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  • The easy search page also contains a widget for looking up court cases by citation, parties or topic. There is also a combined search option that allows you to search law reviews and US & State Legal cases.
  • Here are the categories of legal resources available.
  • Here you can search for Federal and State cases as well as U.S. Supreme Court cases.
  • Another great feature in LexisNexis Academic is a listing of landmark cases. What does landmark mean? It is a case where the outcome establishes a precedent that either changes the interpretation of the law or that establishes new case law on a issue. Topics covered in the selective listing include Civil Rights, Right to Attorney, and Elections.
  • While Supreme Court cases are covered in full in Federal & State Cases, briefs of these cases are also available. A brief is defined as a concise statement of the case. Search option included party names, brief type, and opinion.
  • Annotated U.S. Code – provided by United States Code Service(USCS) - Titles 1 through 51Constitution of the United StatesPublic Laws – you can also search by the popular name Code of Federal Regulations(CFR)Federal Register
  • This option provides access to state and territory constitutions, statutes and administrative codes . Search options: everywhere, headings, citation, section, and “at least 5 occurences” (keyword search)Use quotations for phrase searchesOptions for individual states and all states
  • Law Reviews are scholarly publications sponsored by law schoolsFull-text of US law reviews, journals and newsSearch options: everywhere, author, title, citation, summary, and “at least 5 occurences” (keyword search)Limit to specific topic of lawGreat source of scholarly analyses of legal issues and court cases
  • Includes legal dictionaries, law directories, and other Legal Reference materials including the legal encyclopedia American Jurisprudence second edition.
  • US, European and Japanese Patents Search options: patent number, inventor, and applicant name or number
  • Tax-related magazines and publications Internal Revenue CodeFederal & State Tax cases
  • LexisNexis Academic U.S. Legal Resources

    1. 1.  Federal and state cases Shepard’s® Citations Landmark Cases Federal Statutes, Codes & Regulations State Statutes, Codes & Regulations Law Reviews Legal Reference Sources Patents Tax Law
    2. 2. From the librarywebsite, select the Databases tab.
    3. 3. Type inLexisNexisand select “Search”.
    4. 4. Click on the link. You may then beasked for your TRACKS username and password.
    5. 5. Look upcourt casesbycitation,parties ortopic.
    6. 6. For moreoptions, select US Legal
    7. 7. Here are youroptions under theUS Legal heading.
    8. 8. Search by citation,party names, judge, legal topic or attorneys
    9. 9.  Any U.S. federal or state case can be Shepardized in LexisNexis Academic Provides a comprehensive case citation and treatment history to verify the validity of case law, agency opinion, and other legal documents Links to Summary, prior history, subsequent history, treatment, and law review references Editorial analysis available 24 -48 hours after a case decision
    10. 10. Use this optionif you have the case citation.
    11. 11.  If you do not have the citation, you can also shepardize a case using the US Federal & State Cases option
    12. 12. Let’s look at the case Bush v. Gore
    13. 13. Select the Shepardize option Shepard’ssymbol followed by prior history
    14. 14. Search optionsinclude party names, brief type and opinion.
    15. 15.  Ask a Librarian- Evans Library LexisNexis Academic User Guide LexisNexis Academic Knowledge Center Zimmerman’s Research Guide