Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp (GLADcamp) 2014 Leveraging Drupal at the UCLA Library


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Presentation on the adoption of Drupal at the UCLA Library for it's main CMS and for Digital Library Projects running Islandora

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  • Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp (GLADcamp) 2014 Leveraging Drupal at the UCLA Library

    1. 1. GLADcamp 2014 Using Drupal at the UCLA LIbrary
    2. 2. Who am I? Chris Cabrera Thompson ccthompson - uclachris - G+ @ccthompson - Twitter ccthompson32 - github member of UCLA Library, Digital Initiatives and Information Technology, web site administrator
    3. 3. UCLA Library Drupal (Overview) ● Migrated UCLA Library websites to Drupal 7 in 2012 ● Attended Drupalcons: 2011-13 ● Attended LA Drupalcamp 2012, Badcamp 2013 ● Train/consult UCLA Library content authors and editors on Drupal site ● Focus on Frontend Development/Site building, developed several Drupal Modules
    4. 4. UCLA Library, Drupal 6 and 7 sites in need of content moderation ● UCLA Library o Main site: (Webforms, Workbench, Fusion…) o CLICC site (Themekey) ● UCLA Digital Library (Islandora) o LA Times, Tahrir Square (restricted) ● Collecting Los Angeles ● LA Aquaduct ● Frontera ● CLICC Library Services Portal ● EMEL (Sinai Palimpsests) MingGazetteers als
    5. 5. Case Study: Workbench, Web Forms, GIT Workflow, Features Library Web site and workflow - a case study of a Drupal project addressing a specific requirement: content workflow Process for using GIT with partners ● Access, Moderation, Media, Email ● Webforms ● Fusion, ZEN, Omega, Themekey
    6. 6. Typical UCLA Library Workflow Process
    7. 7. Demo GIT workflow for new development and working with consultants ● pull master from github ● setup local dev environment ● branch based on JIRA work request ● push to master ● pull request and merge
    8. 8. Currently working on ... ● UCLA Drupal List: bin/mailman/listinfo/drupal ● ALA-LITA, Drupal4Lib, chair 2011-13 (Library specific, but a good source) ● Drupal 7 Module Development Bootcamp ● UCLA Drupal meetups (starts and stalls) o UCLA Library, Nov 23, 2013, Video migration sprint to support local Drupal groups, more info at ● New Library Web site
    9. 9. Contact information Chris Cabrera Thompson ccthompson - uclachris - G+ @ccthompson - Twitter member of UCLA Library, Digital Initiatives and Information Technology since 2007, web site administrator
    10. 10. UCLA Digital Library and DrupalHow Drupal fits into Digital Archiving Kristian Allen Developer - UCLA Digital Library Google: kristian.j.allen Github: kjallen UCLA:
    11. 11. UCLA Digital Library Snapshot ● 250 Digital Collections ● 1.8MM+ Digital Asset Files ● 20MM+ Metadata database records ● 35TB+ Disk storage
    12. 12. Growing Pains ● Current systemLocally Developed: Java EE / Struts 1.02 Oracle Database, Search and Persistence frameworks JBoss on Windows ● ChallengesDomain specific knowledge needed for development Proprietary software limits leverage of the community Bolting on partial solutions can become problematic
    13. 13. The Community to the Rescue ● Blacklight / HydraRuby / Rails ● IslandoraPHP / Drupal ● Common PlatformsApache Solr for search and discovery Fedora Commons for repository and storage
    14. 14. Demo: LA Aqueduct Exhibit ● Collection of materials showcasing the opening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct ● Drupal 7 site - Assets stored in Fedora repository - Utilizes openseadragon for JP2k content - Search API and Solr for keyword browse -
    15. 15. Resources Islandora Islandora VM Fedora Commons Repository Software