Cv christian david anderson writer pretoria 2014


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Cv christian david anderson writer pretoria 2014

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Christian (“Chris”) David Anderson Writer Pretoria, South Africa 076 741 5460 / 083 582 1845 / 012 329 4778 @bizarrojerri EDUCATION Pretoria Boys High School (1993) Maths, Science, Geography, History. Damelin College Pretoria (1995-1999) Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism, Media Studies. Hatfield Business College Pretoria (2001) Basic HTML, web design, advanced MS Office. Unisa Pretoria (current) BA Communication Science: Media Studies, Philosophy, Literature Studies. EMPLOYMENT *throughout my work career, between 1997 and 2013, I have contributed various freelance journalism pieces to a variety of publications and online media, including Die Perdeby newspaper, Stage Magazine, and latterly, Wry Republic literary website, News24, Words etc. magazine and TechSmart / TechSmart Business publications. Mainline Music/ Wildebeest Records (1997 – 2000) Sales, Management, Purchaser. Look & Listen Music (2000-2007) Sales, Management, Purchaser. Thundervibe Audio/Visual (2008) Client liaison, digital music archivist, DJ, office manager. CEO Communications & Business Publishers (2010/11) Journalist, ad copywriter, photographer. Trigger Isobar Media Agency (2011) Freelance writer and online contributor. ICandiCQ Media Agency (2013 – current) Freelance copy writer, proof-reader and editor. Smart Publishing (2013 - current) Freelance writer and contributor.
  2. 2. REFERENCES Employment references: Tertius Du Plessis (manager) Mainline Music - 083 455 0184 Marc Latilla (manager/head buyer) Look & Listen Music – Carl Pistorius (owner) Thundervibe Audio Visual - 082 217 7775 / 082 634 9346 Valdi Pereira (editor) CEO Communications – 012 667 6623 Laura Franz-Kamissoko (senior journalist and mentor) CEO Communications – 082 347 6838 Rowena Thompson (agency manager) iCandiCQ – 082 872 3276 Mike Joubert (editor) Smart Publishing – 083 290 2889 / Character references: Ken Fraser – 083 678 1820 Christopher Lazley - 082 099 5171 OTHER INTERESTS Digital anthropology American political history Technology, new media and online culture Photography Reading – non-fiction, biography, modern classical literature. Music history Film study PORTFOLIO LINKS (personal pop culture blog) (downloadable PDF samples of my writing) (Other links and other examples from my portfolio available on request)
  3. 3. A BRIEF PROPOSITION… A brief introduction… My name is Chris Anderson, a writer, photographer, researcher and all-round creative professional from Pretoria, South Africa, who collects, conspires and culminates in various forms of artistic and journalistic adventures. I am currently seeking gainful employment (in either a freelance or permanent capacity) in the Gauteng media industry, and hope that my credentials, experience and enthusiasm detailed here may assure you of my genuine eagerness to launch an enduring and meaningful professional relationship with your company in any available vacant positions, now or at any time in the near future. A brief history… Between 1997 and 2010, while working in the music retail industry, I contributed periodically to various print and online publications, writing about music, film, technology and a wide variety of other subjects. During 2010/11, seeking to gain a foothold in journalism and the media industry, I worked as a fulltime writer, researcher and photographer for a prominent business-to-business publisher for two years, where I have learnt and mastered a variety of strong journalistic and management skill-sets, which I then used to explore opportunities in the media and creative industries as a freelance writer and copy creator. I currently do freelance copy creation, editing and proofreading – specialising in corporate communications – for a prominent Gauteng media agency. I also write and compile my own personal pop culture blog ( writing on various aspects of media, entertainment, politics, art and philosophy. I have a strong and active online social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, where I enjoy the exchange of ideas and interactive camaraderie of like-minded friends, writers and artists. A brief list of skills… My strongest skill is my meticulous attention to creating good, strong content. With a keen eye for language, and an even more acute aptitude for sensible editing, my writing is both informative and entertaining, while also original and of the highest standard. I work well as a task-oriented individual: focused, passionate and strongly independent. Yet, I can also work confidently as part of a strong creative team, with a focus on fulfilling the goal of generating ground-breaking and exciting content in innovative ways against strict deadlines. Able to bring out the best in my own work and that of a team, I strongly believe I possess excellent people skills, small-scale management prowess and process organisation skills, as well as a quiet and effective diplomacy in all interpersonal communication.
  4. 4. With many late nights of meeting production deadlines throughout my career, that have fortified my tenacity for the creative process, I am always confident in crisis, professionally and positively handling the stress that comes with the rigours and minutiae of the job, and working effectively, efficiently and confidently, with strong time management principles. I consider my imaginative intuition, my self-reliant resourcefulness and unwavering passion for the creative process, as individual writer, creator and ideas-generator; or as part of a well-rounded media team, my most vital and defining attributes. I am an avid follower of socio-political and cultural trends both locally and internationally, and, with a fascination for and enjoyment of extensive research work, have a sound understanding of general knowledge, current events and revolutions in a variety of fields and subjects. When not writing, I enjoy other creative pursuits, including music, film, photography and literature. Always dedicated to fuelling my creative drive, I am also currently working on various personal writing projects in my spare time, including a short novel and screenplay. A brief conclusion… Inspired in my world outlook by the wordplay of Jack Kerouac, the idiosyncratic films of Wes Anderson and the Coen brothers and the Homer Simpson school of philosophy, I am - in the words of Irish poet Louis MacNeice - “able-bodied, fond of talking, a reader of newspapers, capable of pity and laughter, appreciative of women and susceptible to physical impressions”. I consider myself a hardworking and inspiring voice in the creative industry, and believe I can be a welcome, refreshingly new addition to any similarly-minded media organisation. I am confident that my creativity, skill and strong motivation for excellence make me a more than suitable candidate for any available creative position at your company. A future relationship with your company, I believe, will be wholly successful and mutually beneficial. I appreciate your time and effort to read and consider this proposal. Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.