit organizations as well as to help you grow your Maintain Your Freelance which provide their business. Business for the National members with pro bono Association of Freelance opportunities. Legal Professionals Santa Barbara Paralegal I have written an article Association (NALFP). entitled “The New Legal This opportunity gave me Assistant Trend: Virtual Roanoke Valley Paralegal the chance to interact with Paralegals” that was Association other legal freelancers published in several and valuable exposure for leading paralegal Metrolina Paralegal Association my business. NALFP association newsletters. membership benefits also (Please see the next Ventura County Paralegal includes more than 100 column). Association free webinars geared My article has given some towards legal freelancers Central Florida Paralegal exposure to a new career such as virtual paralegals Association path for paralegals and and assistants as well as legal assistants on how to a chance to network with use their skills and influential legal experiences to become professionals. entrepreneurs. The New York City If you really need another Paralegal Association has reason, this should do it, also invited me in the past my membership dues are Dear VirtPara to be a guest speaker on tax deductable! the virtual paralegal Do you have a question about the business. I had the virtual paralegal-assistant opportunity to meet the business? Email VirtPara and let President Mariana us discuss it. Fradman and other Today’s Quote officers and members of “Theres no reason to be the the organization. The richest man in the cemetery. You opportunity also gave me cant do any business from a chance to introduce my there.” -- Colonel Sanders eBook entitled, The Ultimate Virtual Paralegal Guide and I am proud to say, I made a few sales!
  3. 3. 3 Virtual Paralegal Newsletter Magazine™Virtual Paralegal Networking Blog • What do you find most challenging when marketing to the virtual paralegal-assistant client? • How do you determine your virtual paralegal-assistant fees? • 5 Things lawyers would appreciate if their paralegals would do without having to tell them VPTC New Members - March Paralegal News • What are the Pros and Cons of working as a virtual Former Stamford Paralegal paralegal-assistant? Pleads Guilty to Fraud A special welcome to VPTC’s new • Is there a need for virtual members: paralegal-assistant services in Stacey Williams, 39, of the current market? Trumbull, CT faces a 30 year • 4 virtual paralegal-assistant prison sentence after pleading Felisza Nichols trends guilty to one count of wire Andrea Klein fraud. Williams, while working Felicia Grace • Compare virtual paralegal for a Stamford law firm, stole Sara Link salary by state more than $120,000 in loan Marshe Whaley funds. Latoria Marionq Ava M. Dixon Rhonda Nemcek Barb Reynolds Rochelle Merino Aissaoui Amar Ken Baynes Venice Gamble Natalie Green Jan Hill Andrea Jackson ADA PATTERSON Morag Polaski Lisa Powell Julia Ramirez Theresa RingleClick here for a copy Donna Strauss Phyllis Sullivan Virtual World Services Zoleeta Myers-West
  4. 4. Virtual Paralegal Newsletter Magazine™ Volume 12, 4/5/11About - Virtual Paralegal Newsletter Magazine™The virtual paralegal newsletter magazine™ is the industry leading informationresource for virtual paralegals and assistants to stay current on the latest news,regulations, technology and new development in the virtual law practice.http://www.virtualparalegaltrainingcenter.com Free virtual paralegal directory Virtual paralegal survey Virtual paralegal-assistant e-Books Network with virtual paralegals and assistants Contact VPTC Subscribe to virtual paralegal newsletter magazine™ Follow us on Twitter Like us on Face-book Read our Blog Join our Forum © Virtual Paralegal Training Center™ Virtual Paralegal Newsletter Magazine™ http://www.virtualparalegaltrainingcenter.com inbox@cdcvop.com