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Welcome to Social Studies


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  • 1.  
  • 2.
    • Without out an understanding of the past, we would be lost as a society.
    • To help understand human interactions that occurred in the past, are occurring now, and that are likely to occur in the future.
  • 3.
    • How did our country get like this?
    • Who are we as a people?
    • How did the shape of the land play a role in the shape of our society?
  • 4.
    • To succeed in this course:
    • Must be committed to hard work
    • in and outside of the class.
    • Neatness (shows you care)
    • Completeness (shows you know)
    • Creativity (helps you remember)                                        
  • 5. Be Organized Keep your class materials in good order. Maintain a neat, accurate assignment notebook, calendar, or other means of tracking assignments, both for daily homework and long-term assignments.
  • 6.
    • Use the notebooks, folders, pockets, etc. that I require to keep materials organized & useful.
    • Learn to manage your time wisely, allowing the time necessary to complete assignments to the best of your ability.
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  • 8.
    • Engage willingly and actively in in-class activities and discussions.
    • Be willing to answer questions and share ideas with the class as a whole.
    • Work productively when placed into groups with other students.
    • Be creative and original in your approach to your school work.
  • 9.
    • Treat other individuals in the classroom with respect and common courtesy.
    • Show that you respect yourself as a student by taking pride in your work and the work of groups in which you participate.
    • Provide honest, mature feedback to your classmates when reviewing their class work
    • Be attentive and cooperative in the classroom. Please be particularly careful to NEVER speak when another person is speaking to the class as a whole.
  • 10.
    • Read & follow the directions provided for each assignment. Pay attention to details!
    • Use the rubrics provided for formal writing assignments and long-term projects. These indicate exactly what is expected, and, in effect, tell you exactly what you need to do to earn a superior grade.
  • 11.  
  • 12.
    • Each individual, graded assignment will be given a point value.
    • Values will range from as few as 5 points to as many as 100 or more points
    • Points will be awarded for:
        • daily homework and in-class assignments
        • daily reading & summary quizzes
        • participation in class activities & groups
        • long-term projects and writing assignments
        • unit tests & quizzes
  • 13.
    • Number Grades reflect percentages on a tests and quizzes, scores from rubrics, peer evaluations and teacher evaluation of participation in the classroom
        • Overall grades will be based upon the total number of points earned during the marking period.
  • 14.  
  • 15.
    • I expect you to complete assigned work on time.
    • Any formal, written assignment or long-term project that is submitted after its due date will be penalized the equivalent 5 points per day for up to three days. After that point, the assignment can earn no more than half-credit.
    • Extensions due to extenuating circumstances may be granted on a case-by-case basis.
  • 16.
    • Completion of homework assignments is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED, for two main reasons:
    • Homework assignments will often act as the background or starting point for in-class activities.
    • Helps you to become more independent, self-reliant learners. It also encourages you to be somewhat organized and disciplined.
  • 17. Homework assignments are due at the beginning of class; no credit will be awarded for homework assignments that are not ready for review at that time.
  • 18.