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Public Speaking Online

Public Speaking Online
Assignment for week 2



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Sarah kay Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Sarah Kay(sera)Poet, Performer, and Educator! Co-Founder of Project V.O.I.C.E she travels theworld educating others on the art of expressionthrough the use of Spoken Word Poetry.Starting at theage of 14 at theBowery Club inNew York City,she uses herpassion to figureout life.
  • 2. Her opening was dynamicand descriptively visual. Sarah Kay: “If I shouldhave a daughter, instead of"Mom," shes gonna callme "Point B," because thatway she knows that nomatter what happens, atleast she can always findher way to me.
  • 3. Sarah Kay: “I was a livewire of nervous hormones”She uses her nerves speakingpublicly to constantly connectwith her audience. Constantlymoving her arms and hands sheengages you with her prose.
  • 4. Dynamic and Passionate and never standing still as her words flow the audience minds....
  • 5. Dynamism: 5/5Sarah Kay makes her living from public speaking constantly and perhaps the only thing that Iwould have liked to see was some color on her in this presentation. Though with the underlyinggrey that is in her poetry there is no doubt that her appearance is reflected outwardly by herclothes.
  • 6. Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarteadvised on uniform appearance with fonts and color schemes. It was recommended to use cool images to help keep attention, while I thought about adding a nuclearcloud to one slide, Ithought that might scare people.
  • 7. TED commandment: “Reveal thy Curiosity and thy Passion.” Watching Sarah Kay is like watching a picture unfold before you. From the love of a woman that plans on what she will share with a baby, to agut explosive description of Hiroshima. She pours herself into her poetry and takes you with her.Comparatively, Sir Ken Robinson is just as passionate but doesn’t show signs of nervousness or the energy like Miss Kay, or move around like her. He shows his distaste for the current education paradigm with humor, a straight man pointing out the flaws of the system. But bothhave PASSION for what what they love. Educating others, opening their eyes to something different, a new way to think.
  • 8. Don’t be afraid to be afraid, get out there and swallow your fear, use that energy to show your passion.Don’t be afraid to move. Move a hand, move an arm to, only cause its connected to the hand. (yes that is an attempt at humor) And try to slip in some humor as well. If you can’t slip it in, drop it on them like a bomb.
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  • 12. REFERENCEIMAGES WEBSITESImages taken from TED conferences and captures done with Wacom Cintiq, edited with PhotoShop) sarah_kay_if_i_should_have_a_daughter.html ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity.html