Oracle primavera Universal content management


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Oracle primavera Universal Content Management

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Oracle primavera Universal content management

  1. 1. Oracle primavera Universal Content Management Oracle WebCenter Content is an enterprise-class content management solution that empowers employees and content-enables business processes throughout your organization. By better managing content as a strategic asset and integrating content into enterprise applications and business processes, Oracle WebCenter Content helps you lower costs and reduce risks while improving business productivity and agility.Integrated with P6, Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) turns cluttered, often unstructured content into organized assets by making it easier to catalog, access, search, and reuse. All popular document formats such as HTML, XML, DOC, XLS, GIF, and PDF are supported. Using P6 with UCM, project participants can better manage their documents. Specific functions include: Upload new documents for storage in the unified UCM database Categorize documents within folders for better organization Link projects, WBS elements, activities, and issues to documents Check in and checkout documents (version control) Review documents
  2. 2. Oracle WebCenter Content Core Capabilities (formerly Oracle Universal Content Management) Oracle WebCenter Content provides everything you need to create a vast range of content management applications. Most analysts recognize Oracle WebCenter Content as a leader in Enterprise Content Management. In addition, most of the components are themselves leaders in their categories. Yet everything works together seamlessly, and leverages same underlying Content Server repository. Oracle WebCenter Content is an open platform with pervasive services that contentenable business processes. It consolidates unstructured content from across diverse systems so it can be centrally managed and then exposes it from within desktop productivity tools, business applications, and mobile devices to fit the needs of today’s users. A Simple, Smart and Scalable Content Infrastructure:With its comprehensive content management capabilities, Oracle WebCenter Content is the ideal platform for centralizing your unstructured content and better managing the entire content lifecycle from creation to disposition. Oracle WebCenter Content is: • Simple – A single, unified content management platform designed to work with your existing IT infrastructure and pre-integrated with enterprise applications.
  3. 3. • Smart – Manage all your unstructured content, from documents to video files, in one place and leverage all the advanced capabilities of the Oracle WebCenter Content platform including the document imaging,business process management,records and retention management. • Scalable – A high-performance ECM platform that can grow with your organization to easily manage billions of content items and support hundreds of thousands of users. Oracle webcentre offers its special features in four main areas:1) 2) 3) 4) Cost savings Productivity gains Risk management Innovation 1)Cost Savings:-
  4. 4. Productivity Gains;-
  5. 5. Risk Management:-
  6. 6. Innovation:- Conclusion:-