Consumerization and the MyIT Experience
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Consumerization and the MyIT Experience



Faced with the increasing expectations of end users and the radical shifts in how technology is consumed, you need to take a new approach to the delivery of IT services and support. Join us and find ...

Faced with the increasing expectations of end users and the radical shifts in how technology is consumed, you need to take a new approach to the delivery of IT services and support. Join us and find out how you can help transform your end user’s experience of IT, while meeting the demands for greater efficiency. Learn about BMC MyIT and discover why it’s capturing the imagination of IT and service management teams everywhere.



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  • What is Consumerization?
  • Any good preso has an Andreessen quote, heres mine.What Does Consumer really mean?
  • What does Consumerization mean to me. Intrinsically I have always wanted to build the sexiest most intuitive app on the block that eliminates all pain in the enterprise.I did not know how to frame that up or how the principles were core to Consumerization until I read a blog post by Marc Benioff.At FB at the time. Was on assignment to right their IT ship and while I was there built out some innovative solutions to run their data centers.Monetize the FB business model in the enterprise.Chatter -> Canvas -> Chatter Everywhere
  • Sap exits Leader Quadrant.
  • Sap exits Leader Quadrant.
  • Simplified Cross Platform App Integration = SFDC Canvas
  • FB Style Pluggable apps with Canvas. All relevant objects shared Friends list >> Opportunities ContactsSalesforce is chasing Facebook. Everyone else is chasing Salesforce.
  • Sap exits Leader Quadrant.
  • Sap exits Leader Quadrant.
  • We recently surveyed our installed base of ITSM customers in partnership with an independent organization - TechValidateAcross our customers there was remarkable consistency in what they identified as being the number one force shaping their future strategy in ITSMThe rise of the mobile workforce was the key factor in 76% of the organizations contacted by TechValidate – and this was across a wide spread of organizational size, geography, maturity and industry.The ITSM teams contacted were very keen to know more about how to support the mobile workforce and all the new challenges and risks mobile technology brings…Many were hesitant about embracing mobile and BYOD further until they felt confident that they had an effective response to the new challenges presentedBut there was also a strong recognition that mobile computing gives ITSM teams new ways of delivering and support ITAs you’ll see these factors are also playing a very significant role in how we’re building our latest generation of IT service and operations management solutions
  • We also commissioned an in depth report with Forrester Research into how IT perceives the quality and relevance of its services and the reality the end-user experiencesIt made for interesting reading…We’ll be publishing the research shortly, but in summary – you may not be doing as well as you think you are…There was a consistent gap between IT’s view and business perception – and much it arises from the reported friction of working with IT servicesIn fact on average employees reported losing 25 hours a month as a direct result of trying to work with corporate IT systems and servicesA great deal of this friction arises from a perceived lack of end-user autonomy and the need for a more responsive and aligned service from ITRegardless of how accurate the reported loss of productivity is – it’s clear there’s a lot we can do to make ourselves more accessible and empower our end users to do more, on their termsIt turns out that giving power to the people pays great dividends for both sides
  • Personalized: based on who you are and role you haveSecurity based on user roleConsolidates delivery of new services and support of existing service[productivity]Proactive: Mobile notification of statusPush notifications for IT status and other informationMobile: based on device and locationRuns on a range of platforms and mobile devicesUse of location/proximity to IT resources for providing supportSecure environment for interfacing with IT operationsContent app store and content locker that delivers mobile enterprise applications and documentsUnified and Automated: Like having an IT assistantTied to Back-end delivery Integrates with multiple ITSM solutionsMy IT Assistant provides an intuitive interface for making requests
  • Time to introduce our newest solution to the challenges ITSM teams are facing – the award-winning MyIT.With MyIT from BMC, you can make sure your end users always have access to the right technology and support services, no matter where they are –In this easy to use app they get easy access to knowledge and can receive important information and updates from IT.They can schedule an appointment with an expert, and raise new service requests with just a couple of taps. And because MyIT knows who and where they are, it can help you provide faster, more personalized assistance.They can even access and collaborate on key documents and materials within a highly secure environment MyIT will transform your end users’ experience of IT, making them, much more autonomous and productiveBut the real pay-off is for you as more and more of those annoying simple calls are avoided and new levels of efficiency in the processing of requests is achievedBut we’re only scratching the surface of what MyIT can do and what it will mean for ITYou can find out much more about MyIT here at the show, we’ve got regular theater presentations and, of course, you can get a demonstration of the solution

Consumerization and the MyIT Experience Consumerization and the MyIT Experience Presentation Transcript

  • Consumerization and the MyIT experiencePower to your People
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc2 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc2Con-sum-er-ize[kuh n-soo-muh-rahyz] make (goods or a product) suitable or available for massconsumption: to consumerize computers by making them cheaper.2. to encourage or foster the widespread consumption of (goods ora product).
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc3 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc3All of the products are going to keep getting better. All ofthe trends that we are talking about are going to keepcontinuing. Nothing is going to stop consumerization of theenterprise. Nothing is going to stop Bring Your Own Device.Nothing is going to stop Software-as-a-Service. Nothing isgoing to stop cloud. All those things are just going to keepgoing. – MARC ANDREESSEN
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc4 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc4• Consumerization and the Facebook Imperative• What Does it mean for the Back Office?• The Myth of Homogeneous IT and BYOD• Consumers, Business Realities, and the MobileWorkforce• What’s Next for Enterprise IT.• MyIT overview and demonstrationAgenda
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc5 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc5Why isn’t all enterprise software like Facebook?The FacebookImperative• Everything I care about is pushed to me, requires no work.• Feeds, Profiles, and Groups Amplify Stickiness• How People Consume Information has changed.• Take it to the business: Transform business conversationlike Facebook has changed the consumer conversation.• We are about to see the greatest revolution in enterprisesoftware, ever.- TechCrunch: 02/24/2010
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc6 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc6Facebook Imperative Today
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc7 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc7Facebook Imperative TodaySenior Executive at alegacy softwarevendor stuck in multi-instance and fake-cloud land, whoconfided “we’re purelyin the protectionbusiness now. All thenew logos are goinginto Workday.Fortunately ourexisting clients stillspend enough to keepus solvent.”
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc8 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc8What about tomorrow?
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc9 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc9What about tomorrow?• FB / Zynga Model for Enterprise App Distribution• Chatter end user entry point for entire SFDCportfolio
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc10 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc10What Does This Mean for the Back Office?
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc11 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc11Mobile Exposes Myth of Homogenous IT
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc12 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc12Momentum of BYOD
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc13 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc13Instantly collaboratewith customersand employeesBuy a planeticket with yourphoneSearch andcombineinformation acrossthe webUse hostedapplicationsfrom anywhereConsumers are in the IT driver’s seatSOCIAL ANALYTICSMOBILE CLOUD
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc14 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc14Why IT must exploit new business realitiesOptimize the value/cost of existing servicesFoster innovation - new services and delivery modelsDeliver great experience to enterprise consumers
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc15 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc1576%Of respondents areshaping their ITSM futurearound the mobileenterprise.The rise of the mobile workforce*Source: Tech Validate 2013
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc16 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc1687%Of end users reported losing 25hours a month through ITfriction*.*Source: Exploring Business and IT Friction: Myths and Realities.–Forrester Consulting April 2013IT Friction is impacting business productivity
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc17 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc17Industrialize theback end• Standardize, integrate andautomate IT Processes• Define and manage “services”, notjust infrastructure• Plan, build and run hybrid clouds• Become a service broker• Drive better decisions throughanalyticsAnalyticsCloudHow does IT get there?
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc18 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc18Consumerize thefront end• Empower users through self-service• Personalized service delivery• Proactively communicate• Collaborate across organizations• Embrace “Bring Your Own Device”MobileSocialThe Feature War is over, User Experience is Key.
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc19 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc19A new approach to empower users andupgrades their experience with EnterpriseIT• Empowered users:Get IT services how you need them• Proactive:User-controlled notification• Anywhere, Anytime:Based on device and location• Personalized service:Like having an IT assistantIntroducing MyIT
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc20 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc20MyIT provides you a snapshot of critical updates and otherpersonalized information.
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc21 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc21Getting Assistance is easy with MyIT
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc22 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc22Global Search Helps you find the inforamtion you need.
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc23 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc23Make appointments to get personal assistance
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc24 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc24Follow services that are important to you and get proactivenotifications
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc25 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc25MyIT is location aware
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc26 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc26Find the resources that you need
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc27 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc27Thank Youtwitter: chrisdauwchrisdauw.wordpress.comEmail:
  • © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc28 © Copyright 6/6/2013 BMC Software, Inc28Backup